evolution 5800 tic

evolution 5800 tic
MSA’s Evolution 5800 TIC, the newest addition to MSA’s 5000 Series
of Thermal Imaging Cameras, offers state-of-the-art imagery with a
high-resolution-format, microbolometer-based infrared sensor.
Our new Image Detail Enhancement (IDE) software enhances the
camera’s imagery so that it matches the total dynamic range of the
original image, and makes image detail visible to you, even in
scenes with extreme-temperature dynamics. This enhanced
imagery is combined with five user-selectable palettes, to give
firefighters a customized image that maximizes the scene
information you need for your plan of attack, even in lowtemperature-contrast environments.
The heart of the Evolution 5800 TIC is the vanadium oxide microbolometer that incorporates a 320 x 240 focal plane array sensor,
generating over 76,000 pixels of image detail with a 36˚ field of
view. 2X Digital zoom magnifies the image detail that you want to
Two additional features in all camera models,
Standard Quick Temp and Heat Seeker Plus,
complete the most advanced thermal imaging
package available on the market today.
The Evolution 5800 TIC incorporates all of
the established user-friendly form factors in
MSA’s 5000 Series TICs. These features
include single-button activation, patented
dual-handle design for ease of handoff, a
lightweight lithium ion battery with over two
hours of run time, a protective battery compartment, and a
comprehensive offering of interchangeable accessories.
As with all MSA TICs, the Evolution 5800 comes standard with a
two-year camera core warranty and a one-year warranty on all of
the other camera components.
User Selectable Palettes
Maximizes scene information, providing greater image detail
Image Detail Enhancement
Enhances camera imagery in low contrast temperature environments
Instant On
Camera starts in 2 seconds or less
High Sense Imagery
Best high sense imagery 2 to 4 times longer than competitive cameras
320 x 240 Focal Plane Array
Increased number of pixels for improved picture quality
2X Digital Zoom
Magnifies image, providing more detail
Heat Seeker Plus
Only MSA offers color pixelization in high- and low-sense modes
5800 User Selectable Palette Imagery
White Hot Imagery
Black Hot Imagery
Fire and Ice Imagery
Array Format
Pixel Size
Spectral Response
Video Output
Frame Rate
Time to Image
Scene Temp Range
Video Output
Operating Time
Fusion Imagery
Rainbow Imagery
Ordering Information
Uncooled Microbolometer
Vanadium Oxide (VOx)
320 x 240
38 μm
7.5 to 13.5 μm
30 Hz
≤65mK (in High Sensitivity)
≤240mK (in Low Sensitivity)
< 2 sec.
560˚C (1040˚F)
48.2 oz (with battery)
10.8” x 8.1” x 4.4” (HxWxD)
> 2 hours
Five user selectable palettes (White hot, Black hot,
Fusion, Fire & Ice and Rainbow)
2X Digital Zoom
See product specification sheet for more detailed product information.
Evolution 5800 complete
with User selectable palettes,
2X Digital Zoom, Heat Seeker,
Quick Temp and User’s
instruction manual
Part Number
Thermal Imaging Kits:
Fire Station TIC Kit
This kit contains all of the
components and accessories that
a fire department needs to put
their MSA Evolution Thermal
Imaging Camera into service. The
Fire Station Kit consists of two (2)
rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Batteries, Single-Unit AC Charger,
Retractable Lanyard, Carabiner,
Instruction CD and a hard plastic
carrying case.
Vehicle TIC Kit
This kit contains all of the
components and accessories
that a fire department needs to
install their MSA Evolution
Thermal Imaging Camera into
service on a fire truck. The
Vehicle Kit consists of two
(2) rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Batteries, Universal Truck
Charger, Retractable Lanyard,
Carabiner, and Instruction CD.
PN 10096887
Video Transmission and Recording Systems
Mini Receiver Kit
The Mini Receiver Kit enables users to customize
your own video monitoring and recording setup.
The kit includes a two channel receiver, multiple
power cords, and additional adapters packaged in
a soft-sided case, with additional room for
accessories and the transmitter. Receiver kits
come standard with a magnetic mounted, omnidirectional antenna.
PN 10050376
Evolution Video Transmitter
Self–contained, modular design allows for maximum
flexibility to deploy the transmitter easily when
needed. Requires no modification to the TIC. An
independent power supply does not draw power
from the TIC battery, thus allowing for maximum run
time of both TIC and transmission system.
PN 10047573
Deluxe Receiver Kit
The Deluxe Receiver Kit provides users with
a complete solution for viewing transmitted
images using a single receiver console. The kit
features a 12” display that is integrated into the lid
of the protective. Pelican case. It comes complete
with an omni-directional antenna and wall-type
and cigarette-lighter powered supply cords, which
can use either 110-220 volt AC, 12 volt, or DC
PN 10050375
Evolution Video Capture Kit
Small, easy-to-use, stand-alone video device
records screen action of any Evolution 5000-Series
TIC for up to 2 hours. Connects in seconds and
provides downloadable video clips of fireground for
recordkeeping and training.
PN 10071750
Single-Unit Charger
Desktop charger that charges the Evolution
Lithium-Ion batteries. Requires 110 or 22 volt
AC power supply.
PN 10041100
Non-Charging Universal Truck Bracket
A bracket used to secure the Evolution TIC in a vehicle.
System does not have any charging capabilities.
PN 10067707
Universal Truck Charger
Charges any Evolution 5000 Series TIC WITH or
WITHOUT the Wireless Transmitter or the Video Capture
unit attached. The “smart” Universal Charger trickle
charges the battery inside the TIC first, then switches
over to the spare battery charging module.
PN 10067565
Reflective Label ID Kit
These HIGHLY REFLECTIVE Write-On Labels will make
TIC accountability easier, and provide additional
reflectivity on the top and sides of your Evolution 5000
Series. Each Label Kit contains five sets of four labels
in bright red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Labels
are easily written on with a permanent marker.
PN 10062184
Sun shroud
Disposable display covers
Lithium ion battery
Tripod adapter
PN 10039603
PN 10038970
PN 10038412
PN 10040229
PN 10040005
Note: This Bulletin contains only a general description of the products
shown. While uses and performance capabilities are described, under no
circumstances shall the products be used by untrained or unqualified
individuals and not until the product instructions including any warnings or
cautions provided have been thoroughly read and understood. Only they
contain the complete and detailed information concerning proper
use and care of these products.
ID 3400-99-MC / Sep 2008
© MSA 2008 Printed in U.S.A.
Plastic carrying case
Retractable Lanyard
Shoulder Strap
Wrist Strap
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 426, Pittsburgh, PA 15230 USA
Phone 412-967-3000
U.S. Customer Service Center
Phone 1-877-MSA-FIRE
MSA Canada
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(52) 55 5359 4330
MSA International
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PN 10040223
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