Shuttle Quick Start Guide

Shuttle Quick Start Guide
Contents of
this package
Shuttle EMV Chip&Pin terminal
Note: You will also need a USB
cable to charge your Shuttle via
your computer’s USB port or USB
power plug. This is not included in
the package.
Register your app
and Shuttle
Before you can accept payments, you
must download and register your Adyen
app and Shuttle:
Step 1
Install the Adyen app via iTunes or Google
Play store and launch it.
Step 2
Fill in your login credentials. These were
provided to you during registration, and
need to be entered once.
Step 3
Turn your Shuttle on, either by (i)
connecting it to a power supply via a USB
cable, or (ii) pressing the small rectangular
button on the left side. The full boot up
may take up to three minutes. The booted
screen will look like the image on the
Step 4
Press the ‘0’ key for at least 5 seconds
to make your Shuttle discoverable over
Bluetooth. The screen should look like the
image on the right.
Adyen Shuttle
13-10-14 11:11
Accept new device
Register your app and
Shuttle for iOS
Step 5: Pair your Shuttle with your iOS device
Open the Bluetooth menu of your
smartphone or tablet via Settings - Bluetooth.
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. 5
Select the device that corresponds with
the serial number of your Shuttle.
Now Discoverable
A PIN code will appear on the Shuttle and
your iOS device. Click ‘Pair’ on your iOS device,
and press the ‘Enter’ button on your Shuttle.
The status should change to ‘Connected’.
Configure device
• Start the Adyen app.
• Select the menu button on the top left. 6
• Select the Payment device option from
the menu.
• Select the Shuttle, a popup will appear
asking whether you want to board
the device, click ‘Yes’. The Shuttle will be
boarded (registered). 7
• After successfully having boarded the
Shuttle select the Shuttle again and the
payment screen will come up.
You are now ready to accept payments.
Register your app and
Shuttle for Android
Step 5: Pair your Shuttle with your
Android phone/ tablet
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled
(consult your smartphone/tablet
Start the Adyen app.
Select ‘Terminals’ from the menu.
Select the device corresponding to
the serial number of your Shuttle. 8
A passkey screen should appear on
your Android device, click ‘Pair’. 9
After a few seconds the message
‘Completed successfully’ appears.
You are now ready to accept
payments. 10
Process a transaction
Make sure your Shuttle is switched on
(press the Enter button to awake from
sleep, or ON/OFF button to boot).
Enter the amount and reference
(optional) in your app.
Press ‘Charge’ to start your transaction.
When the display on the Shuttle shows
‘Please insert or swipe card’, hand over
the Shuttle to the cardholder. Follow
the instructions on the screens.
For some cards the app will ask
for the signature of the cardholder.
Hand over the device to the
shopper and have him sign on
screen using a stylus or finger. 10
The shopper selects the ‘Continue’
button and is presented with a pop-up
asking him to hand over the device
to the merchant. 11
Click the ‘Merchant’ button and check
the signature. Approve the transaction
if the signature matches or decline if
the signature does not match. 12
We advise to check signatures against
a passport or official identity card.
Shuttle sleep mode
To save battery power, your Shuttle
automatically goes into sleep mode
after 5 minutes of inactivity.
You can access support by:
• Our FAQ from the menu in
the Adyen app.
• Our support site:
• Contacting us via e-mail:
(feedback welcome!)
To waked your Shuttle from sleep
mode, press Enter once.
To put the Shuttle in sleep mode
manually, press and hold the Cancel
button for 1 second.
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