Repeater setting for PRN3001 Make sure you know the

Repeater setting for PRN3001 Make sure you know the
Repeater setting for PRN3001
Make sure you know the a) wireless security password of your original wireless router and b) the
wireless channel is it set to use first before setting up the PRN3001. If unsure how to check, please
check with your original wireless router manufacturer.
1) Connect Lan cable from PRN3001 to your PC/laptop Lan port.
2) Access (enter admin as username, password as password).
3) Access Wireless, basic settings. Change the SSID to the name you desire. Set the Channel
Number to the same as your original wireless router. Click Apply.
4) Click Security settings. Select WPA2 for encryption. Choose Personal (Pre shared Key). Ticked
AES. Enter your desired wireless password under Pre-Shared Key (min 8 character). Click
5) Click Repeater settings. Tick Enable Repeater Interface. Click Apply. Then click site survey.
6) A site survey window will pop up. Click on site survey, select your original wireless network,
click next.
7) Enter the original wireless router password in Pre-Shared Key. Click connect.
8) If your passwords is correct and the wireless channel set is also correct, you will see a
connect successfully message. Click OK. If you do not see this, please confirm your original
wireless router channel used and the wireless password set in it.
9) Go Wireless > Wireless Status > You must see “Connected” under State. If you see
“Scanning”, please proceed to do step 10.
10) Go to Basic Settings > Under Channel Width, please set it to 20MHz > Apply
11) Click on Network, Lan interface. Choose disable for DHCP. Click Apply.
12) PRN3001 will restart. You can disconnect the Lan cable from it and your PC/laptop now. On
your wireless PC/laptop, scan for the wireless network. You should see the SSID for the
PRN3001 that you have change (or default if you did not change). Double click on it. You
should be prompted to enter the wireless password you have set in step 4. If the password
you entered is correct, you should be able to connect to the PRN3001. And you should be
able to get the internet from your original wireless router.
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