Auto-Fill Operating Instructions Fig.1 Fig.2

Auto-Fill Operating Instructions Fig.1 Fig.2
Auto-Fill Operating Instructions
1. Hot / Cold Mixer Valve: Auto-fill unit: Find marking-“V” on the knob cover. Warm water “V” at 6
o’clock. Turn to 8 o’clock for Hot water and to 4 o’clock for Cold water. Non-Auto-fill unit is
equipped with lever handle. Emergency shut off Fig.2 Pull out & Till down
2. Drain Knob: Turn to 2 o’clock to open Drain stopper and Drain pump. There is no power drain
action if your unit is not quipped with drain pump. Turn back 12 o’clock to close drain stopper and
off the drain pump.
3. Auto-Fill / Jet knob :
> Auto-fill unit: Turn Auto-fill Knob to 2 o’clock & release to fill up water. Water will automatically
stop at sensor level (#8). Whirlpool jet (#4) and Tub light (#7) will be activated. Turn Auto-fill
knob any time to turn off or on whirlpool jet during this cycle.
> None Auto-fill unit: Turn to 2 o’clock to turn on Whirlpool-Jet. Turn back to 12 o’clock to
turn off Whirlpool-Jet.
4. Whirlpool motor Jet
Install Jet Cover with “Pure-Flo”
marked on the top
5. Solenoid Valve : Electrical valve for turning-on/off water to tub. Please Note: Units built before
Sept/2011 was single Solenoid located at # 5. After Sept/2011 revised with Dual Solenoid
located at rear of spa #14
6. Water Spout inlet: Can be pulled out for hand spray
7. LED light: Will be turned on when Whirlpool Jet running and Off when Jet turned off
8. Auto-fill Sensors: Clean often for accurate water level sensing by using sand buffer.
9. 24VDC Power supply: Auto-fill power supply. Green light indicates Power OK.
10. Auto-fill control box: White box; central auto-fill electronic control unit
11. Whirlpool Relay: Control On/Off Whirlpool Jet.
12. Auto-fill interconnection cable set.
13. Power strip: Red light switch indicates power on.
14. Dual Solenoid valve: Electrical valve for turn-on / off water to tub (* For unit after Sept-2011)
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