Off Grid SUNFIND Light Duty 280 Brochure

Off Grid SUNFIND Light Duty 280 Brochure
Off Grid SUNFIND Light Duty 280 Brochure
SUNFIND Light Duty 280 System
Sunfind Solar Products developed our line of SUNFIND Off Grid Light Duty Systems as a low cost solution for
light duty applications where initial cost is the primary concern. These systems still utilize components from
leading manufacturers but in order to offer a low cost option, the inverter system and battery bank is a
basic set-up, offering reliable power without the latest technology and high efficiency currently available.
We have carefully designed and integrated all components to ensure a reliable, safe and code compliant off
grid PV system .
Solar Array
The system comes with 2 Kyocera Solar 140W PV modules. Kyocera Solar’s advanced cell processing
technology and automated production facilities produce a highly efficient multicrystal photovoltaic modules
with a 20 year output warranty.
KD 140
27.5 lbs
59.1” x 26.3” x 1.8”
Power (rated):
Peak Current
12VDC Nominal
PV Array Mount:
The SUNFIND LD 280 System includes a mount that holds 2 Kyocera 135W
modules in landscape fashion. The mount can be tilted from 0 degrees – 40
degrees. The slope of the roof will add additional tilt angle for the winter months.
Mounting Methods:
• Roof
• Wall
• Post: This would require installing two posts into the ground.
Note: Current mounts feature a full rail along the bottom of the mount.
Sunfind Solar Products provides a Magnum Energy MS2812 Pure Sine Wave Inverter / Charger
with the SUNFIND LD 280 System.
System Includes:
• 2.8kW Pure Sine Magnum Inverter
• Magnum remote with 50’ cable (MERC-50)
• Inverter Cables
• 300A Class T Fuse with fuse block.
Battery Bank:
Lead Acid Batteries: MAINTENANCE ITEM
SUNFIND LD Systems come with 2 PS2200 (225AH, 6V) wet, lead acid batteries. This
quality battery bank is going to provide reliable, long term power for years to come.
Average life: 4-5 years.
• 280W solar array with aluminum mounting system
• Morningstar’s PS30M controller. Digital display.
• 2.8 kW (12VDC) Magnum MS2812 pure sine inverter/charger, which includes Magnum Remote, 300 Amp
fuse, Inverters cables
• 225 AH (24VDC) battery bank with battery cables and hardware
• Ideal system for a light duty application that is used on weekends only from April to September and
requires only lights and a few basic AC appliances such as a microwave, radio and coffee pot. Propane
refrigeration only.
Performance and Cost Calculations – NOTE: These calculations are derived @ 52 degrees North
 Yearly Energy Production: 299 kWh / Monthly average: 24 kWh
 Average Monthly Consumption: 700 Wh
 Peak Daily Summer Production: 1.20 kWh / Trough Daily Winter Production: 0.33 kWh
 Estimated Yearly Generator Run Time: 316 hrs / Expected Generator Life: 9 years
 Total Monthly System Cost over 19 years: $83
 Solar PV Costs over 19 years: $15
 Generator Monthly Cost @ 316 hrs per year: $68
For a full system analysis based on location, please contact a SUNFIND Sales Representative.
The first step to successful off grid living is education. Not all PV systems are equal and overall system
performance, cost and reliability will be determined by how successful all these components are integrated
together. Our systems have undergone rigorous design and testing to ensure all the components, from the
PV modules to the batteries, and the dozens of components in between, will integrate and operate as a
reliable, efficient PV System. Sunfind Solar Products prides ourselves on providing industry leading PV
systems , backed by our expertise, and supported by our goal of exceptional customer support.
For additional education material, product information and/or pricing, please contact a SUNFIND solar
professional today.
Corporate Address:
14, 7459 Edgar Industrial Bend
Red Deer, AB T4P 3Z5
7:30am - 4:00pm MST
7:30am-3:00pm MST
Location: Please stop by and visit us.
Tel: +1.403.343.6434
Fax: +1.403.343.6455
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