Instructions for use
Table of contents
Before using
Safety regulations for MixSy
Description of appliance
Working parts
Switch positions
Putting on and exchanging the attachments
Cleaning and care
The processor
Technical details
Information for users
Warranty Card
Dear Customer,
We congratulate you on buying the MixSy all-purpose mixer. MixSy is so versatile
and has become an indispensable companion in kitchens on all 5 continents. It is
ideal for daily kitchen chores, small and not-so-small. MixSy is handy, because it’s
ergonomically designed. It is no trouble even for small hands to use and is also
suitable for left-handers MixSy is a high-quality precision product, which we are
proud to distribute.
Before using
Please read all the information given in these instructions for use very carefully. It
gives you important tips about the use, safety and the care of the appliance. Keep
these instructions carefully and pass them on to the next user. The appliance may
only be used for its intended purpose, according to these instructions for use.
Safety regulations for MixSy
Pay attention to the safety instructions
• To protect against electric shock, do not put the main body, cord or electrical
plug of the MixSy in water or other liquid. Only the blending shaft has been
designed for immersion into water or other liquids. If the device falls into liquid,
unplug the device from mains firstly and remove it immediately.
• The appliance should only be plugged in to AC connections with a voltage
corresponding to the identification plate on the appliance.
• Always unplug from main power supply when the MixSy in not in use, before
putting on or taking off attachments and before cleaning.
• An electrical appliance is not a child’s toy. Children do not recognise the dangers
which can arise when handling electrical appliances. So keep it out of reach of
children both when using and storing.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure not to play with the appliance.
• Do not allow children to use the blender without supervision.
• Accessories, other than those supplied with the appliance, shall include
instructions for their safe use.
• Do not put the appliance down on hot surfaces or near open gas flames, to be
sure that the housing does not start to melt.
• Avoid contacting with moving parts.
• Never immerse main body in water or other liquids. Only metal blending shaft is
deigned for immersion in to liquids.
• Do not clean the appliance in the dishwasher. Clean the main body only with a
sponge or damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners which could scratch the surface.
To clean the blending shaft, wash by hand in hot water using mild detergent.
• Switch off and unplug the appliance when you handle the cutter guard or the
working parts, as for example when cleaning the appliance under running water
and when exchanging the attachments.
• Only switch on the appliance when the mixer is in the receptacle.
• MixSy is fitted with a safety switch, which prevents it being put into operation
by mistake and which switches off straight away when pressure on the switch
is released.
• Pull out the plug when something goes wrong during use and also after use.
• Never pull out the plug with wet hands.
• Never carry or pull the appliance by the cable.
• Do not pull or wedge in the cable over sharp edges.
• Do not lay or hang the cable over hot objects or open flames and protect it from
heat or oil.
• The appliance should not be started up when: the appliance, the housing or the
cable is damaged, a fault is suspected after it has been dropped, or a similar mishap
has occurred. In such cases the appliance should be sent to a Zepter Service Centre.
• Repairs may only be carried out by Zepter Service Centre. Considerable danger
may arise for the user through repairs by unauthorised persons.
• If the appliance is used for other purposes than those for which it is intended,
if it is incorrectly operated or repaired by unqualified persons, no responsibility
can be accepted for any damages which occur. In such a case the guarantee
becomes invalid.
Description of appliance
The accessories described above belong to the relevant model. Please check the
contents of the package.
Working parts
Wrist movement
Chops up, minces, purees raw and cooked vegetables, fruit
berries, baby food, cooked meat, frozen fruit for fruit ice-cream,
jam, and even crushes ice-cubes. Blends soups and sauces.
Mixes cake and pancake doughs. For all heavy ingredients.
Whilst processing, use a light swivelling motion from the wrist
draw MixSy up a little and let it fall again on the ingredients (do
not press or pound). The fineness of the result depends on the
length of processing.
