The next generation of charger ...because life doesn`t stop

The next generation of charger ...because life doesn`t stop
Each kit contains:
• 1 x powermonkey classic
charging unit
• 1 x Universal mains charger which
will work in over 150 countries and
has interchangeable heads for UK,
US/Japan/China, Australia and
• 1 x Retractable USB charging cable
• Nokia & Mini Nokia, Samsung G600,
LG Chocolate and Sony Ericsson
wide connectors
• 1 x mini USB for Motorola RAZR V
series, BlackBerrys and Bluetooth
• 1 x Micro USB for the latest Motorola and Nokia series
x Female USB charging tip for
smart phones, PDAs and other USB
powered devices
• 1 x iPod tip
x DC4.0 connector for Sony PSP
and specific digital cameras
• The lightest, most versatile charger • Emergency power in your pocket
• 10 times more powerful than a conventional battery • Up to 1 year standby charge
Worldwide power solutions for technology that travels
Small, agile and powerful, the revolutionary
powermonkey classic can be left in your bag,
car or desk and will be ready to provide you
with emergency power when you need it most.
To keep the powermonkey classic at full
strength just top up the supply with one of the
included mains chargers and make sure you
have power wherever you are in the world.
• C
ompatible with the majority of standard mobile phones including Nokia & Mini Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens & Sony Ericsson
• U
SB connector powers up iPods and accessories,
MP3 players, PDAs, smart mobile phones, digital cameras,
Bluetooth headsets and many more digital devices
• Small, lightweight design that fits in your pocket
• Re-usable reserve power pack – no batteries required
• Includes mains travel charger for use in 150 countries
110v to 240v
To recharge powermonkey classic
1. Ensure unit is switched off
2. Connect to mains charger
3. LED will turn red
4. When fully charged, LED will turn green
5. Remove from mains charger
Maximum reserve power available:
All iPods – 40 hours
Mobile phones – 96 hours
Digital cameras – 1600 pictures
Two-way radios – 24 hours
PSPs – 5 hours
MP3/MP4s – 6 hours
PDAs – 48 hours
Input Interface:
Input Voltage:
Output Interface:
Output Voltage:
Output Max Current:
Colour available:
DC3.5 x 1.1
5v 500mA
D3.5 x 1.1
silver, black, pink, blue or purple
For customer support please email:
Designed and developed in the UK
Engineered and made in China
Powertraveller Limited
8 Delta Park, Wilsom Road
Alton, Hampshire
Powertraveller is proud to
be supporting the David
Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
- saving critically endangered
mammals in the wild.
Tel: +44 (0)1420 542980
Other connectors available from www.
Imagine you’re on an important business trip
and you’ve left your mobile phone charger at
home, or trekking through Thailand about to
take that life-defining picture and your camera
dies… avoid nightmare scenarios like this with
powermonkey classic’s reserve power supply!
Instructions to charge device:
1. Switch powermonkey classic on
2. Green LED will flash (if red light displays,
powermonkey classic needs to be recharged)
3. Connect to device requiring charging
4. When device is fully charged, remove
powermonkey classic
5. Switch powermonkey classic off when not
in use to conserve power
Designed by MindWorks Marketing T: 0870 777 3 771
powermonkey classic is the essential travel
companion providing portable power for your
gadgets when you need it most.
powermonkey classic™ is the trademark of Powertraveller Limited registered in the UK and Europe
The next generation of charger
...because life doesn’t stop
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