Since 1989
Aqua Logic has designed and
manufactured chillers for more
than 15 years. RELAX...
Aqua Logic’s unsurpassed factory
direct customer service is just a phone
call away. RELAX...
Aqua Logic chillers are known for
quality and manufactured to precise
standards. RELAX...
every Aqua Logic chiller sold is
made in the USA.
8268 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite 302, San Diego, CA 92111 T: 858.292.4773 F: 858.279.0537
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Trimline Chiller
Aqua Logic’s
Cyclone and Delta
Star models are
known worldwide
for quality construction and superior performance.
Manufactured to the
precise standards of
the original models
the new Aqua Logic
Trimline Series uses
the same reliable
components now
in a smaller, more
compact design.
Engineered for the
Trimline Cyclone
home or office where
noise, space and style are
your consideration, the new Trimline is
sure to compliment any room decor.
Delta Star
Both models use the original Titanium helical
coil design developed by Aqua Logic more then
15 years ago, providing the most efficient heat transfer and consistent temperature
control. Titanium is the industries ultimate in corrosion resistance, demanded by
professionals for all saltwater applications. The sleek shape of the chiller has a
brushed stainless steel enclosure and black plastic panel inserts. The Trimeline has
such features as oversized rubber feet and a super quiet Tecumseh compressor to
reduce noise.
The Trimline Cyclone coil size and hose length and the Delta Star inlet and outlet
connections are the same as the original units. All use ozone friendly refrigerant,
remote digital electronic temperature controller, and come with a 2 year warranty
(from date of purchase).
All Aqua Logic products are designed with your marine life in mind. Your fish and
coral matter to you and that means they matter to us. Keep them healthy, disease
free, less stressed and full of natural color. Cyclone and Delta Star, the chillers of
choice. You can rest easier knowing that Aqua Logic’s unsurpassed factory direct
customer service is just a phone call away. Our products are backed by over 15
years of chiller design and manufacturing experience, and still made in the USA.
Note: These units are designed to maintain tanks temperatures between 65–80°F.
Trimline Delta Star Inline Chiller: (with Single Stage Digital Controller)
1/2hp 230V
$1449.99 $135
$1429.99 $135
Additional shipping charges apply.
Trimline Drop-In Cyclone Chiller: (with Single Stage Digital Controller)
1/2hp 230V
$1474.99 $135
$1499.99 $135
Additional shipping charges apply.
Flow Switch
Flow Switches are used to cut off power to
the chiller incase the water flow stops
(such as a pump failure or during
water changes). The Flow Switch
prevents the water inside the chiller
from become frozen and bursting the
pipes: which will damage the chiller
and cause leakage. The Flow Switch
is installed in the plumbing system before
the chiller and the switch is plugged in between the chiller and the controller.
1", 10A, 115V for Chillers up to 1/4hp
1.5", 15A, 115V for Chillers up to 1/2hp
1.5", 20A, 115V for Chillers up to 3/4hp
1.5", 20A, 230V for Chillers up to 1 1/2hp
Cyclone Chiller
The Cyclone Drop-In Coil model is the
premier water chiller for professional
aquarists worldwide. Its unique design
has resulted in one of the most compact
chillers ever built. Since no plumbing is
required, installation is easy.
The remote titanium heat exchanger coil is on a 5-foot flexible insulated line. Just place the coil in an area of a sump, wet/dry
filter, or tank where it will be completely submerged at all times
and get plenty of water flow. The heat exchanger has an “L” configuration with the
helical coil forming the bottom of the “L” and a 7" titanium riser that connects to
the flexible line. The coil diameter for all three sizes is 3" and should be placed in
an area of 4" minimum water depth at all times. The coil and riser cannot be submerged more than 10" below the water at any time.
The helical coil length is 7" for the 1/5 hp, 9" for the 1/4 hp and 10" for the 1/3
hp. The Cyclone is just as efficient as the Delta Star in-line model in cooling fresh
or saltwater aquariums, and it features the same quiet operation. Features ozonefriendly refrigerant, remote digital electronic temperature controller and black ABS
2-year warranty!
Note: These units are designed to maintain tanks temperatures between 65–80°F
with Single Stage Controller
with Single Stage Controller
with Single Stage Controller
with Single Stage Controller
230V with Single Stage Controller
$1449.99 $135
$1439.99 $135
Additional shipping charges apply.
Delta Star Chiller
The Delta Star In-Line
Water Chiller is the workhorse of the aquarium
industry. It operates with the
existing system water pump.
