Easi-View - Special Direct

Share work with the whole
class, view 3D objects and take
pictures and videos
Warranty & Support
This product is provided with a one year warranty for problems found during
normal usage. Mistreating the Easi-View or opening the unit will invalidate this
warranty. All out of warranty repairs will be subject to a replacement fee.
Technical Support
Please visit www.tts-group.co.uk for the latest product information.
Email feedback@tts-group.co.uk for technical support.
TTS Group Ltd.
Park Lane Business Park
NG17 9GU, UK.
Freephone: 0800 318686 Freefax: 0800 137525
WARNING: Do not dispose of this product in
household waste. Hand it over to a collection point
for recycling electronic appliances.
TTS is part of the RM group
TTS Group Ltd.,
Park Lane Business Park,
Nottinghamshire, NG17
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Important Information
Easi-View Controls
n Please retain these instructions for future reference, as they contain
important information.
There are three buttons on the base of the Easi-View:
n Do not allow your Easi-View to come into contact with water or other liquids.
n In the event of an electrostatic discharge, your Easi-View may malfunction.
In this case, please unplug and reconnect it to reset it.
Press the
(snapshot) button to take a new picture.
Press the
(lamp) button to turn on the LEDs.
Press the
(focus) button to focus the Easi-View.
Connecting to a PC
Know your Easi-View
• Before connecting the Easi-View to your PC, please first install the
Easi-View software on your computer. It may be necessary to reboot the
PC depending on your operating system.
• Plug the Easi-View into an available USB socket. No external power is
required as the Easi-View is powered by any USB 2.0 port
Installing Easi-View
Software UI
Windows 7 installation
Choose your language and click on
“OK” to continue.
The preview resolution of an image
can be set in the options menu.
Choose a resolution at least as
good as your computer screen.
The preview resolution of an
image can be set in the options
menu. Choose a resolution at least
as good as your computer screen.
Click on “Install” to continue
Taking pictures
To take a picture use the snapshot button on the Easi View or simply
click on the “photo” icon. To view your pictures, select “open my
pictures” in the “View” menu and navigate to the folder which will be
saved in date order.
If the image appears upside down, use the rotate function to flip the
image so it is viewed the right way round.
The software will now install on your
Click on “Yes, I want to restart
my computer now”, to finish the
installation process.
Mac OS installation
To install the Mac OS X version of the software, drag the dmg file from the disk onto
the applications folder.
The Easi View has an autofocus feature. You can re-focus at any time
by clicking on the “focus” icon or on the focus button on the device itself.
Video capture
To capture live video, just click on the “video” icon. The icon will turn red
and you will be asked for confirmation. To stop recording, just click on
the icon once more. In the “capture” menu, there is an option to set the
maximum capture time to prevent very large files being created.
Using Easi-View as a webcam
The Easi-View has a built in microphone and can be used as a web cam with
popular applications such as Skype.
Easi-View is designed to work reliably and predictably in all normal conditions.
However, it is possible that problems may occur. Please check the following
before contacting technical support.
Technical Specification
n 3MP sensor
n Autofocus (10cm minimum)
n 4 x super-bright LEDs
Auto Focus does not function
The PC has an internal web cam. This web cam must
be disabled for your Easi-View to work correctly.
Image is too dark
Press the light button or use an external light source.
Image is blurred
Adjust the height of the item being viewed. Or adjust
the height from which the item is being viewed
Image is blurred
Image is out of focus press the (focus) button to
bring the item into sharper focus. For very feint images,
place some high contrast printed material under the
Easi-View to enable the auto focus to function.
n Flexible 40cm gooseneck
n USB 2.0+ powered