Fiery IC-413

Fiery IC-413
Quick Reference Guide
Fiery IC-413
for the Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000/C6000
Take Your Business to the Next Level with Fiery Print Controllers
The Fiery IC-413 for the bizhub PRESS C7000/C6000 provides customers with a
cost-effective, high quality and productive colour printing solution that streamlines
operations with integrated and automated production printing workflows.
Top Reasons to Choose the Fiery IC-413
1. Productivity
Achieves the Highest Efficiency
Performance is one of the top requirements for the users today, and the Fiery IC-413
delivers documents faster than ever before thanks to its new powerful hardware
platform. Fiery controllers deliver operators the highest level of productivity with
options for automated workflows, multiple job submission points and effective
job management.
2. Colour
Delivers the Ultimate Colour Quality
Fiery controllers provide your customers with the tools they need to ensure accurate
and consistent high-quality colour output every time. Fiery easily integrates with
Paper Catalog, Fiery Spot-On, and the optional Fiery Color Profiler Suite to control
and manage colour efficiently throughout the workflow.
3. Usability
Produces Superior Ease of Use
The intuitive Fiery Command WorkStation® (CWS) UI increases productivity and
reduces errors and waste by centralising job production and management for
both local and remote Windows® or Mac® users. Users can also take advantage
of Fiery VUE, a “visual print application,” to produce professional-looking, finished
print materials quickly, easily and cost-effectively in-house. The interactive desktop
application comes with a user-friendly 3D interface that visually guides users through
document creation.
4. Integration
Guarantees Maximum Flexibility
Fiery controllers guarantee that jobs and job information flow through the system
faster and more efficiently, eliminating waste and rework. Fiery JDF technology
connects the Fiery IC-413 and other EFI or third party solutions to bring the
entire print shop together. Fiery also provides increased security through user
authentication, IP Filtering/Port Blocking and Secure Erase.
Target Markets and Applications
Primary Target Markets
Market Requirements
Top Applications
Digital Printers
Integration with print MIS, Web-to-print and prepress solutions
to automate and streamline business processes. Advanced
colour management tools that work together always to achieve
the expected colour and maximise the colour output possibilities.
Print for Pay
Intuitive operation and short learning curves to boost print
engine capabilities immediately.
In-plant CRDs
Ability to accept jobs from multiple sources and needs job
submission workflow automation.
Corporate Departmental
Creation of professional looking, finished documents quickly,
easily and cost-effectively.
Photo publishing
Direct mail
Why should you lead with Fiery IC-413?
Productivity: Achieves the Highest Efficiency
Powerful hardware
Is up to 1.35 times faster than the previous Fiery platforms for faster turnaround times.
Fiery Command
WorkStation 5 (CWS5)
Increases operator’s productivity via faster job setup, automation and expanded services.
For more information, go to .
Offers the fastest output delivery by performing spooling, RIPping and printing of jobs at
the same time.
Multiple printer
Allows efficient centralised operations by managing multiple printers using one user interface
from any Fiery controller or Windows® or Mac clients. Enables manual job load balancing with
a simple drag & drop feature.
Complete in-RIP
document preparation
and late stage editing
Shortens job preparation times and last minute corrections by enabling you to do
all document imposition, composition, content and colour editing with one intuitive
user interface in Fiery SeeQuence Suite.
Fiery Hot Folders
and Virtual Printers
Automates the print submission process. Saves time and increases productivity.
Supports Optimised PDF and Fiery FreeForm™ technology. Enables the effective production
of personalised communications without any specialised VDP software applications.
Fiery Productivity
Offers faster turnaround times, more control over print queues and advanced colour options to
get the colour you expect. Includes Configurable Auto-trapping, ImageViewer, Paper Simulation,
Control Bar, PostFlight, Hot Folders and Virtual Printers, Filters for Hot Folders, Secure Erase,
Rush Print, Print/Process Next, Reorder held jobs.
Colour: Delivers the Ultimate Colour Quality
Fiery ColorWise
Achieves high quality colour out-of-the-box in any colour space: CMYK, RGB, spot colours,
or CIE L*a*b* and ICC sources, simulation, output and device link profiles.
Achieves the most accurate PANTONE® colour reproduction.
Fiery Spot-On
Offers a complete and easy-to-use toolset to get the best match with PANTONE®, PANTONE
Goe™, RGB, CMYK, L*a*b* and spot colours.
Fiery Color Profiler
Suite 3
Provides complete colour quality control at every stage of the printing workflow.