The low-profile, space-saving
design allows for easy placement in tight places. Ultraquiet operation makes it user
friendly and reliable. Water
connections are 3/4" female
pipe thread, compatible with
standard PVC or barb-style
fittings. The inlet is located
below the outlet on the side of
the chiller. Features remote digital
electronic temperature controller, helix
titanium coil, black ABS cover and ozonefriendly refrigerant. Appropriate for fresh or
saltwater aquariums. 2-year warranty!
Note: These units are designed to maintain tanks
temperatures between 65–80°F
1/5hp with Single Stage Controller
1/4hp with Single Stage Controller
1/3hp with Single Stage Controller
1/2hp with Single Stage Controller
1/2hp 230V with Single Stage Controller
3/4hp without Controller
3/4hp 230V without Controller
1hp 230V without Controller
1.5hp 230V without Controller (Contact us for shipping cost)
Upgrade to Dual Staged Aqua Logic Controller (up to 1/3hp only)
Additional shipping charges apply.
2007 Products Catalog Vol.2 |
Current USA Prime Chillers—Mini, Drop-In, Inline & Tower
Current USA’s Prime Aquarium Chiller is the world’s first to offer
a heater and ultraviolet sterilizer as modular upgrades. The Prime
ships standard with the water chiller feature and ports for both
ultraviolet sterilizer and heater upgrades. Integrate the elements
you need and leave out the ones you don’t, for a single system
that will help stabilize things, both in and around your tank.
Current USA developed the Prime Chiller to address two of the
most popular concerns for home aquarists, stress management
for tank inhabitants and preserving space in and around the
aquarium. The result was an integrated water chiller that incorporates the ability for aquarists to upgrade at their pace. Users can
choose to go the full distance or upgrade as their budget allows.
Either option ensures stress relief while preserving precious space.
• Highest BTU rating in the industry.
Prime Mini:
1/15hp (Nano) with Dual Stage Thermostat
1/10hp (Mini) with Dual Stage Thermostat
Prime Drop-In:
1/4hp with Single Stage Thermostat
1/3hp with Single Stage Thermostat
Prime Inline:
1/4hp with Single Stage Thermostat
1/3hp with Single Stage Thermostat
1hp with Single Stage Thermostat
1/4hp with Single Stage Thermostat with TXV*
1/3hp with Single Stage Thermostat with TXV*
1/4hp with Dual Stage Thermostat
1/3hp with Dual Stage Thermostat
8W UV Sterilizer Upgrade for Prime Chiller
15W UV Sterilizer Upgrade for Prime Chiller
Additional shipping charges apply.
Additional shipping charges apply.
Additional shipping charges apply.
*Thermal Expansion Valve
• Removes clutter. Integrated design.
• Ultra-quiet motor.
• Fan cooled for maximum efficiency and life.
• All units include ABS cover & digital temperature controller.
Prime Tower:
1/4hp with Single Stage Digital Temp Controller
1/3hp with Single Stage Digital Temp Controller
IceProbe Aquarium Chiller
Additional shipping charges apply.
MicroChiller Aquarium
The IceProbe is the ideal cooling solution for
small aquariums. This quiet, reliable, and
efficient chiller uses advanced thermoelectric technology to directly convert electricity
into cooling power. With its threaded probe,
nylon nut, and silicon washer, the IceProbe
can be easily bulkheaded through a 1.25"
hole. A single IceProbe can cool 10gal of
water 6–8°F below ambient air temperature
in a standard aquarium. Multiple IceProbes
can be used in a single aquarium to achieve
higher temperature differentials. The
IceProbe provides continuous chilling power.
A separate temperature controller must be
used to turn the device on or off at predetermined temperatures.
Proportional Thermoelectric Controller
Add-On Module
with Gamma Lamp
The MicroChiller provides a cooling solution
for nano-reef tanks and other small aquariums. It also increases the flow of water in
the tank that is necessary for the healthy
growth of the coral. The MicroChiller uses
solid-state heat pump technology, so there
are no messy freon leaks or compressors
that make irritating noises. Since it has so
few moving parts it will provide trouble-free
operation for many years. This compact
chiller can bring down the temperature in a
10 gallon aquarium up to 4–6°
Proportional Thermoelectric Controller
2007 Products Catalog Vol.2 |
JBJ Arctica Titanium & Nano/Mini Arctica Chillers
JBJ Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chillers
JBJ Nano & Mini Arctica Chillers
Gigantic News for Nano Hobbyists!
Enhancing the Nano-Experience
JBJ introduces the revolutionary
NANO & MINI Arctica Chillers!
Finally, there is a REAL long-term
solution for heat concerns in Nano
environments with amazing cooling
capabilities beyond thermal-electric
and fans, that produce less than
minimal results.
Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chillers are state-of-the-art aquarium coolers incorporating the most advanced technological features compared to any other chiller on the
market. Many years of research and development have allowed us to offer the perfect
solution to stabilize water temperatures for your aquarium environment. These units
have been designed for maximum temperature pull-down (BTUs) with the least
amount of energy draw.
• Titanium Heat Exhanger: Unique titanium coil design allows for maximum contact
exposure. The absolute best element for heat exchange on the market.
• Condenser Layout: Condenser is located on the front side of the chiller. This design
draws cool air from the front and exhausts the warm air out the back. This new
take the chiller apart.
• Energy Efficiency: Provide the best BTU (British Thermal Units) heat removal
capacity with the lowest amperage draw. More electricity savings.
• Full Auto Digital Temperature Control System: This built-in thermostat will automatically control your desired set temperature within +1/-1°F. Includes a bright
light LCD that can actually be read day or night.
• Lowest Noise and Vibration Level: You will be amazed at how quiet these units
are for chillers. Definitely a big plus for hobbyists who have aquariums located in
living rooms.
• Small Footprint: Most of the models are no bigger that a standard desktop com• Side Handles: ABS Molded handles allow for easy lifting and moving.
• Refrigerant: Uses ozone friendly refrigerant (R-134A)
• Volts: 115
Flow Rate (gph)
(W x D x H)
DBA-075 1/10
9.8" x 16.5" x 18.5"
9.8" x 16.5" x 20.9"
9.8" x 16.5" x 20.9"
13.7" x 15.7" x 17.7"
Quiet... Please
We know noise is a concern, so we’ve designed the chiller with that in mind. The
Nano & Mini Arctica Series have the lowest noise and vibration level in its’ class.
Dial In
Is equipped with an integrated analog temperature controller and probe with a +/1°F differenece from the set point. Simply turn the dial to your desired temperature
setting and our controller will do the rest.
Temperature Setting Range: 73°F–81°F
Style & Elegance
Designed for in-home use, with a contemporary style and luxury finish. An added
welcome to any room in the house without the commercial look.
• All chillers include build-in temperature controller
Screening Process
All chillers require clean air flow to achieve optimal efficiency, we’ve now made it
easier with a removal screen for quick and easy cleaning.
Stay Alert
Controllers are equipped with a malfunction ALARM system. A visible LED signals
any problems with the chiller’s performance.
puter. This compact size allows placement without a large designated area.
A Tradition of Excellence
You can be rest assured that this
smaller compact version incorporates the same high performance
and reliable day to day operations
as our # 1 selling aquarium chillers, commercial chillers, and custom OEM projects with the premium Arctica branded name.
A New Generation
The industry’s first Nano Chiller that utilizes a nano compressor for maximum cooling
capacity. The Arctica Nano & Mini chillers simply put, OUTPERFORM thermal electric/peltier equipment since it utilizes R-134-A refrigerant gas to drop temperatures
with ease. Truly the BENCHMARK of mini chillers!
standard will also direct access to clean the condenser grill without any tools to
The Arctica Chillers are offered in
(2) models: The Nano-Arctica handles up to 25g & the Mini-Arctica
handles up to 40g aquariums.
Don’t be fooled by the smaller size.
These are driven by energy efficient
1/15 Hp compressors that can
drop temperatures beyond anything
comparable in the market!
Size Matters
The smallest footprint in the Arctica Line-up. The Nano & Mini Series only require a
7.72” x 12.6” space for placement.
HP: 1/15
Power: 115V (1PH, 60Hz)
Refrigerant: R-134a
Heat Exchanger: Titanium
Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.6” x 7.72” x 14.1”
Weight: 28.66lbs
Additional shipping charges apply.
$269.99 $11
$339.99 $12
Additional shipping charges apply.
2007 Products Catalog Vol.2 |
Jager Submersible Heaters
250W 17"
200W 15"
150W 13"
100W 12"
75W 10"
50W 9"
TI-Heater/IC Titanum Heater
A. Jager Heater Holder
• Controlled by micro computer with high
precision of +/- 1°F
• Chemical resistance of titanium is very
good against sodium chloride (NaCl)SALTWATER
• Aquarium IC thermostat uses IC to control
the heater to adjust desired aquarium
• Titanium heating tube
• Two models to choose from; with or
without digital display
• Fully submersible
• High efficiency
• Non-breakable
MP-Heater/Built in Micro
Processor Heater
Double Suction Cup
B. Jager Airstones
ViaAqua Aquarium Glass Heaters
iaAqua glass heaters incorporate the best technology and electronic components to date
• Safe and reliable in both fresh and salt
water aquariums
• Adjustable temperature setting
• Easy to read temperature indicator
• Compact design
300W 14"
250W 12"
200W 12"
150W 10"
100W 10"
75W 8"
50W 8"
ViaAqua Aquarium Titanium Heaters
• Incorporate the best technology
and electronic components to date
• Safe and reliable in both fresh and
salt water aquariums
• Adjustable temperature setting;
Easy to read temperature indicator
• Compact design
Pro-Heat Titanium IC Heaters
Fish Cue TI/MP Heater
Jager took their already superior heater and made it better.
