VT28-F - Diesel Parts Direct
Four Stroke Cycle, Turbocharged,
V12 Cylinder Diesel Engine.
Bore and Stroke 140x152 mm (5%x6 in.)
Displacement 28 L (1710 cu. in.)
Oil System Cap. HET (20 U.S, gals.)
Engine Coolant Cap. 112.51 (30 U.S. gals.)
Net Weight with Std. 3 039 kg (6,700 lbs.)
Accessories, Dry
Maximum raw water pressure must not exceed 1 035 kPa
(150 PSI). Minimum acceptable raw water flow at 21°C
(70°F) raw water temperature and 38°C (100°F) ambient air
temperature should be at least 227 L/min. (60 GPM) at the
2100 RPM listed rating. |
Ventilation air required for engine combustion is 802 L/sec.
(1700 CFM) at 2100 RPM rating. This is for engine air com-
bustion only and does not take into consideration additional
air required for normal room cooling.
This symbol on the nameplate means the
U | product is Listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories
® Inc.
This symbol on the nameplate means the
product is approved by the Factory Research
approved Corporation.
This symbol on the nameplate means the
product is Listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories
of Canada.
442 H.P. @ 1460 R.P.M.
534 H.P. @ 1750 R.P.M.
559 H.P. @ 1900 R.P.M.
589 Н.Р. @ 2100 К.Р.М.
All of the above ratings are listed by the following agencies:
Underwriters’ Laboratories
Factory Mutual
Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada
The agency-approved horsepower ratings published are
already derated for fire pump service. The ratings show
horsepower available for driving the fire pump at standard
SAE )1349 conditions of 7521 mm (29.61 in.) Hg barometer
and 25°C (77°F) inlet air temperature (approximate 91.4 m
[300 ft.] above sea level). The only additional deration
necessary is for higher ambient temperatures and elevations
as follows: 3% for each 305 m {1000 ft.) above 91.4 m (300
ft.) and 1% for each 5.6°C (10°F) above 25°C (77°F) in
accordance with National Fire Association Pamphlet No. 20.
Bearings: Replaceable, precision type, steel backed inserts.
Seven main bearings, 146 mm (5.75 in.) diameter, Con-
necting rod bearings 96 mm (3.75 in.) diameter.
Camshaft: Dual camshafts precisely control valve and
injector timing. Lobes are induction hardened for long life.
Fourteen replaceable precision type bushings 51 mm
(2.0 in.) diameter.
Camshaft Followers: Induction hardened, roller type for
long cam and follower life.
Connecting Rods: Drop forged, I-beam section 305 mm
(12 in.) center to center length. Rifle drilled for pressure
lubrication of piston pin. Rod is tapered on piston pin end
to reduce unit pressures. Rods are removable through
Cooling System: Self adjusting belt driven centrifugal water
pump. Large volume water passages provide even flow of
coolant around cylinder liners, valves, and injectors. Dual
modulating by-pass thermostats regulate coolant
temperature. Spin-on corrosion resistors check rust and
corrosion, control acidity, and remove impurities.
Crankshaft: Fully counterweighted high tensile steel forging
with induction hardened fillets and journals.
Cylinder Block: Alloy cast iron with removable wet liners.
Cross bolt support to main bearing cap provides extra
strength and stability.
Cylinder Heads: Alloy cast iron. Each head serves three
cylinders. Drilled fuel supply and return lines. Valve seats
are replaceable corrosion resistant inserts. Valve guides
and cross head guides are replaceable inserts.
Cylinder Liners: Replaceable wet liners dissipate heat faster
than dry liners and are easily replaced without reboring
the block.
Fuel System: Cummins exclusive low pressure PT™ system
with wear compensating pump and integral dual flyweight
governor. Camshaft actuated fuel injectors give accurate
metering and timing. Fuel lines are internal drilled
passages in cylinder heads. Spin-on fuel filter.
Gear Train: Timing gears and accessory drive gears are
induction hardened helical gears driven from crankshaft
and located at front of block.
