Ice Machine Operation

Ice Machine Operation
Section 3
Ice Machine Operation
Ice Machine Operation
Ice Making Sequence of Operation
Prior to start up of this machine, a thorough
cleaning and sanitization should be performed.
Follow instructions in the maintenance section of
this manual.
Initial Start-Up
Priming Water System
The water valve inlet on this machine energizes in the harvest
sequence, therefore priming the system with water will allow the
system to start up with a full reservoir of water. To prime system,
remove water curtain, and add 2 liters of water into the water
1. Freeze Cycle
Turn the on/off/wash switch to on. The compressor, and water
pump will start, thus starting the freezing cycle. The pump sprays
water into the inverted cups. The water freezes layer by layer,
until an ice cube forms in each cup.
2. Harvest Cycle
The compressor continues to operate and the water pump is deenergized. The hot gas valve energizes, allowing hot gas to enter
and warm the evaporator.. The water valve is also energized,
aiding with harvest, as well as filling up the sump with fresh
water for a new freeze cycle.
The ice falls from the cups and is directed into the bin by the ice
chute. The harvest cycle continues until the preset harvest time
expires. The timer, hot gas valve, and water valve de-energize. If
ice cubes are not contacting the bin thermostat a new freeze cycle
is initiated as the water pump energizes and sprays water into the
3. Automatic Shut-Off
When the storage bin is full, the ice will come in contact with the
bin thermostat which is located inside the bin. The machine will
stop after approximately one minute of continuous ice contact
with the bin thermostat probe.
The ice machine remains off until enough ice has been removed
from the storage bin to allow the ice to fall clear of the bin
thermostat probe. As the ice clears the probe, the bin thermostat
warms up and the machine starts another freeze cycle.
At the same time the compressor starts, the condenser fan motor
(air-cooled models) is supplied with power throughout the freeze
and harvest cycles. The freeze cycle continues and the evaporator
thermostat reaches the adjusted set point. The thermostat
energizes the timer motor and the cam starts to turn. When the
cam cycles through the preset freeze time the relays change
position and the harvest is initiated.
Ice Machine Operation
Section 3
Operational Checks
Your ice machine was factory-operated and adjusted before
shipment. Normally, a newly installed ice machine does not
require any adjustment.
The ice cube thickness is factory-set to maintain the ice cube
thickness at the proper size and weight.
1. Allow the ice machine to operate for three complete cycles.
To ensure proper operation, always follow these Operational
Checks when starting the ice machine:
• for the first time
• after a prolonged out of service period
• after cleaning and sanitizing
The cubes should have a small dimple in the center
2. Cycle times vary, according to surrounding air and water
Routine adjustments and maintenance procedures outlined in this
manual are not covered by the warranty.
It is recommended that adjustments made to this ice machine
be made by a qualified technician. Improper adjustment, may
seriously affect the life of this ice machine.
inlet temperatures.
3. If cubes are not full (large dimple), turn evaporator
thermostat one increment towards the right to increase cube
size. Allow ice machine to complete three cycles. Check
4. If cubes are too full, ( no dimple), turn evaporator thermostat
one increment towards the left to decrease cube size. Allow
ice machine to operate three complete cycles.
The standard cube has an average weight of 19 grams, while the large cube has an average weight of 32 grams.
Notice the normal dimple in the center of the cube.
Standard cube 19g
Fig. 6
Large cube 32g
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