SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout

SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Power Enhanced Beauty
SsangYong is a specialist manufacturer in 4x4s, SUVs and MPVs. Our forte is combining
unique design, powerful engines and affordability. The Rexton II continues this philosophy
and expands its proposition with an all new look inside and out. The new sophisticated
interior now compliments the advanced technology that enables the Rexton II to go
anywhere in style.
Model shown may feature non-standard options
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Stunning from all angles
The Rexton II stands apart with its stunning good looks, beginning with SsangYong’s trademark
grille, unique character lines and projection head lamps, with powerful performance to match its
sophisticated appearance. Add the simple yet refined tail lamp assembly and you’ve got a perfectly
balanced design that states you’re driving something truly special.
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Inside the 7 seater Rexton II everything is
elegantly designed around you. The black tone
interior and new look instrument panel enhance
the feeling of luxury and sophistication.
A control panel on the driver’s door allows
convenient control of all windows and doors,
a CD Player and Radio along with steering
wheel controls, cup holders and lots of clever
storage compartments are just some of the
features. For all Rexton II passengers the
cabin temperature is automatically maintained
by climate controlled air conditioning.
Models shown may include optional extras.
Stereo units may vary.
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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7 Seats
as standard
Bask in comfort
The New Rexton II is one of few 4x4s on the
Irish market that has seven seats as standard
and therefore offers much more space and
versatility. The roomy interior is dominated
by rich black tones.The overall effect is both
soothing and elegant, making every drive in the
Rexton II a special experience.
3-person memory driver’s seat*
Powered seats*
Heated seats*
Tilting Headrests*
The memory profile system allows up to three different
The driver’s seat power-adjusts
The front seats are heated, and
The tilt of the front headrests
drivers to input their preferred settings for the various
eight ways (height up or down,
you have five different temperature
adjust for optimal seated
seat positions and outside mirror angle.This provides
position forward or backward, seat
settings from which to choose.
comfort and help relieve
greater comfort and convenience when the vehicle is
pitch and seatback pitch), while the
fatigue for both the driver and
frequently operated by more than one person.
front passenger’s seat is powered to
front passenger.
adjust four ways.
*Only available on 186bhp Sports model
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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One vehicle, multiple roles
A spacious cargo bay and seating flexibility boost Rexton II’s versatility as a people carrier, a business
vehicle and a leisure SUV.
The 7 seater Rexton II is loaded with innovative features and functions to enhance utility and convenience.
For example, the flip up rear window* can be popped up to let you quickly and easily put items in the
boot or take them out without opening the tailgate.The 60/40 split second-row seats can be laid flat
to accommodate long items and a luggage net in the boot neatly secures the cargo.
Normal seating
With 7 Seats as standard, the
Rexton II has the flexibility to
carry up to 7 passengers comfortably.
Third row flat
Second row 40% flat
There are several ways to use the
space to carry passengers or luggage.
Second & third row folded flat
Provides the cargo space of a minivan.
01 3rd row 60 % flat
02 Flip up rear window*
03 Luggage net
*Only available on 186bhp Sports Model
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Access all areas
Roam freely and confidently with your family in the robust and rugged Rexton II.
You can go more places in comfort and rest assured that you’ll return home
safe and sound.
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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T-Tronic 5 speed automatic transmission
with F1 style manual shift feature
The transmission system comes with SsangYong’s innovative
gear and steering wheel-mounted shift buttons. Advanced
programs monitor and “remember” the driver’s gear shifting habits
and determine the shift points for optimal smoothness
and fuel efficiency.The transmission is linked directly to the
engine via a lock-up torque converter, minimising energy loss
for even greater fuel savings.T-Tronic also comes with Winter
Mode, allowing you to start out or back up in second gear to
prevent slipping on snow or ice.
Double Wishbone Front Suspension
The front wheels are suspended by lower and upper arms
to maintain optimal wheel contact for better driving stability.
Drive smoothness is further enhanced by dual action gas-filled
shock absorbers, stabiliser bar and coil springs.
Our highly reliable and durable Diesel power plant
The SsangYong 270XDi diesel engine with sophisticated 3rd-generation common rail fuel injection
system cranks out 165bhp (186bhp in the sports model), that boosts power and fuel efficiency
for a cleaner, more economical operation. Maximum torque is delivered over virtually the entire
rpm range, providing quick engine response and outstanding acceleration when overtaking.
Towing the line
The Rexton II enables you to indulge your passion with
a massive 3.2 tonne towing capability (braked trailer).
Now you can plan those trips with the knowledge that
the Rexton II will get you there safely and effortlessly.
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Two great drivelines to enhance driving safety
Torque on Demand (TOD)
Your driveline options include Torque on Demand (TOD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD 186 BHP).