Lubrication: Large capacity gear pump provides pressure
lubrication to all bearings and oil supply for piston cool-
ing. All pressure lines are internal drilled passages in block
and heads. Oil cooler, full-flow filters, and by-pass filters
maintain oil condition and maximize oil and engine life.
Pistons: Aluminum alloy, cam ground and barrel shaped to
compensate for thermal expansion assures precise fit at
operating temperatures. CeCorr™ grooved skirt finish
provides superior lubrication. Oil cooled for rapid heat
dissipation. Teflon pads on thrust faces minimize liner
vibration and noise. Three compression and one oil ring.
Piston Pins: Full floating, tubular steel retained by snap
rings. 51 mm (2.0 in.) diameter.
Turbocharger: Two top mounted Cummins exhaust gas
driven turbochargers. Turbocharging provides more
power, improved fuel economy, altitude compensation,
and lower smoke and noise levels.
Valves: 48 mm (1.875 in.) diameter poppet type intake and
exhaust valves. Wear resistant face on exhaust valves.
Air Cleaner: Two, 381 mm (15 in.) diameter, dry type,
Belt Guard and Damper Shield: Protection from alternator,
accessory drive, and water pump belts and vibration
Coolant Pump: Belt driven, centrifugal type.
Corrosion Resistor: Fleetguard, mounted, checks rust and
corrosion, controls acidity, and removes impurities from
Electrical Equipment: 24 volt negative ground system.
24 voit starting motor; 24 volt, 18 ampere alternator;
voltage regulator; manually operable contactors; junction
box with enclosed terminal strip.
Engine Support: Pedestal type, front and rear.
Exhaust Manifold: Two, water cooled.
Exhaust Qutlet: 127 mm (5 in.) diameter, 90° elbow.
Filters: Fleetguard. Lubricating oil, full flow, replaceable
paper element type, mounted. Fuel, twin high capacity
replaceable paper element type (primary) and wire
screen/magnetic (secondary).
Flywheel: Machined for stubshaft mounting.
Flywheel Housing: SAE No. O.
Governor: Variable speed type.
Heat Exchanger: Tubular type, mounted, copper-nickel.
Instrument Panel: Mounted. Includes ammeter, hourmeter,
water temperature gauge, lubricating oil temperature
gauge, lubricating oil pressure gauge.
Oil Pan: Cast aluminum, center sump type, 68.1 litre
(18 U.S. gallon) capacity.
Oil Pressure Switch: Provides signal to activate alarm (not
included) tor low oil pressure.
Overspeed Switch: Mounted. Overspeed shutdown with
manual reset, stop crank contacts.
Sight Glass: Shows water level of engine at a glance; made
of heavy duty plastic for shatter protection.
Stubshaft: Mounted on flywheel.
Throttle Control: Hydraulic, with no manual override.
Vibration Damper: Compressed rubber type.
Water Jacket Heater: Mounts on right side of engine;
230 volt, 4000 watt.
Water Temperature Switch: Provides signal to activate
alarm (not included) for high water temperature.
Oil Heater: Mounted in side of oil pan.
Cummins has always been a pioneer in product improvement. Thus specifica-
tions may change without notice Illustrations may include optional equipment.
See specific proposal bill of material for actual equipment being furnished.
Cummins Engine Company, Inc.
Columbus, IN 47202
Bulletin 3380553 Printed in US.A. Rev. 8/85
Engine Data Sheet
Fire Pump Engine Model: VT—1710—F Date: June, 1980 Data Sheet: DS—3555—A
(for listed/approved ratings see tabulation)
General Engine Data
Type: ...... ee eee a, A Cycle;40%Vee;12 Cylinder
Aspiration: ........... oo iii SA Turbocharged
Bore —in.(mm) ............. ete et eee er et eae 5.5 (140)
Stroke — 1 66 (11111) PS RER EN R RR RR RE RER ER R 6 (152)
Displacement — in? (litre). ............_..._e_ecosccarrcrvrarececacareer oca, 1710 (28)
Compression Ratio: ............cceeccoeecorerccocacooreasroeccororcooaecoana 14.1
Valves per Cylinder: — Intake ...........qomewaorcorcrcrservcczoaoavvarceareo 2
| — Exhaust ........_ooeeoorarrrorocavsaronreredooneronao 2
Engine Weight á Center of Gravity (With Standard Accessories)
Reference Installation Diagram ................eeceeeroecscororcococcoro 213137
Dry Weight — Ib. (kg) ...................e.re..0.ccricscoricsocoraaoareaco.. 6700 (3 039)
Wet Weight — Ib. (KG) ..............e.rríesvesccececrerrrrer ee eee 6950 (3 152)
C.G. Distance From F.F.O.B. — in. (mm) ..........._._.ececoccocoacaceoareeoo n.a.
