Agfa CR 30-XThe Agfa CR 30-X is a compact and

Agfa CR 30-XThe Agfa CR 30-X is a compact and
A “Revelation” in Computed Radiography
Veterinary System
Innovations in Digital Imaging
Solution for Quantum Medical Imaging
Quantum/Agfa Veterinary Practice Package
Configured to meet your Veterinary Practice needs
CR30-ORACLECR Veterinary Package from Quantum Medical Imaging
The CR30-ORACLECR Veterinary System Package introduces advanced features and functionality to the world of Veterinary practice. Most
importantly, the CR30-ORACLECR is configured with MUSICA2 GenRad Advanced Image Processing Software from Agfa HealthCare. This
provides the Veterinarian with unsurpassed image quality; because every patient deserves the highest image quality technology can deliver
without compromise, while maintaining the lowest possible dose.
The CR30-ORACLECR Veterinary Package is economically priced. Loaded with
easy-to-use Agfa NX software features, designed specifically for Veterinary
practice to optimize workflow and make patient care your number one
priority, this great package comes complete with the software and hardware
you need to Go Digital today. The CR30-X Digitizer is a table-top CR designed
for the workflow found in the Veterinary practice setting. The practitioner
can perform all their daily tasks using Agfa’s NX worklist and examination
windows. The worklist window allows the radiographer to enter patient data
or select it from a RIS-Based worklist (optional).
In the examination mode, the radiographer can acquire the image and
apply image processing automatically. Grid Suppression software is included
to automatically detect and remove grid patterns caused by stationary grids
and remove Moiré artifact from monitor. The fast preview feature allows
confirmation of correct positioning and exposure within seconds, even while
the final image is being processed.
Veterinary Specific Splash Screen
The practitioner can review and interpret the patients’ image shown in full
screen mode, while using Pan and Zoom functions. Options are provided for
a 2MP or 3MP monitor if needed. The images can be sent to print, to another
workstation or can be stored on the ORACLECR. The system includes a 500GB
x2 Level 1 RAID HD, capable of storing 15,000 images. The compact and
convenient CR30-ORACLECR is easy to install use and maintain, providing
seamless integration and multiple functions.
This one product can perform multiple functions:
Image Acquisition
Image Processing
Image Review and Interpretation
Image Distribution
Image Storage
MUSICA2 - GenRad Advanced Image Processing Software
Advanced Image Processing
Optimizes Image Quality and Workflow
Agfa HealthCare’s unique and patented Multi-scale Image Contrast Amplification algorithm, “MUSICA,” automatically processes the radiographic
image at multiple frequency ranges (detail sizes) and optimizes the contrast within each of these ranges. MUSICA is a second generation MUSICA
which intelligently renders exceptional bone and soft tissue detail simultaneously. MUSICA analyzes the image data before applying optimal
contrast and density to all details within the image.
This results in maximum radiographic detail throughout the image, greatly reducing the need for manual activities such as window and level. The
improved image quality, productivity and workflow result in a process that is more efficient from start to finish.
Equine Facilities
The CR30-ORACLECR Veterinary Package extends its great benefits to any equine imaging
facility. By utilizing digital technology the procedures provide exceptional image quality while
the flexibility of a cassette based system provides considerable time savings to the busy
departments. The small foot-print of the system allows for quick installation with commodious
space savings. The CR30-ORACLECR Laptop configuration provides great flexibility and ease of
use to any facility that requires studies to be performed in-field.
NX Software - Veterinary Specific Configuration
The CR30-ORACLECR Veterinary Q-1 Package Software Includes
NX Premium EL CR30-X Software and MUSICA2 GenRad™ SOFTWARE
On-line processing software performs multiple tasks:
• Automatic Image-Processing (utilizing MUSICA2 GenRad™ Software)
of incoming raw data from the CR unit
• Automatic or manual window/level setting
• Manual “black-border” collimation
• Pan, Roam, Zoom, Flip/Rotate, Free Text Annotation, R/L Markers, Search Tools
• HIPPA security log and IHE workflow compatibility
• Examination Window for Image QC
• Editing Window for Advanced Image QC Functions and Options
• Printer ready configuration can print to Agfa’s DryStar dry printers and
other DICOM enabled printers (multiple connections allowed)
• DICOM-Store Connection Software allows network transmission in the
DICOM standard communication protocol format
• DICOM Storage Commit
• Images can be transmitted via network to PACS, standalone review stations,
teleradiology servers in DICOM or JPEG formats.
