Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
Sophos Access Points
UTM Wireless Protection simplifies the operation of secure and reliable
wireless networks. It combines affordable and configuration-less access
points through a built-in wireless controller in the in Sophos UTM. The
wireless controller itself centrally manages all wireless access points, all
you need to do is plug in the device anywhere in your network. The access
point will find the controller, fetch its configuration and become operable
within seconds. In addition, it easily provides wireless guest Internet access
during the initial setup, unless you explicitly deny automatic configuration.
Scope of Supply: Sophos AP10
Security Notes and
Regulatory Compliance
Sophos Access Points
Sophos AP10
Security Notes
Power supply
Detachable dipole antenna Ethernet cable
Scope of Supply: Sophos AP30
Security Notes and
Regulatory Compliance
Sophos Access Points
Sophos AP30
Security Notes
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
injector + power cord
2 screws and dowels
Ethernet cable
Scope of Supply: Sophos AP50
Security Notes and
Regulatory Compliance
Sophos Access Points
Sophos AP50 Security Notes Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
injector + power cord
2 detachable antennas Ethernet cable
Mount the Access Points according to their intended use
and update the UTM appliance.
AP 30
All access points can be put on a stable horizontal surface or can be
mounted on the wall. The Sophos AP30 can also be mounted on the ceiling.
Please update your UTM appliance to the latest version available. Sophos
UTM version 7.508 (or higher) is required to use UTM Wireless Protection.
Note that you also need a valid UTM Wireless Protection subscription to
operate the Sophos Access Points.
Sophos Access Points Quick Start Guide
Connect the Access Point
to the Internal Network
The AP30 and AP50 are powered directly through the Ethernet interface
(Power over Ethernet). It is also possible to realise the power supply by a
PoE-enabled switch.
Please also note the details about the PoE injectors given in the
accompanying Operating Instructions.
Connect the Access Point
to the Power Supply
Connect the device to the power supply. Please use the power supply found
in the scope of supply.
Start the Communication between the
Access Point and the UTM Appliance
When connected to the network, the Access Points will try to receive an IP
address via DHCP. Therefore, you need either the UTM appliance (with a
DHCP server enabled and listening on the interface the Access Points are
connected to) or any other DHCP server to provide an IP address for the
Access Points.
After successfully receiving an IP address, the Access Points will
communicate with the UTM appliance. For this to happen, the UTM appliance
needs to be situated in the upstream of the Access Points, either being the
default gateway of the Access Points (which was provided by the DHCP
service) or on the default route (most likely your route to the Internet).
Please note that the actual Internet access is not necessary to use UTM
Wireless Protection. While waiting for DHCP and searching for the UTM
appliance, the Access Point power LEDs will blink slowly.
Enable UTM Wireless Protection
on the UTM Appliance
In the WebAdmin, navigate to the new Wireless Protection menu entry. On
the Global Settings tab, click the Enable button. When enabling Wireless
Protection for the first time, the Initial Setup frame will appear.
It shows the configuration which will be created: A separate Wireless “Guest”
network using WPA2 personal with DHCP for wireless clients, which will be
allowed to use DNS on the UTM appliance and the “Web Surfing” service.
The pre-shared key is auto-generated and will only be shown in this section.
This configuration is intended as a template, you can edit the settings at any
time on the Wireless Protection > Wireless Networks tab. You can also skip
the initial setup by ticking the checkbox on the bottom of the section.
Sophos Access Points Quick Start Guide
Sophos Access Points Quick Start Guide
In the Access Control section, you need to add at least one network interface
to the Allowed interfaces field. By clicking on the folder icon on the top right,
you can select the interface(s) by which the Access Points connect to the
UTM appliance and drag it into the input field. By clicking the Apply button,
the configuration will be saved and take effect.
Accepting the Access Points
The UTM appliance will start to communicate with the Access Points and
they will show up as “Pending” on the Wireless Protection > Access Points
tab of the WebAdmin. The ID of the Access Points, shown in square brackets,
is also printed on the bottom of the device. It can be used to distinguish
the Access Points. By clicking the Accept button, you are given the option
to select the channel this Access Point will transmit on. When leaving the
channel setting on "Auto," the Access Point will use the least used channel.
We also suggest giving the Access Point a meaningful location (e.g., “Meeting
Room”) as this will ease handling multiple Access Points. After clicking the
Save button, the Access Points will reboot.
For ease of administration, you can enter a location for each Access Point.
You can also change the channel here. When leaving the channel on Auto,
the Access Point will automatically transmit on the least used channel. Click
the Edit button to make changes on an Access Point.
Upon reconnect, the Access Points check if a more recent Access Point
firmware is available. If so, they will automatically perform a firmware
update. During the firmware update, the Access Points power LED will blink
rapidly. Do not unplug the power while the firmware is updating. The Access
Points will then reboot to complete the firmware update.
If no new firmware is available, the Access Points are operational and show
up as “Active” in the WebAdmin.
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