Fully automated side beam system integrated with NA-5

Fully automated side beam system integrated with NA-5
# 1 i n F i x e d We l d i n g A u t o m a t i o n
Seeking a fully automated turnkey system for production output
and improved product quality, an HVAC System manufacturer
came to Pandjiris and Lincoln Electric for a fixed automation and
welding solution. As a result of their expertise and partnership,
Pandjiris and Lincoln Electric worked in tandem to solve the positioning and welding issues.
Full scale samples were sent to the Lincoln Electric lab in
Cleveland for application analysis to determine whether SAW
or GMAW welding process would be utilized in this automated
turnkey system. Preliminary results indicated that a part design
change would be required in order to utilize the SAW process.
So, due to the nature of the application and the fact the end user
could not change the design, the GMAW process was the solution and weld procedures were developed and implemented for
use on this girth welding system.
The customer’s parts range in size from 12” to 48” in diameter
and up to 20’ in length and weighing up to 20,000 pounds. Pandjiris provided their Heavy Duty Side Beam and Variable Speed
Carriage with their “new” EZ Link® PLC-based series controller to
position the Lincoln NA-5 / DC600 GMAW package at either end
of the pressure vessels to perform the circumferential fillet welds.
A special design Model 4015-P Motorized Slide was utilized to
accommodate the large diameter range with the fixed height side
beam. Pandjiris Model MM-15/5-T Turning Roll sets were utilized
to provide part support and rotation. The Missouri Mule Turning
Rolls provide a constant center line of rotation relative to the side
beam, thus minimizing the over center adjustment requirements.
The Lincoln NA-5 Control and DC-600 power source were used
for the GMAW process and integrated for a fully automated system. The customer was looking for the best technical, integration
expertise and welding solution, and the Lincoln Electric-Pandjiris
Team produced yet another success story. It has met and exceeded all expectations.
The Lincoln Electric and Pandjiris Team continue to work together to produce welding and positioning solutions, successfully
integrated turnkey systems, and consumable orders both in the
U.S. and throughout the world.
Call Pandjiris Application Engineering Department for automated positioning solutions and systems to meet your customer’s
5151 Northrup Ave. • St. Louis, MO 63110 • 314-776-6893 • Fax: 314-776-8763 • www.pandjiris.com
APRIL 2006
• Lincoln NA-5 / DC-600 GMAW Weld Package
• Pandjiris EZ Link® PLC-based Controller
for Automated Equipment Control Function; Weld Start/Stop
and Auto Travel Integration
• Model CSC-21-12 Constant Speed Heavy Duty Carriage
2,100 Pounds at 12” Overhang
• Model PBT-12/288 Side Beam 24’ Long Beam
• Model 60 Stanchions for Side Beam Support
• Model MM-15/5-T Power Roll on Riser
• Model MI-5-T Idler Roll on Casters
• 10’ Sections of Model “V” Track
• Model 4015-P Motorized Slide, 40” Stroke with Supported Rods Provides Vertical Adjustment to Accommodate 12” to
48” Diameter Shells
• Model 615-M Manual Slide, 6” Stroke Provides Over Center Adjustment of Weld Head
• Heavy Duty Swivel to Provide Impingement Angle Adjustment
• Model 61-P Motorized Slides, 6” Stroke
Provides Vertical and Cross Seam Adjustment of Weld Head
via Joystick Control Mounted to Swivel
• Arm for EZ Link, Carriage and NA-5 controls.
Similar Pandjiris Side Beam/Turning Roll
system integrated with Lincoln Powerwave AC/
DC SAW Weld Package
PANDJIRIS, INC. • 5151 Northrup Ave. • St. Louis, MO 63110 • 314-776-6893 • Fax: 314-776-8763 • www.pandjiris.com
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