HeatSeal® Ultima®
EZLoad® 12” Format
Roll Laminator
HeatSeal® Ultima 35® EZLoad®
The HeatSeal® Ultima 35® EZLoad® is the
next generation of roll laminating machines. The
patented EZLoad design makes loading film
quick and easy by simplifying and reducing
film-loading time and preventing users
from loading the film upside-down
eliminating costly service calls.
• Continuous lamination
allows multiple piece
feed back to back and
processing of legal size
• 1 minute warm-up time
• Auto shut-off turns off after 1 hour of non-use
• Integrated trimmer
• Reverse switch
• Small footprint
This machine is packed with features
including a thickness range of
1.7 mil to 5 mil NAP II film, one-minute
warm-up and more. The Ultima® 35
EZLoad roll laminator provides crystal clear
lamination everytime.
HeatSeal®/Ultima® 65
Tabletop Roll Laminator
Ultima® 65
•Most popular 27”
roll laminator on
the market.
The Ultima 65 is the most popular, easy-to-use
roll laminator on the market. This 27” tabletop
laminator is perfect for a variety of
applications. The Ultima 65 is an ideal
solution to preserve posters, banners,
tradeshow graphics, blueprints, maps, and
more. Uses Ultima 65, a high quality, crystal
clear film that ensures quality performance.
Features include: Simple keypad with variable
temperatures and speed, easy film loading, reverse
mode for jam release, stand-by mode, auto shut off,
retractable trim blade and ready signal.
Catena Series
Moerate Production Roll Laminators
Designed to encapsulate and mount prints from
color printers and copiers, the Catena Series
provides a simple way to finish your full-color
digital output. These models feature heated
rollers that can also run pressure-sensitive
films for moderate laminating production.
This compact laminator is designed
to provide safe and convenient
lamination in offices and small print
shops producing 8.5” x 11” prints.
CATENA 65 & 105
When productivity and profit count the most, the
Catena 65 and 105 meet the requirements of your more
demanding jobs. These larger units are able to handle a
wider variety of applications including standard poster-sized prints.
Catena Series
Moderate Production
Roll Laminators
•Models for
sizes from
8.5’ x 11”
to postersized prints.
Pinnacle 27 EZLoadTM
Roll Laminator
up to 27”
HeatSeal® H600pro
If you’re looking for a professional system that can
handle laminating projects up to 13” wide, the
H600pro is for you. It’s ideal for all of your
presentations, signs, menus and certificates. And,
with six speeds and four rollers, you’ll get bubble-free
results every time.
Features: High-performance digital display features
temperature and speed controls, laminates up to .10”
thick mounting boards, one-touch keypad with LCD
readout, adjustable temperature with cooling fans,
variable speed controls, reverse switch, hot or cold
•Laminates graphics up to
18” wide
•Hot or cold
H700pro 18”
Pouch Laminator
Pinnacle 27 EZLoadTM 27” Roll Laminator
The Pinnacle 27 EZLoad™ is a versatile 27” wideformat laminator perfect for laminating
presentations, signs, charts, large photos
& more. The patented EZLoad film loading
method makes loading film foolproof.
And AccuTherm™ heating technology
provides the most consistent lamination
quality with the highest clarity, even on
long runs. Uses NAP I hi melt or NAP II lo
melt film. Great for banners posters and
school projects.
Features: Fast warm up time of less than ten minutes,
integrated temperature gauge/ footage counter and
built-in horizontal trimmer. Film up to 3 mil thick.
13” Pouch
graphics up
to 13” wide
18” Professional Pouch Laminator
This versatile, high-volume system is perfect for
offices that need to laminate large items, such as
banners, posters and mounted signs up to 18”
wide. It has nine speeds and four rollers,
so you’re sure to get the smoothest, cleanest results.
Features: Digital display with pre-set
modes, finger-tip speed and temperature
controls, laminates mounting boards up to
10” thick, one-touch keypad with LCD readout,
adjustable temperature with cooling fans,
variable speed, reverse switch and hot or
cold lamination.
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