Quilting, sewing, embroidering, and any combination

Quilting, sewing, embroidering, and any combination
Create Your Own Stitches
Bored with the same old stitches?
Design your own with the Stitch
Composer function. This easy to
use feature lets you use your own
designs just like a preprogrammed stitch. You can alter
width, length, and even add it to
AcuFeed Flex™
Stitch Composer™
This impressive machine boasts the biggest
workspace of any Janome—15” embossed stainless
steel plating in the bed and 11” on the right of the
needle. This machine is sure to give you the best,
biggest, and most reliable embroidery unit Janome has
ever developed. Revolutionize your creative journey
with the Horizon MC12000.
Introducing The Linear Motion
Embroidery System™
With the system, you get an
even bigger area for embroidery
while maintaining the
high-quality precision Janome is
famous for. This unit is so
discreet, you can leave it on while
you sew! This cleverly engineered
machine is the only home
machine to allow you to use free
arm embroidery.
Linear Motion Embroidery
Easy Pivoting With The Auto
Presser Foot LiftMake pivoting
easy with the automatic presser
foot lift to lift the presser foot
after cutting a thread, once
you’ve pressed the thread snip
button, or after programming a
thread cut at the end of a row of
stitches. Now, you can keep your
hands on your project and be in
control the whole time.
Auto Presser Foot Lift
Stitch Up To 9mm Wide
Get stitches up to 9mm wide.
That extra width will make your
decorative stitches stand out
proudly. Almost all of the 425
available stitches can be made
9mm stitches wide. This machine
comes with 20 newly designed
feet designed specifically for this
extra width.
9mm Stitch Width
Horizon Link™
AcuFeed Flex™ Layered
Fabric Feeding System
The AcuFeed system, get
precision and power in the fabric
feeding. This function is easy to
remove and is available in two
widths equipped with several
feet to make any task possible
Real-Time PC Connection
With Horizon Link™
Editing and creating designs is
easy on a touchscreen, but it’s
even easier when you do it on
your own computer in real time.
Utilize your mouse to drag, drop
and edit. Expand your editing
screen as large as your monitor,
or use your laptop to edit on the
Bring Your Sewing Projects
to New Horizons with the
Horizon Memory Craft 12000
See It All More Clearly
Will make your projects easier by
letting the switch in seconds.
Swap that screwdriver for the
handy lever. One push is all it
takes to release the plate. Then,
just snap the new one in!
Start with a straight stitch and
widen to a 9mm zigzag without
having to stop or even lift your
hands up! The variable zigzag
option lets you use the knee lift
to taper and broaden your
stitches as you go.
Embroider At Higher
Speeds With Better Precision
Reach speeds up to 1,000 stitches
per minute, and the embroidery
unit is so stable that you can
stitch at this speed even on
hoops up to 9.1” x 11.8” with
assurance that your stitches will
be high quality.
Variable Zigzag
1,000 Stitches Per Minute
A Sewing Bed With 15" Of
Embossed Stainless Steel
With more work space than any
other Janome machine and a
bed of 15” embossed stainless
steel marked with helpful
measurements, the additional
11” on the right of the needle
gives you enough room for
bigger projects than you’ve ever
tackled before.
Stainless Steel Bed
91 Needle Positions
Along with the 9mm stitch with,
the 12000 can perform even more
precisely than ever. Move the
needle with accuracy like you’ve
never seen before and marvel at
the smooth transitions and
flawless curves.
Needle Position Accuracy
Illuminate and Magnify
Free Motion Quilting Is Freer
Than Ever
With precise stitching, a ton of
decorative options, and automated
features that make creativity
effortless. You can even customize
the foot height for each project and
preference and save those settings
to the machine’s memory! Auto
pressure and auto height can even
do the adjusting for you.
Free Motion Quilting
Instant Plate Conversion
Change The Width Of Your
Zigzag While Sewing
One-Step Needle Plate
Memory Craft 12000
10 integrated LED lights in five
different locations on the machine
give you a better view of your project.
The 12000 also comes with a
retractable High Light to illuminate
your work where you need it most:
right beneath the needle. If you need
a closer look, attach the brand new
AcuView Magnifier.
Stitch Flexibility
Find even more ways to express your
vision in thread with never before seen
stitch flexibility. Whether your sewing,
embroidering, or quilting, this machine
gives you the control.
Embroidery Precision
Across Large Designs
Free Motion Quilting Is
Easier Than Ever
Turn into the ultimate smooth operator
when you’re free motion quilting thanks
to Janome’s famous precision control. The
MC12000 can detect the thickness of your
fabric and automatically adjust your
settings. Manual adjustment allows for
personalized control, like slightly more
drag or lowering.
Embroidery larger designs, no matter how
vast the surface! Every stitch is precise—
guaranteed. Designs placed on several
hoopings still look continuous thanks to
Janome’s easy-to-use machines and
powerful precision.
Create Your Own
One-Of-A-Kind Stitches
Use a brand new Janome tool to create
original stitches on your computer. You
can also modify existing stitches little by
little. Your machine will accept custom
stitches and treat them like the preprogrammed ones, so you’re free to edit,
merge, and save your creations to your
computer or your machine.
Believe in Your Creativity
Connect your Horizon 12000
to your computer with a USB
port and the Horizon Link
software (for Windows only).
See Your Work On The Big Screen
Using Horizon Link™
While touch displays on embroidery machines just keep growing,
Janome engineers decided to take it to a new and better place—your
computer screen. The Horizon MC12000 allows both on-screen editing and
compatibility with your computer.
