How to register X-Lite with Fritz!Box

How to register X-Lite with Fritz!Box
How to register X‐Lite with Fritz!Box This tutorial will show you how to register an IP‐Softphone with Fritz!Box. You assign up to 10 Extension IP Phones with Fritz!Box 7270 & 7390 The extension for Internal calls are starting with **620 After downloading and installing X‐Lite you will have to: 1. Open the user interface of the FRITZ!Box. 2. Enable the Expert Mode of the FRITZ!Box via Settings > (Advanced Settings >) System > Expert Mode > check option "Show expert settings"> click "Apply". 3. Go to Telephony > Telephony Devices > click button "Configure New Device". 4. Select option "Telephone (if applicable, with answering machine)" and click "Next" 5. On the dropdown menu, select "LAN/WLAN (IP Telephone)" and click "Next" 6. Enter an optional password for the fields "Password" and "Confirm Password". Do not click "Next" yet! 7. Enter an optional Internet number on your IP phone with the following registration information: SIP Registrar: Enter the IP address of your FRITZ!Box (by default, User name : Enter the user name, displayed on the user interface of the FRITZ!Box (e.g. 620) Password : Enter the same password on the IP phone as on the use interface of the FRITZ!Box. Do not enter a STUN server. To be able to receive incoming calls you need to tick “Register with Domain” Information on how to enter an Internet number on your IP phone can be found in its manual. 8. On the user interface of the FRITZ!Box, now hit "Next". 9. The FRITZ!Box will now check the registration of the IP phone. As soon as the IP phone has been successfully registered, confirm with "Next". If the registration in Fritz!Box shows fail, X‐Lite is still most likely registered and will be working. 3/F DOB Building, 318 Rama 4 Rd. Mahapreutharam, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand Phone +66‐2‐402‐6170 | info@voip‐ | www.voip‐ 
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