C.G. Distance Above € Crankshaft — in. (Mm) ..............eeeecorcccoueo n.a. |
Maximum Allowable Bending Moment @ Rear Face of Block — Ib.-ft. (Nem)... .. 1000 (1350)
Alr Induction System
Maximum Aliowable Temperature Rise Between Ambient Air and Engine Air Inlet
(Ambients 32°F [0°C]t0 100°F [38°C)) = *F (*C)................ ee... 30 (15)
Maximum Allowable Intake Restriction With a Dirty Air Filter Element —
in. H;O (mm H;O). .............eeeecsoegecrorcarrececarcarecIan racer. 25 (630)
Part Number of Standard Air Filter Element (Dry Туре) ....................... 139264
Lubrication System
Oil Pressure Q Rated 5рееаз — РЗ! (КРа) ....................,..........., 50-90 (340—620)
Oil Flow @ Maximum Rated Speeds (Nominal) — U.S. GPM (litre/s)........... … 60 (3.8)
Oil Pan Capacity (High — Low) U.S. gal. (litre) ................_.eor_enmcconcoo 18—16 (68.0—60.5)
Full Flow Lube Oil Filter Capacity — U.S. gal. (litre)............._—_e.econmoscoa 20 (75.5)
Part Number of Standard Oil Pan ..........._ec_ceeccreocsoococacacoracore, ... 181275
Part Number of Standard Oil Filter Element Cee tetas teste eae LF-516
Application Note: When ambient temperatures will be lower than 70°F (21 °C) an oil heater is required. The
recommended heater wattage for this engine is 600 down to 40°F (4°C).
Cooling System
Heat Exchanger Cooled (Shell & Tube Type)
Part Number of Tube Bundle ............._—ec_c_wcore.ooerecoseorecosrenereo 185671
Raw Water Working Pressure Range at Heat Exchanger — PSI (kPa) ........... 150 (1030) Maximum
Recommended Minimum Water Supply Pipe Size to
Heat Exchanger (Reference Only) — in. (mm) dia. ............._..eeeeeevoe.. 2 (50)
Recommended Minimum Water Discharge Pipe Size From
Heat Exchanger (Reference Only) — in. (mm) dia. ........._.......esovereoo. 2.5 (65)
Coolant Water Capacity (Engine Side) — U.S. gal. (litre) ..............—.w—.—eo. 30 (113)
Standard Thermostat — Type ............._eeeecooe_eeceerceorvececsrntornoo Modulating
— Range — *F (*C)............eoeerecarcarcosne rece. 170—185 (77—85)
Minimum Raw Water Flow with Water |
Temperatures to 90°F (32°C) — Н.5. СРМ (1!ге/з) ......................... 65 (4.1)
Note: Minimum raw water requirement is based on water flow required to minimize tube fouling in the heat
exchanger tube bundle. |
A jacket water heater is mandatory on this engine. The recommended heater wattage is 4000 down to
40°F (4°C).