Featuring TOD, an electronic torque management system that controls the distribution of power according
to driving conditions. Under normal road conditions the TOD system applies maximum torque to the rear
wheels, effectively now Rexton II is in 2WD allowing for maximum fuel efficiency. If any rear wheel slippage
is detected,TOD immediately and automatically transfers exactly the right proportion of power to the
front wheels. This along with TCS (Traction Control System) allows power to be perfectly distributed
for optimum directional stability.
Permanent All Wheel Drive (AWD)
All Wheel Drive is available on the 186bhp model while the other versions have Torque on Demand (TOD).
With the enhanced output of the Sports model, power is distributed constantly to all four wheels for quick
acceleration and greater responsiveness. If slippage is detected the power is immediately transferred through
the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to the wheel with the greatest grip ensuring optimal stability and safety
at all times.
Model shown may feature non-standard options
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Steel frame with triple-layer construction
Prepared to protect
Solid reinforcement
In advance of its impressive aesthetics and comforts, Rexton II has been designed to withstand impacts and
disperse impact force efficiently and effectively.The front-row seats are protected by frontal airbags and
supplemental side-impact airbags.
The ultra-rigid frame features triple-layer construction which is built to absorb and disperse shocks and
impacts of all kinds.This means less vibration during normal operation, longer durability and greater safety
in a collision.
Electronic Stability Program
Hill Descent Control
Safety belt pretensioner and load limiter
Preventing under-steering or
over-steering accidents
Preventing a rollover
Negotiating steep gradients most safely
The safety belt tightens for a brief instant
at the moment when an accident begins,
The electronic stability program
ESP integrates the anti lock brake
The HDC takes over braking duties
monitors road conditions and
system (ABS), active rollover protection
and maintains a slow, steady pace down
vehicular status constantly, adjusting
(ARP), anti-slip regulation (ASR) and
gradients of 10% or more. All you have
engine output and braking whenever
brake-force assist to improve Rexton II’s
to do is focus on steering.
the driver is about to lose control.
intervention capabilities.
ensuring that the occupant is kept securely
in place before the airbag deploys.The
restraining force of the safety belt lessens
gradually as the occupant moves forward
into the airbag.
Speed-sensing door lock
Door impact bar
All doors will lock
automatically as soon as the
vehicle reaches a preset speed,
ensuring that children are
safely secured.
Ultra-high tensile strength
steel bars have been inserted
in the doors to help keep the
cabin intact during a collision.
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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The Rexton II offers many extras that add up to a
big difference in how you feel about your SUV.
Roof rails
In-glass antenna
Enables SsangYong accessories
to be fixed to the roof.
Enhances exterior appearance
and provides great radio
Electrically adjustable
and heated door mirrors
Wiper deicer in front
Remain clear on cold wet
days, aids rear visability
Front glass includes heating
coil to ensure wipers stay
unstuck on wintry days
Cup holders in front
Centre console
Retractable dual cup holders
and centre console cup holders
Serves as armrest and handy
storage compartment
Flip-up rear window*
Rear air spoiler*
An easy way to access the boot
without opening the tailgate
Both functional and sporty,
helps stabilise the vehicle
Safety power window
3 power outlets
Stops closing and reopens
automatically if obstructed
by an object
Offers all occupants a
convenient way to recharge
handheld electronics
Seatback pockets
Cup holders in 2nd row
A handy place to put magazines
and other reading material
Holds two drinks securely for
passengers in the rear
Side pockets in doors
and door courtesy lamp
Cruise control**
Increases interior storage space
and alerts other drivers
when a door is open.
Tiltable steering wheel
Steering wheel can be easily
adjusted to accommodate
individual drivers.
Sun visors
Include retractable extenders
for greater sun-blocking
coverage; illuminated vanity
mirror on each one.
Automatic air
conditioning with AQS
A handy option that includes
air filter system to ensure
cabin climate quality
High-brightness LED
black face cluster*
Enhances legibility at night and
offers a high-tech presentation
Cabin lamps in front
Door sills
Illuminates driver’s and front
passenger’s areas separately
Adds a stylish look and helps
protect the floor mats
Auto-tilt mirrors to aid
Privacy glass*
Shift into reverse, and both
outside mirrors automatically
tilt downward to facilitate
reversing or parking.
Keeps out prying eyes and
solar glare
Battery management
Automatically extinguishes
lights the driver forgot to turn
off before exiting
Helps save fuel and takes the
stress out of driving long
*186bhp Sports model only
**Automatic only
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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Interior Colour
Woven Seats
Leather Seats
16" Alloy Wheels as standard
Colour Guide*
Cyber Grey (Metallic)
Space Black (Metallic)
Fine Silver (Metallic)
What ever choice you make, you will be supported by SsangYong Ireland’s 3 years or 100,000km
comprehensive warranty, 3 years Road Side Assistance cover and 6 years perforation warranty,
giving you complete peace of mind.
SsangYong Rexton II Brochure layout
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SsangYong Ireland
SsangYong House, Kylemore Road, Dublin 12.
Tel: 01 413 9200 Fax: 01 462 5236 Call Save: 1850 323966
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