Customer Release Notes Fiery Color Server, Version 1.0

Customer Release Notes Fiery Color Server, Version 1.0
Customer Release Notes
Fiery Color Server, Version 1.0
This document contains important information about this release. Be sure to provide this
information to all users before proceeding with the installation.
N OTE : This document uses the term “Fiery Color Server” to refer to the Fiery ® ES IC-415/
Fiery ® CS IC-308.
Where can I find the user documentation?
Image Enhance
Visual Editor
Working with duplicate jobs
Direct Connection limitations
For complete information on the Fiery Color Server, including updates to the customer
release notes, go to
In Image Enhance Visual Editor, changes are applied to both the selected job and any
duplicates of the selected job.
The Direct connection is intended for downloading fonts and for use with test applications
that require back channel information from the Fiery Color Server. If security is a concern,
Direct connection is not recommended for printing jobs because some jobs sent to the Direct
connection cause temporary files to be stored on the Fiery Color Server. For full security, use
Secure Erase instead.
For more information, see Configuration and Setup.
Viewing Help
Do not use the Google Chrome browser when viewing online help for the following
applications. The help files may not display correctly in Chrome.
• Fiery Remote Scan on Windows or Mac OS computers
• Fiery Bridge on Windows computers
• Printer driver on Mac OS computers
In a Fiery DHCP connection, a blank hostname displays and not the
server name configured in the Fiery Color Server
When you configure the Fiery Color Server to use a DHCP connection over a network router
with a hostname, the hostname does not appear in the router settings in a DHCP client list.
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30 July 2013
Fiery Setup Wizard
Invalid IP address error message appears in Fiery Controller Setup
when you enter an IP address
When this issue occurs, enter any IP address for a WINS server even if the WINS server
setting is turned off.
Viewing imported jobs in landscape orientation
If you import a job that is set in landscape orientation in Command WorkStation and preview
the job in either Sheet View (Fiery Impose/Compose) or Gang-up Preview (Job Properties),
the images always display in portrait orientation.
Flattening error for an imposed print job
In Command WorkStation, when you import and impose an archived job, sometimes
flattening errors occur when you save the job as a PDF file. Use server-side imposition by
saving the imposition job as a .dbp file.
Jobs with composite overprint and transparent objects
When composite overprint and APPE is enabled, if a job includes transparent objects,
composite overprint may not appear. Click Expert Settings in the Color tab and set “Separate
RGB/LAB to CMYK source” to ON.
After RIPping a job, black colored objects display gray dotted lines
When you import a RIPped job to the Held Queue and open it in ImageViewer,
magnification levels 200% to 400% of the job reveal gray dotted lines displaying over some of
the black-colored objects. Disable the Composite overprint option in Job Properties, and set
the Black overprint option to Off in Job Properties, and then click Color > Expert Settings >
Gray and Black Processing.
In Job Properties, Gang-up Preview always displays image in Portrait
When you preview a job that contains a Microsoft Word document that is previously set to
Landscape orientation, Job Properties displays the document in Portrait orientation.
In Fiery Impose-Compose, Sheet View always displays imported job in
Portrait view
When you preview an imported job that is set to Landscape orientation, Sheet View displays
the document in Portrait orientation.
Cannot create a booklet from a one-page document
A one-page document cannot be printed as a booklet. If you try to create a booklet from a
one-page document, an error message appears.
Use embedded profile option with APPE enabled
Changing the RGB rendering intent may affect the output of CMYK data when using CPSI
with the “Use embedded profile when present” option. As a workaround, use APPE rather
than CPSI, or change the RGB Rendering intent to “Relative.”
Conflict message appears when Auto-Trapping is selected
In Job Properties > Color tab, a Conflict message appears when you try to enable AutoTrapping.
1 Set Two-Way Communication to “Off” on the driver.
2 Add Auto-Trapping to “Installed Options”.
3 Open a document and turn on Auto-Trapping in Job Properties.
4 Send the job to print.
5 Verify that Auto-Trapping is set to “On” in Command WorkStation > Job Properties.
6 Restart the Fiery Color Server.
7 In Command WorkStation, select any job and enable Auto-Trapping in Job Properties > Color
Preview of a raster job does not match the preview display in Job
Properties > Booklet > Mixed Media
The preview screen does not display both front and back blank pages of a booklet job.
Paper size settings on the printer does not match settings in
Command WorkStation
On the printer, if you specify paper settings and then verify the settings in Command
WorkStation, the Paper Size setting does not match the same setting. Reboot the printer and
the Fiery Color Server to get the correct matching value for Paper Size.
