X1M 白金版

X1M 白金版 [V3.01b]
By XG Radio team
TX (For open version): 0.1-30MHz
Work mode: SSB (A3J)
CW (A1)
Receiver sensitivity: better than 0.45uV
RF power output: ≥4.5W
Frequency stability: better than 0.5ppm
Operated voltage: 10.0-13.0V DC
RX/Standby Current: 0.5A
Transmitting current:1.8A Max
Size: 97*40*155(mm)
This transceiver can be connected with HAM RADIO
DELUXE software, A built-in CAT interface makes the
X1M also suitable for automatic logging and control.
The serial interface (9pin Sub-D) on the rear supplies
TTL level(!) signals. An optional interface provides a
level converter to RS-232 levels. The interface emulates
an Icom radio (IC-718) and can therefore be used with
almost any logbook program.
The receiver sensitivity is better than 0.45 µV.
Menu info.
Function keys F1—F5, commanding parts is 4 group
menus which switched by frequency key
1-set menu description:
Please be attention to the following tips:
1. Pls not Connect serial interface or USB serial
interface directly with the DB9 interface which
on the rear of this transceiver, this is because
that the DB9 interface also worked as signal
output interface and have voltage.
2. Only to be opened and repaired by the
professionals, when open, pls remember the
positive and negative pole of the electric
Power cable:
Inner cords is for positive pole,outdoor rubber is for
negative pole
3-set menu description:
PRE:open the preamp. When open it ,the white dot
TS+ :Frequency Step turn left;
MD:Mode。When enters it’ll comes out LSB-USB-CW ;
A=B:make the setup of VFOA,VFOB same;
TS-:Frequency Step turn right;
2-set menu description:
V/M:Frequency mode or Channel mode;
MC:under channel mode, empty the channel capacity;
V>M:When channel capacity empty, save the setup
frequency, mode and other info in this channel.
will change into a solid one;
ATT:open the pre-fader. This machine model don’t
have it;
SPL:open the different frequency transceiver.
4-set menu description:
RIT:frequency little adjustment
MUT:System Beep Mute
KYR:Key mode (manual operation、automatic,left
hand& right hand mode)
LK/SYS:short press to lock the keyboard and frequency menu,as can be seen the lock mark in the right upper of the
LCD display;Extended press to enter into the menu set.
Press and hold “LK/SYS” for 2s,enter into the menu set, choose and confirm the set function menu by Rotary encoder,
after entering into the set program, then can press the F1 or F5 to choose the item, can change the parameter
number through the rotary encoder.
set up the intermediate frequency
02.LSB BFO: set up the LSB mode and BFO mode
03.USB BFO:set up the USB mode and BFO frequency
04.CW BFO: set up the CW mode and BFO mode
05.CW TONE:in CW mode the DTMF tone
06.CW TDLY: CW transceiver delay
07. KYR SPD:A-Key Speed Automatic keyer mode bitrate adjustment
Transmitting time set
09.BRITNES:screen intensity setting
10.CNTRST: Screen contrast setting
11.FBND TX:Forbid to transmit within non-amateur frequency scale
12.DDS CLK:DDS clock setting
13.DDS MLT:RCLK Ratio DDS frequency setting
14.RST ALL: Reset
All. Thanks for reading.