Drawing up
Beats, whips. blends egg-whites and cream. Is used to whip up
soups and sauces. For everything which should be light and
Rest the MixSy for a few seconds on the bottom of the jug. Then
hold it at an angle and draw it up slowly against the side of the
jug. When the ingredients no longer are drawn with it put it back
on the bottom and repeat the process until the ingredients are
whipped to the required stiffness.
Stirs and mixes shakes, drinks, purees, salad sauces, mayonnaise.
For all mixtures with a thick or creamy consistency.
Dip MixSy at an angle to the ingredients, switch it on and blend.
Before removing the appliance from the ingredients. Switch it
off to prevent splashing.
Tip whilst working: hold your free hand over the top of the jug
to prevent ingredients spraying out.
Switch positions
Cuts, chops and minces meat (raw or cooked), as well as
vegetables with coarse fibres.
Speed I for all light airy dishes and small amounts.
Speed II for all viscous, firm ingredients and large amounts.
Recommended usage time: 5 minutes
Please switch the appliance off for 10 minutes after 5 minutes of uniterrupted use.
Attention! Never immerse main body in water or other liquids. Only metal
blending shaft is deigned for immersion in to liquids.
Putting on and changing the attachments
Please push cutter blade into shaft until small pin on shaft and hole of cutter blade
are connected as in image shown.
Push the attachment as straight as possible on to the stub in
such a way that the drive pin on the stub fits exactly into the
small recess in the socket of the attachment. The attachment is
designed to make this process easy. The attachment is removed
by simply pulling it off from the stub.
Caution: Make sure the appliance is switched off, the
motor has stopped completely and the MixSy is unplugged
from the mains before putting on or taking off attachments.
Attention! Blades of all accessories are SHARP! Handle carefully when removing,
inserting and/or cleaning.
It can happen that the attachments in time no longer fit so
firmly on the shaft. In this case simply press the spring blades
lightly together with a pair of pliers.
You can work in any receptacle, even directly in a pan on the
stove. Use small receptacles for small amounts and large
receptacles for larger amounts. Narrow, high receptacles are
more suitable for working in than wide, shallow ones.
The processor
Grinds, grates and chops nuts finely including almonds, herbs,
grains and cereals, chocolate, cheese, sugar (for powdered
sugar), spices, bread (for bread-crumbs), coffee beans, onions,
garlic, horse-radish, parsley, hard-boiled eggs for garnishes.
Tip: only process dry ingredients. Chocolate should be firm
when it is ground. Never put too much into the processor, as it
can get blocked.
The processor cleaning
To simplify cleaning, rinse the the bowl blade and the processor lid immediately after
use, so that food won`t dry onto them. For washing, the foot of the processor can
be detached from the bowl. Press apart both catches simultaneously at the bottom.
After washing, replace the bowl in the processor foot and press together.
Caution! Blades are SHARP! Handle carefully when cleaning.
Cleaning and care
Caution! Switch off the device and unplug from mains
before cleaning.
Blades are SHARP! Handle carefully when removing, inserting
and/or cleaning.
Cleaning is very easy.
Remove carefully detachable attachment from the blending
shaft and clean the blade and the shaft after every use under
running water.
Wash the blending shaft and blade by hand in hot water using
mild detergent.
Clean the main body with a sponge or damp cloth. Do not use
abrasive cleaners which could scratch the surface.
If bits of food stuck to MixSy, immerse blending shaft in a jug
with hot water and switch it on. Take care that main body does
not come in contact with water.
Important: clean the appliance as soon as you have finished
working, to prevent the drive shaft getting clogged.
The MixSy will function better if you oil it every few months. For
this use an acid-free oil (e.g. Vaseline oil ). Hold the MixSy upside
down with the cutter guard facing you. Put 2 or 3 drops of oil on
the drive shaft and switch on the appliance for 2 to 3 minutes.
Afterwards rinse the appliance in hot water.
What can be done…
If the drive shaft of your appliance no longer rotates?
