WORK STAND - 909 Tools

WORK STAND - 909 Tools
Warranty 2
Introduction 3
Description of symbols 3
Specifications 4
General Safety Instructions for Power Tools 4
Safety Instructions for Mitre Saw Stands
Unpacking 4
Parts list 4
Mounting kit for Mitre Saws
Description of Mitre Saw Stand
Assembly 6
Mounting the Saw
Set-up / Knockdown Procedure
Warranty Power Tools
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Description of symbols
Your new 909 mitre saw stand will more than satisfy
your expectations. It has been manufactured under
stringent 909 Quality Standards to meet superior
performance criteria.
You will find your new mitre saw stand easy and safe to
operate, and, with proper care, it will give you many years
of dependable service.
CAUTION. Carefully read through this entire Instruction
Manual before using your new 909 mitre saw stand.
Take special care to heed the Cautions and Warnings.
Your 909 mitre saw stand has many features that will
make your job faster and easier. Safety, performance,
and dependability have been given top priority in the
development of this tool, making it easy to maintain
and operate.
The rating plate on your tool may show symbols.
These represent important information about the
product or instructions on its use.
Wear safety footwear.
Wear safety gloves.
Read these instructions for use carefully.
Environmental protection
Recycle unwanted materials instead
of disposing of them as waste. All tools,
hoses and packaging should be sorted,
taken to the local recycling centre and
disposed of in an environmentally safe way.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 6. This stand will safely mount most mitres saws (including
slide) of up to and including 10 inch provided the weight
distribution is central and the total loading including work
piece does not exceed the Max weight capacity. For
example, 12” sliding Mitre saws are NOT to be used on
this stand because the weight of the saw in the rear-most
position can make the stand unbalanced, becoming a
tipping hazard.
745mm x 222mm
Reach: 2000mm over
material support capacity
Stand Height (with mounts): 690mm
Maximum Weight Capacity: 227kg
7. This product is designed for mounting and supporting a
range of bench top appliances. It is NOT designed for
supporting persons for any reason.
General Safety Instructions for Power Tools
8. Do Not stand, climb, or sit on this product
Using power tools of any kind can be dangerous if safe
operating procedures are not followed. Recognizing the
hazards of each tool and using them with respect and
caution will considerably limit the possibility of personal
injury. However, if safety precautions are ignored, personal
injury will likely result. Always use common sense – your
personal safety‑is your responsibility. Know your power tool.
Read and understand the Operator’s Manual and observe
the warnings and instruction labels affixed to the tool.
9. Do Not use for Scaffolding purposes.
10. Do not use the stand with one or more legs not locked
in the down position. All legs must be locked in place as
designed. The ground needs to be flat so all 4 legs are
in contact with the ground surface to ensure stability
Due to modern mass production techniques, it is unlikely
that your 909 mitre saw stand is faulty or that a part is
missing. If you find anything wrong, do not operate the tool
until the parts have been replaced or the fault has been
rectified. Failure to do so could result in serious
personal injury.
Safety Instructions for Mitre Saw Stands
1. Use caution when folding or unfolding legs to limit any
finger pinch points.
2. Place stand on flat and level surface to keep tool from
rocking or tipping.
Parts List
3. Make certain that work support extensions are within safe
operating limits, and are properly locked in place before
using tool. Do not exceed 227kgs. on main
frame table.
• Quick Attach Machine Mounts x 2
• Outrigger Supports x 2
• Work Supports / Tube Supports x 2
• Off Set Mounts x 2
• M8 Locking Knobs x 4
• 8mm x 20 Bolts / Washer & nut x 2
• 8mm x 45 Bolts / washer & nut x 4
• Top stand frame assembly with 4 legs attached
4. Test the setup for stability before proceeding with work.
5. Be sure the Mitre saw is tightened securely at all
mountings before use.
Know Your Product
1. Top Stand Frame
2. Legs
3. Outrigger Supports (x2)
4. Work Supports (x2)
5. Quick Attach Machine Mounts (x2)
6. Quick Attach Machine Mount spring lever
7. M8 Locking knobs (x4)
8. Off set Brackets (x2)
9. 8mm x 20 Bolts, washer & nut x 2
(for off set mounts)
10. 8mm x 45 Bolts, washers & nut x 4
(not shown - to attach mitre saw)
11. Snap pin lock – folded ( x 4 - each leg)
12. Snap pin lock - assembled
( x 4 - each leg)
13. Leg Plugs ( x 4 - each leg)
Assembly Instructions
Installing the Outrigger Supports
Read all assembly instructions completely before attempting
See parts list on Page 5 for names and pictures of parts to
identify all components. Do not discard box until after you
have found all the components and completed assembly
1. Insert the outrigger support (3) into the frame end tubing
on the left hand side and position length wise according
to your requirements.
Screw one of the M8 locking knobs (7) supplied into the
threaded hole at the corner of the tube frame and turn
clockwise to secure the outrigger support (3) in place
Repeat on the opposite end.
Assembling the Stand
1. Place top stand frame (1) upside down on your workbench
or surface, ensuring the surface is even and flat.
