Send2Benz Service Description - Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz mbrace®
4 Access to accurate and up-to-date
search results for the COMAND
navigation system
4 Destinations can be sent to the
vehicle anytime
4 Multiple options to search, allowing
the customer to choose their
4 COMAND navigation system
4 Active customer email address
associated with the mbrace account
4 Apple iPhone iOS 7.0 or later,
Android-based phone with OS 2.3
or later or a computer with Internet
browser (Internet Explorer v6, 7, 8
on Windows XP 32 bit, Vista 32 & 64
bit, Seven 32 & 64 bit; Firefox v3.0,
3.5, 3.6 on Windows
4 Vehicle cellular service
4 Vehicle GPS satellite signal to
identity location
Send directions to your vehicle’s COMAND® navigation system from a smartphone
or computer. The customer can also copy an address from any electronic document and paste
it into the Send2Benz address search field.
Service Description:
Send2Benz™ allows the customer to remotely send a destination to their Mercedes-Benz
COMAND navigation system. There are four methods customers can use to send destinations
to their vehicles:
• mbrace® Mobile Application (available on the iPhone® and Android™-based devices)
• Search & Send™ (via Google Maps™)
mbrace Mobile Application
When accessing Send2Benz from the mbrace Mobile Application, the customer has the option
to perform the following functions: send their current location, enter a known address, send
an address in their contact book, and search for and send a point-of-Interest (POI) or address.
From the Send2Benz website, the customer can enter a known address to be sent to the vehicle.
Search & Send
4 Remote access from the Internet via
smartphone or computer
Search & Send allows the customer to send a destination or POI to their vehicle using Google
Maps. Once the desired destination is found, the customer enters their mbrace email address
for verification and sends the address to their vehicle.
4 Destinations can be saved in the
vehicle’s COMAND navigation
system for future use
4 Seamlessly integrates a computer
or smartphone with the COMAND
navigation system
#1865 Rev. 06.23.15
Mercedes-Benz mbrace®
POI Search
Manual Address Entry
Current Location
Contact Book
Browser Toolbar
Search & Send
from Google Maps
P* This feature can be performed using a smartphone
and Google Maps. However, it cannot be performed
via the mbrace Mobile Application.
#1865 Rev. 06.23.15
How It Works on the mbrace Mobile Application:
Step 1:
The customer logs in to the mbrace Mobile Application and selects the Send2Benz Icon.
Step 2:
The customer selects the desired method to send a location to their vehicle.
Step 3:
The customer follows the instructions on the mbrace Mobile Application and sends
the destination to their vehicle.
Step 4:
Once the vehicle is started, the customer will receive the POI. For MY2012 and
earlier vehicles, the customer will be required to push the i-Button in their vehicle to
complete the destination download.
Step 5:
Once downloaded, the destination can be saved in the COMAND navigation system,
or the customer can immediately navigate to the destination.