Jager’s All New TS Series heaters are completely waterproof,
submersible and perfect for
fresh or saltwater use. A heavy
duty 2mm thick shock resistant
Pyrex glass construction is
twice as thick as most other
heaters and far stronger.
The temperature is adjustable from 64°F and 94°F
with an easy to adjust thermostat. Precision bi-stable
thermostat with an impressive +/- 0.5° accuracy. Free
from radio and TV interference.
6" double insulated power
cord included. The heaters are
certified to CSA-C22.2 and
approved to UL 1018.
• Controlled by microprocessor with high precision of
+/- 0.5°F tolerance
• Made up of 2mm quality quartz crystal allowing
endurances up to 1,000 °F
• Only heater with built-in relay to filter ElectroMagnetic-Interference
• Digital LED Display that lights up so you can
see it even in the dark
• Fully submersible; 100% waterproof
• MP heaters are built with rock-solid foundations
from top to bottom for reliability.
150W IC Titanum Heater
250W IC Titanum Heater
150W IC Titanum Heater,
LED Display Type
250W IC Titanum Heater,
LED Display Type
100W Built in Micro Processor Heater
• Titanium heating tube
• Fully submersible
• Automatic protection mechanism activates when sensor wiring is disconnected or shorted
• Double protection tube
• Very durable and reliable
• Safe and easy to operate
• Thermostat uses IC (Integrated Circuit) to control the
heater to adjust desired aquarium temperature.
• Operating temperature range: 60–93°F
• Ideal for saltwater and freshwater
• Chemical resistance of titanium to saltwater is
extremely high.
• Controlled by micro computer with high precision of
100W 11"
75W 10.25"
50W 10.25"
Hydor THEO Submersible
Aquarium Heaters
­Pro-Heat II Titanium IC Heaters
he indicating controller has “HEATER” and
“POWER” indicator lights
• Actual water temperature is clearly shown via a digital LCD display
• Titanium heating tube offers excellent chemical resistance in both saltwater and freshwater.
• 6" heavy duty power cord permits easy installation
• The heating tube unit is completely
submersible for both saltwater
or freshwater aquariums
• The heating tube unit
can be mounted
either vertically or
• Heavy duty, heat and
shock resistant
• Unbreakable titanium tube
• Full one-year warranty
• Controlled by micro computer
with high precision of ±1°F
• Operating temperature range:60–93°F
• Chemical resistance of titanium to saltwater
is extremely high.
Digital LCD Display!
1000W 15"
TO ORDER CALL 714.385.0080 or E-MAIL
The Hydor THEO Heater line features PTC patented
thermal technology which makes it among the safest aquarium heater lines on the market. UL listed
by design, not by the use of accessories. Made from
specially engineered shatterproof glass which, while not
unbreakable, is designed to resist breakage in most normal aquarium situations. Highly accurate due to the use
of precise micro-switch technology. For use in freshwater
and marine aquariums.
The 25W/50W & 100W/150W models, at 7" and 8.9"
respectively, are among the smallest sized heaters on
the market. The Theo ‘minimum water line’ requirement must be followed for proper operation.
400W 15.5"
300W 15.5"
200W 12"
150W 12"
100W 8.9"
50W 7"
Hydor Hydrokable Cable
Heating System
Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater
The Hydor Hydrokable Heating Cable is a versatile
substrate heater designed for use in aquariums and terrariums. Ideal for use completely submerged or in a dry
habitat. The Hydrokable is best used with the Hydor
Hydroset for precise temperature control. Use of the
Hydroset allows the Hydrokable to be used to stimulate
specific plant growth cycles as well as to meet specific
reptile heating requirements.
• Cable produced in sylicone with double insulation
• Exceptional thickness, 0.2" diameter
• Total safety
• Wide range of power ratings available to suit all
aquarium size
Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year from date of purchase.
The Hydor Mini Heater is specially designed for small
aquariums and fish bowls up to 5 gallons.
