(FM8) JLR_HB_210_ENG
Land Rover have no control over the operation
or format of security cameras and therefore
cannot guarantee their operation.
The Land Rover VentureCam system consists
of one or more VentureCam units, a docking
station, an antenna and a touch screen.
VentureCam is a wireless real time motion
camera, that transmits in colour.
The VentureCam is charged in a docking
station in the upper glovebox. VentureCam can
also be used as a torch.
When the VentureCam is docked again a green
halo around the LAND ROVER button flashes
momentarily to indicate that a good electrical
connection has been established.
The camera is of a robust construction and is
able to operate up to 30 metres (98 ft) away
from the vehicle, but this will depend on the
prevailing conditions. Environment and
buildings may have an effect.
Up to 16 VentureCam units can be linked to the
system. These mini cameras are a form of
close circuit television viewed through the
touch screen in either full screen or reduced
screen mode. You can view all cameras linked
by using the scroll soft keys on the touch
The camera mounts can be attached to any
suitable surface.
This gives the user a wide variety of possible
locations where the VentureCam units can be
The touch screen allows you to control the
VentureCam units, selecting which one to view
and to determine if the batteries are charged.
VentureCam will receive other video signals on
the 2.45GHz frequency.
This is an open band frequency so if, for
example, you have a home security camera,
you may be able to select and view its signal by
selecting the channel it is broadcasting on.
Note: Land Rover VentureCam uses the same
frequencies as some TV, WiFi and Bluetooth®
devices. If interference with the image is
observed, re-selecting the VentureCam will
select a quieter channel.
Please note that for this reason, the operation
of a Land Rover integrated Bluetooth® phone
system is inhibited when the Land Rover
VentureCam system is active.
(FM8) JLR_HB_210_ENG
To remove a VentureCam from the docking
station, push it lightly towards the facia. This
releases the latching mechanism allowing the
unit to be removed from the housing.
VentureCam is only to be used as a driving
aid. It must not be used in a way that could
distract the driver.
Take care when manoeuvring.
Always obey traffic regulations.
VentureCam must not be left loose in the
vehicle. It must be docked in the docking
station or stowed securely when not in use. In
the event of an accident, unsecured items
become flying missiles, capable of causing
serious injury.
Do not place objects other than a Land Rover
VentureCam into the docking station.
Do not allow the red torch illumination to face
towards oncoming traffic when used on
public roads.
Always mount a VentureCam out of the reach
of children or animals.
If using VentureCam to reverse, care should
be taken to ascertain left and right.
Note: If using a VentureCam as an aid to
reversing a trailer, its transmitting range may
be reduced if it is located at the back of the
trailer. Therefore take this into account when
selecting a suitable location for a VentureCam.
Note: Some markets have a speed restriction
when displaying motion images on a screen
within the drivers vision. In these markets,
exceeding this speed will turn the VentureCam
(FM8) JLR_HB_210_ENG
The VentureCam unit has a LAND ROVER
button that allows you to select the function
you require. The functions are marked
graphically on the unit itself. Each press of the
button takes you to the next function.
Each Land Rover VentureCam unit is supplied
with a flexible mounting system allowing you
to attach it to a suitable surface.
Caution: The suction mount is designed for
off road use and should only be fixed to a
suitable exterior surface.
The Land Rover VentureCam mount comes in
two parts:
1. VentureCam holder.
2. Suction mount.
When the unit is off, a single press of the
button switches the camera function on.
Pressing the button a second time turns
the torch on torch and turns the camera
A further press turns the unit off.
When you select camera mode, the halo
around the LAND ROVER button illuminates
and begins to flash, to indicate that the camera
is awaiting a command from the touch screen.
The holder is secured into the suction mount
using a screw fixing similar to a wide range of
camera accessories.
Note: The range of the Land Rover
VentureCam will be reduced if it is held in the
hand. We therefore only recommend
supporting it in the mount provided.
With the suction control lever lowered, apply
the mount to clean glass or clean, flat body
work, press the suction button and pull the
lever up. Ensure a good fix is made before
installing and using the VentureCam.
Note: The torch can also be operated from
within the vehicle using the torch soft key on
the touch screen.
(FM8) JLR_HB_210_ENG
Access VentureCam from the main menu by
touching the 4 x 4 Info soft key.
On the 4 x 4 Info screen, touch the
camera icon soft key to view images
on screen.
