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alber® Power Add-On Products
scalamobil® iQ
Mobile stair climber
alber® Power Add-On Products
With the scalamobil iQ, obstructed paths are accessible again. No matter whether the staircases are steep,
narrow or spiral, the scalamobil overcomes all types of stairs without any problems and can be operated with
very little effort, both simply and safely. The scalamobil's unique design and patented sensor, make stair travel
safe and comfortable for both the consumer and the caregiver. The scalamobil iQ, helping you reach new
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• Masters steps effortlessly and tackles narrow and spiral staircases.
• Four automatic brakes for maximum safety.
• Climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge.
• Supports loads up to 120 kg; 264.6 lbs.
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• It can easily be loaded and transported by car, so steps and stairways
encountered on your journey are no longer an obstacle.
• Can be fitted to most manual wheelchairs.
• To climb stairs, the rear wheels are simply removed. The advantage is
that the wheelchair occupant need not change seats.
alber scalambil ®
Battery pack
Battery charger (input)
Battery charger (output)
Operating voltage
Climbing speed
Motor rating
Max. weight of occupant
Capacity per battery charge
Drive unit (without battery)
Total weight
Width (with mounted handle)
are subject to change
without notification.
2 x 12 V; 3, 4 Ah
90 - 240 V;AC
24 V; DC
24 V
6 - 16 steps/min.
176 W
120 kg; 264.6 lbs
300 steps (approx)
16.6 kg; 36.6 lbs
2.7 kg; 5.9 lbs
5.2 kg; 11.5 lbs
24.5 kg; 54.0 lbs
48 cm; 18.9”
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Rev 06/09
Very easy with
practical handles.
Four safety brakes
Stops automatically at
the edge of each step.
Scalachair X3
For use around the
house. The bracket for
the scalamobil is
integrated into the
scalachair X3. Ideal for
rooms with confined
Scalaport X7
For public transport and
public buildings.
No bracket for wheelchair