AppleTalk support
AppleTalk is supported for only font downloads if you enable the option in Configure >
Network > Protocol. You cannot print jobs with the AppleTalk protocol.
Incorrect page order with Booklet-Perfect Left Binding
If you set the layout setting of a job with landscape orientation to Booklet-Perfect Left
Binding and print, the page order outputs incorrectly. When you set the original document to
landscape orientation, set “Face down - reverse order” as the layout setting.
When a merged mixed job is opened in Fiery Impose, the display of
the form size is incorrect
When a merged mixed job of different-sized (A3 and A4) documents is opened in Fiery
Impose, the display of the size of the form is not fixed to the size of the head page. Change the
paper size from A3 to A4 when you open Fiery Impose.
When multiple jobs are imported to the Held Queue in a group, the
job order is not cared
Use a mouse to select multiple jobs and import into the correct order in the Held Queue.
Output image of body pages from a booklet rotates 90 degrees after
printing a Microsoft Word document
In Command WorkStation, in the Driver properties of a Word document, if the job has either
Left or Top binding for Short Edge Feed (SEF) prints, or 1-up Perfect binding specified, the
output image of body pages from a booklet is rotated 90 degrees after printing. The image
rotation error does not occur with standard size or custom LEF documents. Use standard sizes
if the rotation error occurs with the custom sizes and top binding specified.
Printing a document as a booklet or as a 2-up print, with 1-byte or
2-byte TrueType font from a PS file into a PDF document, sometimes
results in garbled text output
Some 1-byte or 2-byte TrueType fonts cannot be embedded when you create a PDF from a PS
file. Print the document to PDF as a 1-up print for correct output.
Fiery Color Server hangs temporarily when it loads 500 paper profiles
from the printer
The Fiery Color Server may take a while to load all of the paper profiles that are imported
from the printer when you open Paper Catalog or Job Properties. Wait until all of the profiles
have been imported. If Command WorkStation becomes unresponsive, close and then restart
Command WorkStation and try again.
Error message of “Calibration” is garbled
Calibration does not support multiple users. A error message sometimes displays garbled text
at random instances.
Command WorkStation hangs on a client computer after rebooting the
Fiery Color Server
If you try to reconnect to the Fiery Color Server, Command WorkStation may become
unresponsive. Use Task Manager to close Command WorkStation, and then try to reconnect
Line issue occurs when printing A4 file to A3 size
If you try to print an A4 document with a paper size setting of A3 in Job Properties,
sometimes the print output displays a thick line at the top side of the document, and a thin
line at the bottom side. Resize the document with A3 settings before sending the document to
Cannot specify a custom size setting for a 8.5 x 11 sized slip sheet
You must use paper size 8.5 x 11 for printing slip sheet documents. Custom sizes cannot be
specified in Job Properties for the document.
On Command WorkStation for Mac OS, a set count larger than 15 for
a new Paper Catalog entry gets saved
Command WorkStation does not allow a set count of greater than 15 when you map a JDF
job to a new Paper Catalog entry. However, on Mac OS, Command WorkStation sometimes
displays the set count if you specify an amount greater than 15.
Display of Processing is not localized
If the following Job Mismatch settings are set in Configure:
• Enable Mismatch Action: enabled
• Timeout: 0 min
• Mismatch Action: Cancel
and if you import, then print jobs that are 10 GB or larger, the job status may display a nonlocalized “done processing” message briefly under “Job Status” for the documents.
Command WorkStation hangs after canceling jobs when waiting for
jobs to print
After canceling suspended print jobs and try to select other print jobs in the Hold or Printed
tab, Command WorkStation may hang and become unresponsive. Minimize, then maximize
the Command WorkStation window, and then click it to recover.
Hard disk free space does not increase after performing Factory
Defaults on the printer
After restoring the printer to factory default, all remaining print jobs are removed, but
Command WorkStation may display the hard disk space amount being used after factory
default. Due to the large size of the print job and the amount of time required for Secure
Erase to erase the job data, it may take a while to recover hard drive disk space.
Specific settings do not register with a JDF print job when Add/Map
to Paper Catalog is selected and when JDF is enabled on the Fiery
Color Server
Specify a different paper type other than Plain or Fine for the Paper Catalog entry for the
settings to apply to the JDF print job.
Error message is not localized after selecting Summary Print and
printing a document
The error message displays in English instead of the system language, when approximately
100 characters or more are entered in the Instructions text field in Job Properties.
Some performance test files are slower than the targeted pages per
minute (PPM) rate
In print processing speed tests, the speed might be affected by RIP data compression and
produce different test results. Depending on the print data, print process speeds may increase
from changing the following settings.