When you have not used your appliance for some time, the drive
shaft may get stuck due to minute food residues which have
hardened and are now blocking up the lower shaft bearing.
Place the operative part of the appliance for 5 to 10 minutes in
a jug with hot water. then switch it on. In general the appliance
will then work again; if not, just try to free the shaft carefully
with a pliers.
Caution: Before you press the START button, close the
lid tightly and place MixSy into the processor. Make sure it
is in the correct position. Do not connect the running mixer
with the processor. Always use the processor at Speed level II.
Caution: During the operation with meat, nuts, almonds,
chocolate and other hard material, please never operate this
appliance with processor filled to more than its maximum
indicated level.
Removing processed food
Switch off the appliance. Remove the MixSy from the processor.
Open the lid and remove processed food from the bowl
with spatula.
Caution! The blade are SHARP! Pay attention when removing
processed food.
Exchanging the processor blades or coupling
Hold the blade firmly with a cloth and twist the coupling with
pliers anti-clockwise. Now you can replace the blade or the
coupling if they are faulty.
Caution! Blades are SHARP! Handle carefully when changing
the blades and during manipulation.
The Cassette can be fixed on the wall or placed on the working
surface. The MixSy should always be placed close to hand where
you work (preferably between the stove and the sink).
The more handily MixSy is placed, the more often it gets used.
Capacity: 800 ml
Made of polycarbonate: shock, break and heat resistant up to
150°C, suitable for use in freezers and microwave ovens, non
toxic and dishwasher safe.
Technical details
230-240 VAC, 50 Cycle
Power input
r.p.m. 11,000/16,000 rev/min
Insulation double sleeving
Interference suppression EN 61000-3-2:2006
EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001+A2:2005
EN 55014-1:2006
EN 55014-2:1997+A1:2001
Switch safety switch with impulse contact
Total length
33 cm
Weight 925 g
Cable coiled 1.5 m
Mechanical and electrical safety
EN 60335-1:2002+A11+A1+A12+Corr+A2:2006
EN 60335-1/A13:2008
EN 60335-2-14:2006+A1:2008
EN 62233:2008
Material and housing
All material parts are rust-proof, tasteless and resistant to corrosive foodstuffs.
Official test marks
Country of origin:
Under Product category:
We reserve the right to make technical alterations.
This appliance can be only be assigned to the functions it has been designed for,
i.e. food processing. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage
deriving from improper, incorrect or unreasonable use.
All our appliances have undergone strict inspection test and are guaranteed against
manufacturing defects. The guarantee starts from the date of purchase. The date of
purchase is the date shown on the invoice issued by the dealer upon the delivery of
the appliance. Evidence of original purchase is required for warranty services, so it is
important to keep your sales receipt.
The warranty period is applicable according local country law and regulation
in force.
The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace cost-free within the warranty
period those parts that prove to have manufacturing defects. Those defects that are
not clearly attributable to either material or the manufacturing will be exanimate at
one of ZEPTER Service Centre or at our headquarters and charged according to the
The warranty is only valid if:
• The device shows material or manufacturing defects.
• No signs of breaking by the customer or the presence of no original pieces fit by
other people had been found.
• Only original accessories had been used.
• The MixSy has not been overloaded or crashed.
The warranty does not include:
• The parts which can be normally wear out.
• The damages caused by transport, inadequate use, negligence and/or incorrect use.
• The machine has been tampered with.
• The machine has been used for uninten­ded purposes.
• Safety regu­lations were not respected and do not follow the instructions in the
User Manual.
• Any damages to the product resulting from repairs and/or maintenance done by
unauthorized repair centre.
This guarantee does not affect the consumer`s statutory rights under applicable
national legislation in force, nor the customer’s rights against the retailer arising from
the sales/purchase agreement.