Superior system sensitivity means using less exposure time thus emitting a lower
radiation dose compared to other table top CR’s
Veterinary Specific Configuration
Default Exam Tree - to be adapted according to needs - (e.g. non-equine site or equine only site)
NX Software - Veterinary Specific Configuration
CR30-ORACLECR Veterinary System Features
• Supports DICOM LOSSY & LOSSLESS Jpeg Image Compression formats
• Increased Image Storage – 12,000 to 15,000 Images
• NX 2008 Software Included
• Auto-select next exposure after ID
• Improved Work-list Search Tool
• “COMMENT” Field
• Forced Operator ID and/or Patient Data Entry (Configure-able Option)
• Possible to connect to Multiple RIS (Requires NX RIS Software)
• Report Format for Repeat-Reject Analysis (Requires NX QA Software)
• Veterinary Specific User Interface
• Veterinary Splash Screen
• Veterinary Default Exam Trees
• DICOM Correction Item CP-643 For Veterinary introduces new
attributes: Sex Altered (Yes/No),
• Breed, Species, Breed Registry, Owner.
Veterinary Specific Configuration DICOM
Item CP-643 for vet introduces upgraded attributes
Attribute Name
Patient species description
Patient breed description
Breed registration sequence
• Breed registration number
• Breed registration code sequence
Responsible person
Responsible organization
Patient’s Sex Neutered
DICOM Grayscale Display Standard “P-Value” OUTPUT
CD/DVD EXPORT DICOM image with viewer and JPEG formats
• Grid Line Suppression Software: (E4ZX8)
• Automatic Detection & Removal of Grid patterns caused by stationary grids
• Removal of Moiré artifact on Monitors
• QC and ID software records patient demographic and examination data
in a study-oriented format onto the memory chip
embedded in the CR30 cassette via radio frequency ID on one exam screen.
DICOM Veterinary Attributes in Viewer
(0010, 2201)
(0010, 2292)
(0010, 2296)
(0010, 2295)
(0010, 2296)
(0010, 2297)
(0010, 2299)
(0010, 2203)
Innovations in Digital Imaging
CR30-ORACLECR for Veterinary - General Technical Specifications
Digitizer Type
• 19” High Quality Touchscreen Color Monitor
• CR NX Server: HP 500GB X 2 HD Level 1 Raid PC Workstation,
Keyboard, Mouse
• CR 30-X Single Plate Reader
• Throughput; up to 76 plates/hour
LCD Display
Environmental Conditions
• Machine status and error conditions
Grayscale Resolution
• Data acquisition: 20 bits/pixel
• Output to Processor: 16 bits/pixel
• Temperature: 15° to 30° C (59 to 86° F)
• Humidity: 15 to 75% RH
• Magnetic fields: max. 3.8 µt in conformance with EN 61000-4-8: level 2
• Rate of change of temperature: 0.5°C/minute (0.9°F)
Reader Dimensions and Weight
Environmental Effects
• (W x D x H): 693 x 701 x 464mm (27.2 x 27.6 x 18.2 in)
• Depth including input tray: 769 mm (30.3 in)
• Weight: approx. 98kg (216.05 lbs)
• Noise Level. max. 65 dB (A)
• Heat dissipation: standby 120W, max. 250 W
• UL, cUL, CE
• 120V/60Hz (USA)
• Standby 120 W, max. 250 W, 15A fuse
Transport Details
• Temperature: -25 to +55° C (-4 to 131° F) , -25° C for max. 96 hrs
• Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
Cassette Sizes: CR MD4.0T General Cassettes
Cassette Sizes
34 x 43 cm (14 x 17 in)
24 x 30 cm
18 x 24 cm (option)
15 x 30 cm (option)
Catalog #
Spatial Resolution
10 pixels/mm
10 pixels/mm
10 pixels/mm
10 pixels/mm
Pixel Matrix Size
3480 x 4248
2328 x 2928
1728 x 2328
1440 x 2928
The Quantum CR30-ORACLECR Q-1 Veterinary Package Includes:
• CR30-X Single Plate Reader
• High Resolution Scanning at 10 pixels/mm
• CR NX Server: HP 500GB x2 HD Level 1 RAID
PC Workstation, Keyboard, Mouse
• Intel Core Duo E8400 Processor
• Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 OS
• 19” BARCO Color Touchscreen High Quality Monitor
with Optimizing Software
• CR NX Premium EL Software
Innovations in Digital Imaging
© 2009 Quantum Medical Imaging, LLC
p/n: QMI-CR30-ORACLECR VET (05/09)
Patented MUSICA2 GenRad Image Processing Software
CR NX Gridline Suppression Software
CR NX ID and Examination Software
DICOM Store/Send/Storage Commit and DICOM Print
DICOM Grayscale display standard “P-Value” Output
DICOM CD/DVD Export – DICOM Image with a
viewer & JPEG formats
• 2 each 35x43 Cassettes with MD4.0T Imaging Plates
• 2 each 24x30 Cassettes with MD4.0T Imaging Plates
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