Other VentureCam soft key controls:
To release the mount, first take the
VentureCam out of the holder. Grip the mount,
lower the operating lever and lift the clear
plastic tab on the perimeter of the suction pad
to release the suction.
Camera selection (Cam 1)
Channel selection (CH 1)
Scroll arrows - after selecting a channel or
camera soft key, touch to scroll through
available VentureCams and channels.
Note: If a soft key control is greyed out, the
function is not currently available for selection.
Note: When a soft key is touched, a green halo
appears briefly around the soft key to confirm
selection. The halo then turns to amber,
indicating that the selected function is active.
Selecting available VentureCams and
Use the scroll soft keys to scroll up or down
through the list of available VentureCams (Cam
1, Cam 2 etc.) and channels (CH 1, CH 2 etc.)
until the desired choice is visible. Touch to
display the selected source.
If there is a problem with the selected source,
a warning message will be displayed
on-screen. Follow any instructions given
and/or select an alternative source.
Using the torch
To operate the torch from within the
vehicle, use the torch soft key that
appears on the touch screen while
viewing a VentureCam image.
When the torch is turned on, an amber halo
appears around the torch soft key. Press the
soft key again to turn the torch off.
(FM8) JLR_HB_210_ENG
Full screen display mode
In VentureCam mode, touching the screen area
containing the VentureCam or channel image,
will display a full screen view.
Storing a VentureCam to memory
To manage multiple VentureCam units, each
VentureCam required for transmitting must be
saved to the vehicle memory.
To return to the control display mode, touch
the screen again.
The unit must be in the docking station and can
be saved while in any display view. Docking a
VentureCam that has not been saved to the
vehicle will display a pop up screen.
VentureCam battery
VentureCam is fitted with a re-chargeable
battery, that should give approximately 3 hours
of continual video transmission. Alternatively,
the VentureCam can be used as a torch and will
last approximately 4 hours before a re-charge
is required. Re-charging VentureCam takes
approximately 1 hour from a fully discharged
to a fully charged state.
On the pop up screen select OK to save the
VentureCam to the first available VentureCam
Selecting Cancel will clear the pop up window
and return the user to the previously selected
background. If you press the Cancel soft key
accidentally, the docked VentureCam will have
to be removed, then re-docked, before it can be
stored to the memory.
Note: The vehicle ignition must be on before
charging starts.
After selecting OK another pop up window,
giving the user the option to Use now or Close
the window.
When docked, the VentureCam will go into a
charging state. Charge level indicators will be
displayed to indicate the battery state of
charge, along with the display “VentureCam
Selecting Use now will take the user to the
4 x 4 Info screen, with VentureCam selected
and showing the docked VentureCam display
There are 3 charging stages which are as
Selecting Close will clear the pop up window
and return the user to the previously selected
Recovery - One segment indicates that
the VentureCam battery is virtually
discharged (or may be very hot/cold).
The battery is being gently charged to ensure a
full battery recovery and subsequently, may
stay in this mode for some time.
Note: If 16 VentureCams have been saved to
the vehicle and a new VentureCam is docked,
the VentureCam will only charge and the Learn
Camera pop up window will not be presented
until a VentureCam is deleted, .
Fast charge - A rising row of segments
indicates a fast charge, that will deliver a
full charge in a minimum period.
The new one will have to be re-inserted into the
docking station, before it can be stored in the
Charged - A complete row of segments
indicates a charged battery. Land Rover
recommend you leave the VentureCam in
the docking station when charged, this helps
maintain the battery optimum charge level.
Deleting a VentureCam unit from memory
To delete a VentureCam from memory, use the
scroll soft keys to select the required
VentureCam, then press the Delete soft key. A
pop up window will be displayed.
(FM8) JLR_HB_210_ENG
Selecting OK removes that VentureCam from
the list.
Selecting Cancel will clear the pop up window
and return the user to the VentureCam list
display view.
Care of your VentureCam
If VentureCam becomes muddy or covered in
road dirt, wipe it with a damp cloth to clean the
camera window and to ensure reliable battery
If you have 2 or more VentureCams, cycle them
through the docking station, so that each one
gets a top-up charge every few weeks.
Avoid high temperatures, DO NOT store
VentureCam in the sun.
Caution: VentureCam batteries, like all
others, should be disposed of responsibly
and in accordance with local authority
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