SDG1 Dual-Grade Laser English Brochure
Dual-Grade Laser
When Reliability Matters, SDG1 is the Right Answer.
Advanced Technology for Unsurpassed Reliability
The SDG1 controls the tilt of the rotating axis by constantly monitoring its inclination with
a revolutionary encoding system.
This unique technology makes it possible to maintain an accurate laser plane despite variations in
environmental factors such as wind, vibration, temperature and direct sunlight.
Leveling repeatability is the highest in the industry: 5 arc seconds.
Wide Grade and Working Range
The SDG1 creates a dual-grade plane ranging from
-10% to +10% in the X axis and from
-5% to +25% in the Y axis.
In combination with the LR200 standard detector,
the SDG1 provides a working range of
800 m (2,620 ft.) in diameter.
Dual-Grade Laser
Easy-to-Use Functions for Maximum Productivity
Compact yet Rugged Body
The compact and lightweight design makes the SDG1 easy to
The IP66 dust/water-resistant housing protects against
powder dust and sudden showers.
Easy Operation
The X and Y grades can
be easily set with up/
down and left/right
buttons while
viewing the large-digit
LCD screen.
Menu icons facilitate
instrument setup.
SDG1 Specifications
±5 arc seconds
Horizontal accuracy
±10 arc seconds
Grade range
-10 to +10% (unit: 0.001% increments)
-5 to +25% (unit: 0.001% increments)
Typical working range
2 to 800m (6 to 2,620 ft.) in diameter
Rotation speed
300 / 600 / 900 rpm, selectable
Light source / Wavelength
Laser Diode / 690nm (visible)
Laser class
CDRH (FDA): Class IIIa / IEC: Class 3R
Self-leveling range
±5° (at 0% grade setting)
Dust and water protection
IP66 (IEC 60529:2001)
Operating temperature
-20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
Continuous use
With standard Ni-MH battery: Approx. 80
With four D (R20) size alkaline
batteries*: Approx. 85 hours
W 218 x D 174 x H 253 mm (W 8.6 x D
6.9 x H 10.0 in.)
Weight (w/battery)
Approx. 3.6 kg (7.9 lb.)
Full Wireless Control
The LRC6 standard remote controller has
exactly the same display and keys as the
SDG1. This means all operations and settings
can be performed wirelessly.
Remote control range is 300m (1,000ft.).
9 radio channels are selectable to avoid
interference with other devices.
Numerous Convenient Functions
Masking: an electronic shutter limits laser radiation by 90°,
180° or 270° to avoid interference.
Windy: increases stability in unsteady and windy
HI Alert: lets you know when the instrument is tilted or
Advanced Laser Detector
The LR200 standard detector has LCD
displays on both faces.
3-color LEDs make it easy to find the laser
beam at a distance.
Advanced functions: displays HI Alert and
battery level information from the SDG1.
* An optional battery pack required.
LRC6 Remote Controller Specifications
Communication range
Approx. 300m (1,000 ft.)
2.4GHz two-way communications with 9
Three AA (R6) alkaline batteries
LR200 Detector Specifications
LED indicator
Top: Orange, center: Green, bottom: Red
Detection sensitivity
H: ±0.5mm (±0.02in.)
L : ±2.0mm (±0.08in.)
SDG1 status display
"HI Alert" and "Battery level"
Two AA (R6) alkaline batteries (100 hours
continuous use)
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LCD on both faces
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