Picasa 3 - Getting Started

Picasa 3 - Getting Started
January 13, 2009
Installing, Setup, and Understanding the Main Screen
Installing and Setup
1. Install Picasa 3 (available here: http://picasa.google.com/ )
Picasa 3 will work on Windows XP/Vista, Linux, or Mac OS X.
If you want to use Picasa to organize
2. When Picasa first starts up it will want to search your
and edit your photos on your machine
computer for images. Choose one of the two options and
and then upload your images to Flickr
click Continue.
be sure to install the send to Flickr
3. Next you will get a window that will ask you if you want to use
Button! Download it here:
Picasa’s Photo Viewer. I’d select Don’t use Picasa Photo
Viewer (you can always turn it on later).
4. Picasa will now inventory your computer for images stored on it. Picasa will then show you the folders in
the left panel. By clicking on a folder to the left you will see all the pictures in it as small thumbnails on the
Understanding the Main Screen
Picasa 3 - Getting Started
January 13, 2009
How to Import Photos
1. From the Main Screen click the Import button.
2. On the next screen click on the Select Device button and choose a device (camera etc.) or a folder (Picasa
will always find new images on your machine when it starts up. If it isn’t finding a folder you need you can
use this to bring in the images).
3. You will then be able to browse to find the images to add. If you want to add all the images in a folder use
either Ctrl + A to select all or click the Import All button.
As you are importing your
images think about saving
them in one location on
your machine. It will make
it easier to find and backup
images in the future.
Consider saving images in
folders by either topic
(Holidays) or date (2008).
Picasa 3 - Getting Started
January 13, 2009
How to Edit Photos
1. From the Main Screen double click on a photo. You should then be in the editing mode. See the below
2. When you are finished editing your image click the Back to Library button. Picasa automatically saves
changes you have made to your pictures.
3. From the Main Screen you will now see a Save to Disk button in the upper right corner.
4. Click Save to Disk. A new window will open and ask you if you are sure. It will also tell you that a backup of
your original file will be created.
Picasa automatically saves as you are editing. When you are done and click the Save to Disk
button (from the Main Screen) Picasa makes a backup of your original file. This is one of the
greatest features of Picasa – you can always (weeks, months, years later) undo your changes
and go back to the original file. To do this simply double click the image and get to the
editing window and then click Undo until you have the image the way you would like. Don’t
forget to Save to Disk when you are done.
Picasa 3 - Getting Started
January 13, 2009
Photo Tray, Back-Up, and Helpful Hints
Photo Tray
To get Photos in your tray you can either select a folder from the Main Screen or you can select multiple images by
holding down the Ctrl key and clicking.
Back-Up Images
Go to Tools – then Backup Images
You will then get the Backup Your Photos Page
Choose the folders to the left that you want to backup.
Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.
Helpful Hints
Locating a photo file on your machine - If you want to find an individual picture or folder on your computer
simply right-click the image and choose Locate on Disk. Picasa will open the containing folder.
Create and Edit Movies – Picasa now lets you create Movies that combine videos and images. You can also
set them to music. Select the images you want (make sure they are in your Photo Tray – see above) then
click the Movie button.
Retouching an Image – Double click an image to get to the editing screen. Then select the retouch tool.
How to use the Retouching tool:
o Zoom in to the area you need to retouch.
o Change the brush size to be a little larger than the area you are retouching.
o Click once on the area to be retouched – then move your mouse around and you will see the
o Click once on the new area to be applied.
o Remember you can always Undo.
o Click Finished when done.
o Don’t forget to Save Changes on the Main Screen.
Webcam Capture - Control your webcam from Picasa. Click the WebCam button.
will come up and you can then record videos and capture stills from your webcam.
A webcam window