Easy installation and quick maintenance. Perfect for
mini-tanks due to very compact size. Safe and reliable thanks to the patented PTC (Positive Thermal
Coefficient) film heating element. Ideal for use in glass
or acrylic tanks. The Mini Heater can be completely
buried within the gravel if desired. As with any heating device, it is recommended that the temperature be
monitored by the use of a thermometer. If the ambient
room temperature rises above 76°F or other preferred
temperature, simply remove or unplug the heater until
needed again. For use in freshwater and marine aquariums.
• Extra small: easy to hide in mini-tanks and bowls
• Extra safe even under gravel
• Completely submersible, ideal for use in both glass
and acrylic tanks
• Helps increase by a few degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit
the water temperature of mini-aquariums compared
to the ambient/room temperature where
it is positioned
• No damage if left running dry
Mini Heater
Tunze Substrate Heating Cable
Hydor Hydroset Electronic
The Hydor Hydroset Electronic Thermostat regulates
the temperature of aquariums when used with the
appropriate heating device. The Hydroset is equipped
with an independent heating probe that works in
water or air, which is ideal for aquariums. Reliable and
easy to use. Ideal for use with the Hydrokable Cable
Heaters. Simply attach the appropriate heating device,
set the desired temperature, and the Hydroset regulates
the heating device by the use of accurate electronic
• Setting of temperature controlled by an electronic
circuit for increased accuracy
• Connects to any heating cable; For devices up to 300W
• Uses a temperature control dial for temperature setting
Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year from date of purchase
Thermostat Controller with #HD03203
Digital Display
Thermostat Controller
Hydor ETH In-Line External
• No temperature controller required
• Includes heating cable, suction holders & transformer
• Designed to keep the substrate warm; Cannot heat
the entire aquarium. Additional heater is necessary
The heating cable is operated with 24V safety extralow voltage and is plastic sheathed. It is laid on the
aquarium floor by means of well sticking suction
devices and consists of a warm and a cold cable section. The cold cable section has a length of 78.7" (2m)
and is connected to the safety transformer.
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years from date of purchase.
Capacity (gal)
Warm Cable
Suction Cup
20 pcs
20 pcs
10 pcs
80W (7028.80)
40W (7028.40)
20W (7028.20)
The Hydor ETH In-Line External Heater is
designed for vertical use in most aquarium
applications involving water hose of the
specified diameter. The ETH must be used
in a vertical manner for correct operation.
The most common application is for use
with canister filters, however the ETH is
easily adapted for use in almost any situation where heated aquarium water is
required, such as with wet/dry sump pumps. The ETH
is easily installed by cutting the tubing and connecting the two parts of the tube to each side of the ETH.
For reduced maintenance, it is recommended that the
ETH be installed within the filter’s output assembly. As
most canister filters are not designed to bear weight, it
is recommended that the ETH be properly supported
by the use of the attached loop to avoid stress on the
output assembly.
The ETH is completely safe and UL listed. There is
no danger of damage if the ETH is left running dry for
short periods as the ETH will switch itself off in that
event. The ETH heats with high efficiency by means of
an internal heat pump system that avoids temperature
variations. For use in freshwater and marine aquariums. Fits most canister filters such as the Hydor Prime,
the Rena Filstar, Eheim canisters, and the Hagen Fluval
canisters with the use of a short section of tubing to
complete the connection.
300W 5/8"
200W 5/8"
200W 1/2"
Chillers are by far the best method of cooling an
aquarium. Chillers are basically heat exchangers. Most
chillers use titanium coils and a refrigerant to cool the
water as it passes by the coils. There are two main
types of chillers available on the market today, inline
and drop-in. The inline chillers require water to be
pumped through the unit. The cooling of the water
will occur within the coils located inside the chiller.
These chillers can be placed anywhere in relationship
to the tank. For example the chiller can be placed
outdoors (in a protected shelter), in a garage or in
a different room as long as the user is able to pump
water into the unit. The drop-in chillers have the titanium coils external to the actual unit. The coils need
to be placed into the sump where water can pass by
the coils to be cooled. The advantage to this type of
a chiller is there is no plumbing needed, so it is very
simple to install. One of the disadvantages of the unit
is it needs to be placed right next to the sump as the
coils and flexible refrigeration line coming from the
chiller are normally around 3-5 feet long.
Whether the inline or drop-in chiller works best for
you, it is important to allow plenty of ventilation
around either unit. The chillers will give off heat while
they are cooling the water. If the chiller is placed in a
closed area, such as a closet or aquarium stand with
out any opening, the unit will not be able to chill
properly and could add extra heat to the tank.
Also it should be noted that chillers will require a
temperature controller to function. Some units come
with built in temperature controllers while others have
external or remote controllers.
2007 Products Catalog Vol.2 |
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