• Image Quality = Best to Normal
• Composite Overprint = ON to Off
Cover image of 1-up perfect is incorrect, when Front & Back Together
is selected
When Front & Back Together is selected, and when the sheet size is larger than the cover
image size, the cover image position for 1-up Perfect does not match with the finished sheet
size. Match the cover sheets size with the image size. For example, when body sheet size is
8.5x11 and spine width is one inch, use 18 inch x 11 inch sheets for a cover.
Output Tray menu displays blank field after changing finisher type
When a finisher is connected to the printer and if you change the finisher type, the Output
Tray menu in Configure may display an empty field after changing the finisher type. Connect
the finisher to the printer again, or change the finisher type so that the Output Tray menu
displays “Unassigned”.
Printer driver
Change of measuring units for 1-up Perfect booklet type
In Driver > Print setting > Layout > Booklet, if you specify 1-up Perfect as the booklet type,
the measuring unit changes from inches to millimeters. When you confirm the measuring
unit in Launch Wizard, the base unit of the operating system also changes from inches to
User authentication fails when registering users with two byte
characters on LDAP-enabled Fiery Color Servers
When User authentication is enabled, accounts of users that have two byte username
characters do not get authenticated with LDAP-enabled Fiery Color Servers. The user can still
print with the account.
If “305x458mm” is specified in Microsoft Word 2010, “12x18” is
listed instead and applied to the printer driver
If you specify “305x458” as the page size in Microsoft Word 2010 for the printer, the print
server properties window displays “12x18” instead. Set “Output Paper Size” instead of
“Document Size”.
Borders do not print when setting Papers per sheet to 6-up and
turning Print border on
When you print a Word document with the Papers per sheet setting set to 6-up, and Print
border turned on, sometimes border loss occurs with the print output. Send the job to print
in Command WorkStation to get the correct print out.
On Mac OS 10.8, install the driver by Find Printer By Name or Address,
job cannot be output
In the Fiery Printer Driver installation, if you find the printer by using the Find Printer By:
Name or IP Address feature, install the printer driver with any default queue selection, and
then try to print a test page, the document does not print. Reinstall the printer driver and use
the Find Printer By: Network Discovery feature to print the test page.
Cannot print a perfect bind document with the Windows and Mac OS
printer driver when using European languages
Send the print job to Command WorkStation, open Job Properties and send the document to
print. You can also send the print job directly to the Print queue in Command WorkStation to
print the document.
Fiery Color Server stops printing a document that has many pages and
N-up setting
Turn off the N-up setting for Pages per sheet and print the job to avoid the issue.
Fiery Impose
Impose and Preview do not have the duplex setting “Top Binding”
In Impose and Preview, the Duplex setting “Top Binding” does not appear after importing a
job. After saving the impose settings and try to enable Top Binding in Job Properties, the
settings are cleared.
Merged jobs with Composite overprint and transparent objects
If the merged job has overprint objects or semi-transparent objects, bottom side objects are
not printed. Set “Composite overprint” in Color tab of Job properties.
Fiery JDF
Enabling Device Capabilities
By default, the Device Capabilities file is not automatically installed on the Fiery Color
Server. To install the file, open configuration.txt in C:\Windows\system\system32\. Under
[DevCap], change the “EnableAutoCreate” value from 0 to 1. Save configuration.txt and
restart the Fiery Color Server.
Fiery Remote Scan
Fiery Remote Scan version 6 TWAIN driver is 32-bit only
The 64-bit version of the TWAIN driver is not supported for Fiery Remote Scan version 6.0.
Cannot acquire files from a mailbox in Fiery Remote Scan
When you import a multi-page job into the Held Queue of Command WorkStation and use
Fiery Remote Scan to insert scanned pages from an admin mailbox, the Acquire button is
grayed out and you cannot retrieve files.
Scan error message does not display after scanning files larger than
2 GB
When you try to scan files that are larger than 2 GB, which is the maximum file size for
scanned files, the file does not get scanned.
FTP scan log displays OK status for scan destinations even if FTP scan
is disabled
In Configure, if “Email,” “Windows SMB,” and “FTP” are enabled, and “Enable “Scan” is
disabled, scan jobs sent to email, SMB, and FTP locations still go through if you process them
from the printer touch panel.
Job mismatch with scan jobs
If you perform a scan job from the printer and then try to scan the same job in Fiery Remote
Scan, job mismatch occurs. Change the Media Size setting from “Custom” to either
“Automatic” or the required paper size as specified under “Crop Box” when inserting a
scanned image.
Scan 1,000 pages to HDD, incorrect job size is displayed in Fiery
Remote Scan and cannot save job file correctly
Reduce the job file size to under 2 GB for a single scan job. The Fiery Color Server has a 2 GB
maximum file size limit for scan jobs.