2. Note: This stand has 2 legs that are completely straight,
and 2 legs that are slightly curved where they are
connected to the stand
Push down the snap pin lock
(10) on the leg, and pull out
the leg towards you until the
snap pin locks into place in the
snap pin lock - assembled (11)
position. You will hear a click
when this locks into position.
3. Repeat the process for the straight leg on the opposite
end, and then both the other legs.
4. After ensuring all the legs are locked into position, turn
the stand upright onto its legs on the ground or a flat even
Installing the Work Supports
1. Insert the work support into the top of the Outrigger
support (3).
2. Position to the height
according to your
requirements and while
holding in place, use your
other hand to screw one of
the M8 locking knobs (7)
supplied into the threaded
hole on the outrigger support
by turning it clockwise to
secure into position.
3. Repeat for the other outrigger support and work support
at the opposite end of the stand.
Fitting the Quick Attach machine mounts to
the top stand frame.
To remove the quick Attach machine mounts (5), compress
the mount spring lever(6) and lift.
NOTE: If there is any appliance on the mounts when
removing, the weight of the appliance will tend to slide
the mounts backward as you lift the front. Be aware of
the weight on the mounts.
Once the mount spring lever (6) has been released, and
then the heel has disengaged, it is best to then lift the
mounts (5) ( and the appliance if fitted) directly from the
The assembly is designed to mount the saw on the quick
attach machine mounts and the saw and mounts can come
off together, and the mounts can remain on the stand for
storage etc.
The quick attach machine mounts are designed to be able
to be quickly fitted and quickly removed.
To fit the quick attach machine mounts:
1.Locate the heel of the quick machine mount (5) around
and under the rear end of the top stand frame as shown
in Fig A.
2.With the mount spring lever(6) compressed, rotate the
quick machine mount (5) downwards to towards the top
frame stand. As the spring loaded lever (6) passes the
top of the stand, release the lever. Continue to push
downward until the spring loaded lever “CLICKS” into
place. (Fig B)
3.The quick machine mount (5) should now be locked in
place. (Fig C)
4.Always check the quick machine mount (5) is locked by
applying a force upward at the front of the quick attach
machine mount (5).
Setting up to Mount the saw
The attachments supplied with the stand should allow for
various different footprints to be mounted. In general, the
main difference between mountings is where the distance
across the front mounting holes is different to the distance
between the rear two mounting holes.
(A) If the distance across the
front mount holes is the
same as across the rear
mount holes, you DO NOT
require the use of the
Off set Brackets (8) and
the saw can be mounted
directly on to the quick
attach machine mounts (5).
The mount set up is
as shown in Pic A.
(B) In general, if the difference
between the Front mount
holes and the distance
between the rear mount
holes is less than 40mm on
the mitre saw, then the off
set brackets(8) are required
Mounting the saw.
a nd is suggested to be
mounted as shown in Pic B. C
(C) If the difference between
the Front mount holes
and the distance between
the rear mount holes is
greater than 40mm on the
mitre saw, then the off set
brackets (8) are required
and is suggested to be mounted as shown in Pic C.
To Fit the Off set brackets, place the 20mm Coach bolt
through the off set bracket from the BOTTOM and fit the
washers and nut on the TOP of the bracket. Secure the nut
with 3 turns. (Fig D)
Align the head of the coach screw with the round hole
in the quick attach machine
mounts (5) (Fig E), place the
head through the hole and
then slide the off set bracket (8)
assembly along the slot in the
quick attach machine mount
(5). (Fig F)
It is suggested to leave the
assembly loose at this stage
1.Measure the distance between the front mounting holes
of the saw and compare with the distance between the
rear mounting holes. Using the above guide to determine
if the quick attach mounts (5) will be set up with A, B,
or C.
2.If the off set brackets (8) are to be used, fit the off set
brackets (8) as B, or C. For 909 Mitre Saw 909MSC or
255SB, use method B.
3.Attach the quick attach machine mounts (5) to the Top
Stand Frame.
4.Space the quick attach machine mounts (5) apart so the
saw mounting holes will align with the slot in the quick
attach machine mount on one side and then the off set
brackets (8) on the other or in the case of (A), both slots
of the quick attach machine mounts (5). After setting the
position of the off set brackets (8), finger tighten the nuts,
but still allow the brackets to slide a little on the quick
attach machine mount.
5.Pick up the saw and sit the saw on the mounts.
6.Using the 4 x 45mm Coach bolts supplied, mount the
saw with the heads of the bolts either in the slot of the
quick attach machine mounts (5), or under the surface of
the off set brackets (8).
7.Leave all bolts loose and align the saw with the stand.
There is enough movement to have the saw at right
angles with the stand. ENSURE the quick attach machine
mounts (5) are at right angles with the top stand frame.
8.Tighten all bolts firmly.
Set-up / Knockdown Procedure
Before storing or transporting, make sure all
attachments are secured. Collapse outrigger supports.
It is recommended that benchtop tools are removed by
disengaging the quick attach machine mounts from the
stand, but leave the mounts on the appliance.
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