In the absence of applicable national legislation, this guarantee will be consumer`s
sole and exclusive legal remedy, and the manufacturer shall not be liable for any
incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express of implied guarantee
of this product. The liability of manufacturer is limited to and shall not exceed the
purchase price of the product actually paid by the consumer.
Attention! If, after the purchase of the product, its label with serial number
has been removed or is not recognizable, the manufacturer reserves the rights
to refuse the warranty service.
If you have any comments or questions concerning the functioning of the machine
or warranty, please contact your ZEPTER Sales Representative.
Table of contents
Put all the ingredients except the oil in a jug (not too large) and blend well with the
WHISK. Then add the oil in a thin, steady stream (not drop by drop), processing all the
time, until the mayonnaise has reached the required consistency To achieve perfect
results, all ingredients should be at the same temperature.
Vegetables, potatoes
Puddings, cakes, ices
Hot and cold drinks
Baby food
Put all the ingredients, of which at least a quarter should be oil, in a tall, narrow jug.
Stand the mixer with the WHISK attachment for at least 5 seconds on the bottom of
the jug and let it run. When all the ingredients are well blended with the oil, hold the
jug at an angle and slowly work from the bottom of the jug to the top. Repeat until
the proper consistency is reached
Quick vegetable soup
1 boiled potato
1 carrot. 1 tomato
A small piece of sweet pepper,
celery, cucumber, etc., as desired
1 bouillon cube
Put all the ingredients into a mixing beaker. Chop them up with the MINCER to the
required degree of fineness. Add boiling water and quickly mince again.
Tomato soup
500 gr. tomatoes
1 Itr.water
1 onion
45 gr. flour
20 gr fat
Salt. pepper, paprika to taste
Braise the coarsely chopped onion in the melted fat. Add flour and cook briefly with
the tomatoes, cut in quarters. Add water and chop all together with the MINCER.
Season to taste and add cream if desired.
1 egg (or 1 egg yolk)
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. herb vinegar
1 pinch salt
1 pinch pepper
1½ - 2 cups oil
1 tsp. French mustard
Another method
Sauce Rémoulade
2 hard-boiled eggs
1 raw egg-yolk
1/8 Itr. oil = 0.125 Itr
2 tbsps. vinegar or lemon juice
1 tsp. French mustard
1 small onion
1 tbsp. capers
2 small gherkins
1 - 2 anchovies (soaked)
Mixed herbs
1/8 Itr. sour cream = 0.125 Itr.
Use the WHISK to beat up the egg-yolk, oil and salt till frothy. Then use the MINCER to
chop up all the other ingredients into the mixture. Serve with cold roast. fish, etc.
Salad sauce for lettuce, endive, lamb’s lettuce and cucumber salads
1 - 2 tbsp. salad oil
1 tbsp. lemon juice or vinegar
1 pinch salt
2 tbsps. sour cream
1 onion
1 tsp. chopped herbs
1 pinch sugar
Put all the ingredients in a tall, narrow jug and process well with the MINCER, so that
the herbs and onion are very finely chopped. Pour over the prepared salad and toss.
Herb butter according to season
About 2 handfuls of herbs
Lemon juice
3 tbsps. butter
Wash the herbs thoroughly If parsley is used, remove the long stems. Then put the herbs
in a tall jug, pour lemon juice over them and chop everything with the MINCER. Add
the butter cut in small pieces (not too hard), process everything with the MINCER
and add salt to taste.
Vegetables, potatoes
Mashed potatoes
1 kg. peeled and boiled potatoes
About 3/8 Itr. hot milk = 0.375 Itr.
30 gr. butter
Nutmeg to taste
Mash the cooked potatoes with the WHISK (do not switch on the mixer). Then add hot
milk, salt, nutmeg and butter. Now switch on the mixer and process until a smooth
consistency is achieved.
Puddings, cakes, ices
Apple foam
4 apples
1 tbsp. sugar
2 egg-whites
Juice of 1 lemon
Core, peel and quarter the apples, put them in a tall jug and sprinkle them with
lemon juice, so that they keep their colour. Add sugar and chop everything with the
MIXER. Then change to the BEATER attachment add the egg-white and beat until frothy.