Garbled characters appear in scanned print job file name
(Fiery ES IC-415 Japanese version only) File names of saved print jobs appear garbled after
scanning a print job to email from the printer.
FTP file name two byte characters have a garbled phenomenon
If you try to scan a document with a file name that contains 2-byte characters from the printer
to an FTP location, the document file name may display garbled characters when you view
the document in the FTP location on a client computer. Rename the document and scan to
FTP again.
Paper Catalog
Fiery Color Server overwrites Paper Catalog profiles registered on the
The Fiery Color Server overwrites Paper Catalog profiles on the printer if more than 488 are
registered under the same profile name. Before connecting the Fiery Color Server for the first
time or reinstalling system software, export the Paper Catalog database to a remote location,
and then import the database back after reinstallation.
On the Web LCD, logging into the printer with login name and
password on first attempt does not work
If you cannot log in on the first attempt, try to log in again with the same login name and
Status always displays “Printing” on the Web LCD after printing a
copy job
When you print a copy job from the printer, the status displays “Printing” even when the job
has completed printing and reached idle state. Start a new print or scan job to change the
status message to the correct state.
Image output orientation displays incorrectly with certain booklet
and binding settings
If you set a document with image imposition to Landscape orientation, Booklet Type to 1-up
Perfect and either Left or Right Binding, Body Paper Size to 139.7x148.0 mm, and Cover
Paper Size to 139.7x306 mm, the image prints with an incorrect orientation.
When using Port 9100 and Sequential Print, job of the Secure print
cannot complete printing
The Secure Print feature does not apply to print jobs that are from the Sequential Print queue.
Other applications
Adobe Reader X does not recognize “Fit” size option for printing
If you try to print an A4-sized PDF file with the “Fit” size option, the “Fit” option is not
reflected in the print output. When printing a PDF file to A4 paper, make sure that the file is
already sized for that output. Use Scale to Fit in Job Properties when you use Fit to Paper Size,
and do not use the Fit option in the Print menu of Adobe Reader X.
Image rotation occurs for a job with 1-up Perfect and Left binding
specified and with custom size settings
If printer driver settings for Booklet type is set to 1-up Perfect and Left binding for a job that
has the same cover and body paper size settings as specified in Microsoft Word 2010, image
rotation occurs. Rotate the image on the cover page before sending the job to print.
Output error with printing a Microsoft Excel document with multiple
spreadsheets on the Fiery Color Server
If you try to print a Microsoft Excel document with multiple spreadsheets and send the print
job to the Fiery Color Server, output errors may occur.
Make sure that the same Job Properties settings are applied to every worksheet.
Printing DocuWorks file with Gang-up setting results in extra lines on
some pages
In DocuWorks, if you set the Gang-up type to Step & repeat or Cut & stack, Paper Size to
A3, and enable Shrink to fit, or if you specify the same settings for the document in Job
Properties and try to print and hold, extra thin lines print on some of the pages. Use
DocuWorks Viewer Light instead to print the document.
Some PDF jobs with black letters cannot preserve a K value 100% by
the Fiery Color Server
If a PDF document with black text has a K value of 100% in Adobe Acrobat, and then it is
sent to print and hold, the document may produce a K value that is less than 100%.
Images do not print correctly with solid color objects
Sometimes image print colors do not print correctly in output with solid colors and do not
output an accurate gradient. Image overlay objects instead appear in the print output. Verify
that the correct color or grayscale settings are correct, and try to send the image to print again.
Misalignment and scale problems with folded and stapled brochure
When you change the size of A4 folded and stapled brochure PDF documents to A5 and print
the document, the print output may not display the correct alignment and scale settings.
Change the original document to A5 before importing it into Command WorkStation to
Image objects that are pasted onto solid color objects print two black
color layouts
When you import a document with an image that blends with a solid color black background,
set Color Mode to either CMYK or Grayscale and then print the document, sometimes the
print output displays separate black colors instead of gradient colors.
In Command WorkStation, do one of the following:
• In Color Management > Expert Settings > Gray & Black Processing, set the Black text and
graphics setting to Normal to prevent text and graphics from using only black toner ink.
• In Color Management > Expert Settings > Color Input, for CMYK/Grayscale, set the
Source to Bypass conversion, and set the Black text and graphics setting to Normal.
RIPing process delayed with a PDF document with spot color and APPE
If APPE is enabled, RIPping for a PDF document that includes spot color may take longer
than 10 minutes. Disable APPE to not encounter a delay in RIPping a PDF document with
spot color.
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