Exhaust System
Maximum Allowable Back Pressure Imposed by Piping & |
Silencer — in. Hg (mm Hg) ...............eceecevoccacocerecArrorrrrea 3 (75)
Exhaust Pipe Size Normally Acceptable — in. (mm) dia. ............ee.eeevooo 8 (200) Single
| 5 (125) Duai
Fuel System
Supply Line Size — in. (MM) ........._eoeocccoorecrororecorerorarererern eee 0.625 (16) O.D.Tube
Drain Line Size — in. (MM). 2.121222 ea a aa 0 a a 0 ee 0 a ea aa a aa da aan» 0.625 (16) O.D. Tube
Maximum Fuel Line Length Between Supply Tank & Fuel Pump — ft. (m)........ 40 (12)
Maximum Fuel Height Above € Crankshaft — in. (mm) ..........ee_e....ees... 80 (2030)
Part Number of Standard Fuel Filter............000400000 00 ae eee 000 na nan 0 0 BM—91119
Part Number of Standard Fuel FilterElement ................. ccc. FF—108
Maximum Allowable Restriction to Fuel Pump With Dirty Filter — in. Hg (mm Hg) 8 (200) '
Maximum Allowable Return Line Restriction — in. Hg(mmHg) ................ 4 (100)
Electrical System
Battery Voltage ... co iii i it ite it ter tte ee rte ee eae 24
Battery Cable Size (Maximum Cable Length Not to Exceed 10 ft. (3.0 m) AWG) ... 00
Wiring for Automatic Starting (NegativeGround).................... ceva... Standard
Alternator (Standard) 24 Volt, internally Regulated — Ampere .................
Manually Operable Contactors...........Q_oeeeewer_eeccvococoo nocracecos Standard
Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity — Amp-hr. O*F CCA
70*F (21*C) Minimum Temperature ................——e—_eeeenecoreorerecc: 200 900
32 °F (0°C) Minimum Temperature ......000000000000000 0004008 800000040000 260 1290
Reference Wiring Diagram Number .........020200000 000004 aa ane a 00e ess 00000 212461
Performance Data
All data is based on the engine operating with fuel system, water pump, lubricating oil pump, air cleaner, and aiter-
nator; not inciuded are compressor, fan, optional equipment and driven components. Data is based on operation at
SAE standard J816b conditions of 500 feet (150 m) altitude (29.00 in. [736 mm] Hg dry barometer), 85 °F (29°C) intake
air temperature and 0.38 in. (9.6 mm) Hg water vapor pressure, using No. 2 diesel or a fuel corresponding to ASTM D2.
All data is subject to change without notice.
Altitude Above Which Output Should be Limited — ft. (m) .................... 500’ (150m)
Correction Factor per 1000 ft. (300 m) above Altitude Limit. ................. 3%
Temperature Above Which Output Should be Limited — °F(°C) ............... 85 (29)
Correction Factor per 10°F (11°C) Above Temperature Limit ................ 1% (2%)
Listed/Approved Speed Ventilation Air Heat Rejection Heat Rejection ‘ Exhaust Gas Fuel
Ratings PM Req'd. For to Cooling Wster to Ambient Alr* Flow Temp. Consumption
BHP (kW) Combustion BTU/min. (KW) BTU/min. (kW) CFM (litre/s) °F (°C) gel/hr. (litre/h)
589 (439) 2100 1607 (760) 22,365 (391) 2832 (50.0) 3581 (1690) 770 (414) 32.8 (124)
559 (417) 1900 1418 (671) 20,580 (360) 2599 (45.5) 3161 (1492) 770 (414) 30.1 (114)
534 (398) 1750 1234 (584) 19,320 (338) 2435 (42.6) 2804 (1323) 795 (428) 28.2 (107)
442 (330) 1460 893 (422) 16,485 (288) 2012 (35.2) 2048 (967) 805 (433) 23.3 (88.2)
556 (415) 2100 1530 (722) 21,300 (374) 2100 (36.9) 3410 (1610) 765 (407) 32.8 (124)
528 (394) 1900 1350 (637) 19,600 (345) 2000 (35.2) 3010 (1420) 765 (407) 30.1 (114)
504 (376) 1750 1175 (555) 18,400 (324) 1800 (31.6) 2670 (1260) 790 (421) 28.2 (107)
417 (311) 1460 850 (401) 15,700 (276) 1500 (26.4) 1950 (920) 800 (427) 23.3 (88.2)
*Does not include exhaust piping. Fire Pump Engine Model: VT-1710—F
Data Sheet No.: DS-3555—A
Date. June, 1980
Bulletin No.: 3383356
CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY, INC., Columbus, Indiana 47201
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