Voice controlled portable Bluetooth hands-free kit

Voice controlled
portable Bluetooth
hands-free kit
Control the MINIKIT Neo by voice: make and receive calls without touching any buttons.
Say the key word ‘MINIKIT’ at any time to trigger the voice recognition, and then say the
name of the contact you wish to call. When receiving a call, just say ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’. The kit
recognizes any voice without training.
Automatically activated
The kit integrates a vibration
sensor to automatically switch
on when you get in your car.
When you leave the car, the
MINIKIT Neo automatically
enters Ultra Low Power Mode.
All your contacts on your kit
Synchronization with your
phonebook is automatic and
all menus are vocal so you can
stay focused on driving.
Great sound quality
The NXT flat panel
technology provides a crystal
clear sound. Combined
with a strong amplifier, the
Minikit Neo delivers a 3W
powerful sound. Digital Signal
Processing provides drastic
noise reduction and strong
echo cancellation.
Connect two phones at once
The MINIKIT Neo features
Multipoint, allowing it to
connect to two phones
simultaneously. Thanks to the
Switch function, you can also
use both phonebooks to make
Listen to your music
The MINIKIT Neo features
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
(A2DP). You can listen to all
your music on your phone
and benefit from the voice
commands of your navigation
app directly on your kit.
Hours of conversation
The MINIKIT Neo is able
to work for up to 10 hours
in conversation. Enjoy six
months of standby with
Ultra Low Power Mode. The
MINIKIT Neo will tell you the
remaining battery time vocally
upon request.
Simple pairing
The MINIKIT Neo will vocally
guide you through the entire
pairing process. Once your
phone is paired, the Bluetooth
connection with the kit is
absolutely automatic. If you
have a NFC- compatible phone,
all you have to do is hold it to
the MINIKIT Neo to connect.
Easy update
Benefit from new features or
change the language of your
MINIKIT Neo by downloading
new software versions for
free. To update, just drag n’
drop the software file on the
MINIKIT Neo’s folder on your
Compact and sleek design
The MINIKIT Neo combines
the best of technology in a
compact and stylish design.
The integrated clipping system
is compatible with all sunvisors and can be reversed
easily with only one hand
when you fold or unfold the
sun visor.
Voice controlled
portable Bluetooth
hands-free kit
for mobile phone
for Smartphone
for iPhone
Technical specifications
- Dual Mode (Multipoint):
simultaneous connection
of two Bluetooth phones
- Number of contacts : 2,000
per phone – Total of 20,000
contacts maximum per
- Language : one language
per version
- Pairing capacity : maximum of
10 devices per MINIKIT Neo
- Battery : Lithium Ion –
- Battery life : over 10 hours
in conversation, over 15 days
in stand-by, over 6 months in
ultra low power mode
- Charging time : 3 hours
maximum – 5V / 500mA
- Easy Pairing Process and
NFC tag
- Automatic connection
by pairing order
- Software update via USB port
- 1 button On / Off /
Battery level
- 3 buttons Operation,
including one rotary knob
- 3 LEDs (green and red),
including one for battery
- Green button : answer, call a
contact from the phonebook,
initiate voice recognition,
confirm, private mode
- Red button : hang up, cancel,
exit menus
- Rotary knob : access the
menus, adjust the volume,
send DTMF signal
- SIP6 processor at 416 MHz
- Flash memory : 128MB (1Gb)
- RAM memory : 32MB
(256Mb) – DDR
- 3W speaker
- Full duplex
- Built-in multidirectional
- Output via NXT vibrating
- HDR < 1%
- Noise reduction : Parrot NR
- Echo cancellation : Parrot
APA v1.5
- Voice prompts for all menus
- Speaker Independent Voice
- Natural Text-To-Speech
(reads the names in the
Dimensions & weight
- Length : 94 mm – 3.70 in
- Width : 54 mm – 2.12 in
- Thickness : 39 mm – 1.53 in
- Weight : 69 g – 2.43 oz
- Bluetooth v3.0
- Profiles :
HFP 1.6 (Hands Free Profile),
A2DP (Advanced Audio
Distribution Profile), PBAP
(Phone Book Access Profile)
- Other synchronization
protocols : SyncML – Synchro
AT – Synchro Nokia
- Bluetooth range : 10 meters
max. – 30 feet max.
- Pairing code : ‘0 0 0 0’ by PIN
code – No pairing code with
NFC tag
Package content
1x Parrot MINIKIT Neo
1x USB / micro-USB cable
1x 12/24V accessory socket
charger – USB out
1x Quick Start Guide
The Bluetooth wireless technology enables voice and data to be sent via a shortdistance radio link. It connects a wide range of
electronic equipment without requiring additional cables. Furthermore, it extends the communication possibilities for mobile
phones and a large number of devices.
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