Vanilla cream cheese pudding
1 packet vanilla custard powder
250 gr cream cheese
1/2 Itr.milk
3 tbsps. sugar
1 small packet vanilla sugar
Make a custard with the powder, 1/2 Itr.milk and 1 tbsp. sugar Allow to cool. Use the
BEATER to combine the cheese with the vanilla sugar and 2 tbsps. sugar, then beat
these into the cool vanilla custard. This recipe can be varied by the addition of fruit.
Chocolate pudding
150 gr. butter
1/4 Itr.milk
125 gr. flour
100 gr. sugar
150 gr. grated chocolate
6 eggs
1 small packet vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt
Warm up milk, butter, salt and 1 tbsp. sugar to boiling whilst stirring with the BEATER.
Add the flour and carry on stirring until the mixture reaches a dropping consistency.
Leave to cool for a few minutes, then stir in the grated chocolate, the remaining sugar,
vanilla sugar and the egg-yolk. Beat the egg-white with the BEATER and fold it
carefully into the mixture with the mixer switched off. Put the mixture into a prepared
mould and cook it in a bainmarie for 25 to 30 minutes. Unmould it carefully and serve
with thick chocolate sauce.
Fruit ice
About 200 gr. frozen fruits (chopped apple, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)
6 tbsps. cream (or cream cheese or jogurt).
Sugar, diet sweetener or honey
Chop up the slightly thawed fruits, cream (cream cheese), sugar (sweetening) with
the MINCER in the mixing jug, always twisting the mixer slightly from the wrist. Serve
the fruit ice immediately or refrigerate.
Coffee foam
1 tbsp. instant coffee
2 tbsps. sugar
1/8 Itr.cold water = 0.125 Itr.
1 or two ice cubes if desired
A little rum
Put the cold water and powdered coffee in a jug. Put on the BEATER attachment,
stand the mixer on the bottom of the jug and switch on speed 1. Hold the mixer at an
angle and keep it touching the bottom until the contents of the jug begin to foam.
Then switch to speed 2 and pull the contents slowly upwards (as far as they will go).
Repeat this procedure (up and down) until the contents become stiff. Add 2 tbsps.
sugar and a few drops of rum and stir with the mixer switched off.
Plain cake
250 gr. sugar
4 eggs
1 small packet vanilla sugar
Juice of half a lemon
200 gr. butter or margarine
1 cup milk
500 gr. flour
1 small packet baking powder (15 gr.)
Grated peel of half a lemon
Put the sugar, eggs, lemon juice and lemon peel into a mixing jug (tall and narrow if
possible). Then cut up the butter or margarine into small pieces, which should not be
too cold or hard. Process all these ingredients thoroughly with the MINCER for about
2 minutes. Then add the milk, flour and baking-powder.
Continue processing for another 3 minutes. After about 5 minutes the mixture will be
ready to be put into a well-greased baking tin and baked at medium heat. Dust the
cake with icing sugar when baked.
Whipped cream
Whipping cream
The cream should be as cold and as fresh as possible, preferably not more than one
day old. Pour it into a tall, narrow, dry jug. Put the BEATER attachment on the mixer
and hold it in the cream. Switch on. While the mixer is working, draw it slowly at an
angle towards the rim. Repeat this motion carefully. Occasionally hold the beater
just under the surface. By holding the beater at an angle, air is beaten into the liquid
with every turn. Do not work too quickly. In a short time you will have finely aerated
whipped cream, which will keep its shape. Add the sugar only at the end. When the
machine is switched off, tap it on your hand to get all the cream into the jug.