Extends Fiery-driven® printers’ capabilities with the most advanced profiling tools
and seamless communication between the software and the Fiery® controller.
overprint for spot
and CMYK colours
Offers accurate representation of the designer’s intent.
Fiery ImageViewer
Handles local and remote soft proofing with intuitive colour editing capabilities.
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For more information on
Fiery options, visit the
Fiery Options Web site at
Usability: Provides Superior Ease of Use
Fiery Command
WorkStation 5
Reduces operator mistakes and waste, while shortening learning curves with an intuitive
and flexible drag & drop operation from any Mac or Windows client.
Fiery VUE 1.1
Simplifies production and publishing tasks with easy-to-use technology by publishing documents directly from MS Office applications with just a few mouse clicks. Is an environmentally
friendly solution that reduces companies’ eco-footprints by decreasing their paper usage and
waste. Go to for more information.
Fiery Driver
Is compatible with Windows and Mac clients. Displays a consistent user interface for Windows
and Mac clients, while offering features that help customise repetitive print settings with job
templates. Displays the printer and consumable information, which saves users’ time because
they won’t need to walk up to the printer to check engine status.
Fiery SeeQuence Suite
Simplifies labor intensive document composition and imposition tasks from any Windows or Mac
client. Provides free updates to the Suite by downloading CWS5 at .
Fiery SeeQuence
Visualises exactly how the job will look when printed, minimising print errors. Creates unlimited
quantity of imposition templates and applies them automatically via the CWS5 job properties.
Fiery SeeQuence
Provides visual and dynamic job previews that make media assignments, tab shift printing
and chapterisation easy.
Booklet Maker 3.0
Guides inexperienced users with intuitive workflows to produce professional-looking
business reports and proposals without outsourcing. Reduces steps and speeds up setup
for booklets and other finished documents.
Integration: Guarantees Maximum Flexibility
Fiery JDF
Enables Fiery built-in JDF workflow support to streamline processes from job submission to
output. Integrates with other EFI™ solutions including EFI Print MIS, Digital StoreFront, and other
Fiery-enabled solutions, so job information can flow through systems faster and more efficiently.
Fiery Hot Folders
Automatically merges files from the same folder and is a backup and restore option for
more intuitive and flexible job submission.
Flexible job submission
Offers many ways to submit jobs, including integration with Web-to-print solutions,
FTP printing, and e-mail printing. Provides flexibility to work with client jobs. Increases
customer loyalty and retention.
Seamless integrates with third party workflow and prepress solutions, such as Kodak Brisque
and Prinergy by importing CT/LW, PDF2Go, ExportPS, DCS 2.0, EPS, PDF/X, TIFF, TIFF/IT and JPG.
Graphic Arts Filters
Opening Questions to Ask Your Customers
Do your files take too long to print?
With the Fiery controller, users get their
documents printed when they need them,
where they need them. It maximises the
printer’s speeds, so businesses can meet
their goals and grow.
Do you have requirements such as spot
colour matching, proofing and precision
colour control?
Fiery ColorWise provides great out-of-the-box
colour, ensuring the best corporate spot colours
across all company documents to strengthen
and protect corporate brand identities.
Do your files print erroneously?
With Fiery controllers, users get documents
printed the way that they expect them
without the errors or missing fonts, elements
and images because Fiery supports Adobe
PostScript 3 and Adobe PDF printing standards.
Are there documents you send
outside for printing that you would
rather produce in-house?
Fiery VUE is a “visual print” application that
increases productivity by doing more with less.
It saves time and money by cost-effectively
bringing in document production in-house.
Fiery VUE creates customised, professionallooking material in a fraction of the time and
cost from the user’s desktop. For more
information, go to
References: Pstandard, 8 option
For more information on Fiery
options, visit the Fiery Options Web
site at
Product Configuration
Fiery IC-413
Fiery Platform
Intel® Pentium® Processor E5300 2.6GHz
Supported Engines
Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000/C6000
2 GB
Operating System
Windows XP Pro FES
Software Version
System 9e
Fiery SeeQuence Suite
Fiery Color Profiler Suite v3.0
Fiery Productivity Package
References: Pstandard, 8 option
For more information on Fiery options,
visit the Fiery Options Web site at
Fiery Product Line Up for Konica Minolta
Corporate Departmental
Boeing Avenue 201-207
1119 PD Schiphol-Rijk
The Netherlands
+31 [0]20 658 8000 tel
+31 [0]20 658 8001 fax
In-Plant CRDs
Fiery IC-408
Print for Pay
Fiery IC-305
Digital Printers
Fiery IC-413
Commercial Printers
Fiery IC-306
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