Diet «whipped cream»
1/2 Itr. skimmed milk (if possible with less than 1.5% fat content)
Put the half-frozen milk in the jug. Hold the mixer with the BEATER on the bottom
of the jug for a few seconds without moving it and let it run. Then slowly draw the
contents up towards the rim of the jug. Repeat this process (drawing up and down)
until the milk is stiffly whipped. Add sugar or sweetener. Serve at once, because
otherwise the milk loses its stiffness. Use only skimmed milk, and add if you like a
pinch of salt or lemon juice, which helps in stiffen.
Whipped egg-white
Put the egg-white in a tall, narrow jug (small amounts - small jugs, large amounts
- large jugs) and immerse the BEATER in it. Switch on and add hot water (1 tbsp. is
enough even for larger amounts), while drawing the mixer at an angle very slowly
upwards. Repeat this procedure very carefully - to get air into the contents - until the
egg-white is stiff. Rinse jugs with clear water before use, so that there are no traces of
detergent in them, which would prevent the egg-white becoming stiff.
Hot and cold drinks
1/2 Itr. milk
1 - 2 tbsps. cocoa (according to taste)
Bring the milk to boiling in a pan, as tall and narrow as possible. Hold the mixer with
the WHISK attachment in the milk and switch on. Sprinkle in the cocoa and sugar.
The mixer will mix all the ingredients quickly and evenly without the need to move
it much. Quickly boil up the cocoa again, switch off the mixer and take the pan from
the stove.
Egg nog
6 whole eggs
250 gr. icing sugar
Juice of half a lemon
1 small packet vanilla sugar
1.5 dl. 90 % proof spirit
1 small tin unsweetened condensed milk
Mix together the eggs, sugar, milk, lemon juice and vanilla sugar for 2 minutes with
the WHISK. Then add the spirit and mix for a further minute. Bottle immediately and
let stand for a week if possible. The flavour can be varied by adding 2 tsps. instant
Milk drinks (shakes)
Can be made in no time with the WHISK. Put all ingredients into a jug, add ice
cubes, sugar or honey if desired and chop them all together with the mincer. Some
Milk, strawberries, lemon juice
Milk bananas, lemon juice
Milk, blueberries, lemon juice
Baby Food
MixSy is excellent for preparing baby food from fresh ingredients, since small amounts
can be produced quickly and without effort. Here are two suggestions:
Carrot purée
Scrape the carrots and cook them in slightly salted water until tender. Add a small
amount of butter and cream with the MINCER. In the same way other kinds of
vegetables can be prepared, if desired with the addition of a boiled potato.
Fruit purée
Soften a rusk in a little orange juice, add a banana and puree very finely with the
MINCER. You can make an equally good fruit puree for a baby from a small, fresh
carrot, a piece of apple and a piece of banana with the addition of a piece of wholewheat rusk or crispbread. This can be sweetened with a little honey.
This warranty card has to be sent to the retailer or to the authorized service centre,
together with the defective device and the receipt, as proof of purchase.
Lot number:
If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps, hazardous
substances can leak into the groundwater and get into the food chain,
damaging your health and well-being. Contact your local government for
information regarding the collection systems available. Abusive disposal of the
product by the user involves application of the administrative sanctions according
to the laws in force.
Do not dispose of electrical appliances as unsorted municipal waste, use
separate collection facilities; therefore, any products that have reached the end
of their useful life must be given to waste disposal centres specialising in separate
collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, or given back to the
retailer at the time of purchasing new similar equipment, on a one for one basis.
The adequate separate collection for the subsequent start-up of the equipment
sent to be recycled, treated and disposal of in an environmentally compatible way
contributes to preventing possible negative effects on the environment and health
and optimises the recycling and reuse of components making up the apparatus.
In accordance with European Directives 2002/95/CE, 2002/96/CE and 2003/108/
CE on the restriction of the use of dangerous substances in electric and electronic
equipment as well as their waste disposal. The barred symbol of the rubbish bin
shown on the equipment indicates that, at the end of its useful life, the product must
be collected separately from other waste.