Even though the touch display is big enough for all the on-screen editing
you’ll do, you can get a larger view if you connect your computer to the
machine with the Janome exclusive Horizon Link software. Create and edit
designs and stitches from the comfort of your computer.
Use your large screen to edit from your Windows laptop, desktop, or tablet.
Don’t worry about transferring your design to the machine itself—the Horizon
Link will do that for you, making all your edits in real time right there on the
Since the Horizon software installs right on your computer,
you can design on the go! Just re-connect to your
Memory Craft 12000 and sync up once you’re back in
your sewing area.
This spyglass symbol indicates you can find more
images and information online at janome.com
Alter existing stitches and
make your own with the stitch
composer! Horizon Link software
turns your computer into a powerful
editing tool, so you can edit your stitches in
the Stitch Composer library or create your
own custom designs with a dot-to-dot style
drawing tool. Put lock stitches at the end
and the beginning. Mirror vertically and
horizontally. Even program the needle
position. Experience control like never
before as you develop your own signature
New JPX Design Format
With the new JPX design format for your embroidery
designs, you can fine-tune the designs on your machines
as graphic data. Create new designs as JPX filed in the
Digitizer MBX and use Horizon Link to send them to your
The Most Work Space
On Any Janome
Maximize your workspace by spreading out and
enjoying your sewing time. With the expanded,
marked sewing bed, you have more than enough
room for even the largest quilting and home
décor projects.
Room for sewing means room for embroidery too.
The 12000 comes with Janome’s largest
embroidery hoops to date.
The Legendary Feed
System Gets Even Better:
AcuFeed Flex™
Embroider faster than ever with speeds
up to 1,000 stitches per minute—fast
enough to finish a whole room full of
with wide and narrow attachments.
The wide Dual Prong add-on offers
extra support and comes with two
feet options—standard and ¼”. On
the narrow end is the Single Prong
attachment so you can get closer
than ever with options of standard
or zipper feet.
The AcuFeed Flex system keeps even
the thickest and trickiest layers of
fabrics moving in perfect time with
your feed dogs. When you aren’t
using it, detach it with an easy snap
and store than in one your several
accessory trays.
The new AcuFeed Flex helps
you fall in love with zipper
insertion, matching seams, and
finishing fluffy quilt all
over again.
9.1" x 9.1"
9.1" x 11.8"
5.5" x 5.5"
3.9" x 1.6"
Four Standard Hoops Go From
Super Large to Tiny Free Arm
The GR hoop, coming in at 9.1” x 11.8” of embroidery space is the largest hoop
equipped with special magnets to keep your fabric stable. The ever-popular square
hoops are still perfecting for your quilting squares, and the SQ hoop has grown to 9.1” x
9.1” with a 5.5” x 5.5” option. The FA10 Free Arm Hoop helps finish embroidery on
sleeves, cuffs, and other difficult to access areas.
Because of Janome’s innovative engineering, the free arm can be used for
anything, even embroidery! This attachment is great for small, baby projects.
Embroiderers love this exclusive Janome feature.
Janome Robotics Created The Linear Motion
Embroidery System™
Janome is continuing to pioneer the home embroidery industry with their new
Linear Motion Embroidery System. The MC12000 has three linear motion guides—
the same sort usually found on industrial-grade machines. Find smooth
movements and even more stability in stitches that are beautiful down to the
most exact details.
Precise linear motion guides decorate the embroidery unit, which
is easy to slide on and off the back of your machine thanks to its sleek design.
It gives you extra support during quilting as well as regular sewing and still
gives you plenty of room for the free arm
embroidery attachment.
Stop measuring for
your seams with the new
AcuGuide Cloth Guide™
Let the machine measure your
seam allowance automatically up
to 8 ¼” wide. It even detects 1/16”
on the needle’s left. All you have to
do is attach it on the embroidery carriage and enter the
desired measurement. You also have the option to save
the position to use it later.
Pivoting is a breeze
with the automatic presser foot lift to automatically lift the
foot after cutting a thread. You also can set it to raise at the
end of any seam while the need is in the down position to
pivot effortlessly. You never have to take your hands off your
Advanced control options let you
widen your zigzag stitch without having
to stop sewing. Use the knee lifter to widen your
stitch or release pressure to gradually come back to
a simple straight stitch. Explore your amazing new
options with thread painting, raw edge applique,
free motion quilting, and more. Get intricate results
with so much ease it’s almost criminal.
Advanced Bobbin
Thread Sensor
The MC12000 is outfitted with a brand new
bobbin sensor system, allowing you to
determine when you’re alerted that the
bobbin thread is running out. Some users
like to have a lot of notice, and others
prefer to get right down to the last thread.
The MC12000 gives you the room to
You can also get another high-tension
bobbin holder with our standard
accessories package to help with finer
threads sold for industrial-grade machines.
Easier To See, Faster To Respond:
The New Visual Touchscreen
The touch display responds to both a stylus and your finger. The
screen is brighter, making it easier to see as you scroll though
your options. Use the touch ring to scroll faster through your
patterns as you browse. Settings are easy to figure out and to
change. There is also an all-new quiet mode, which reduces the
volume of alerts and features a Lockout Key, which shuts off
sewing functions as you thread or swap out the needle plate.
Sift through all 12 categories of sewing applications
to make sure you’ve chosen the right stitch for your project.
Check out new features like the variable zigzag in quilting mode
and the lopped zipper with the AcuFeed zipper foot.
AcuFeed Flex™
9mm Stitch Width
Hoop Selection
Movie Help
The MC12000 comes with 425
stitches available, most of which
can be programmed and altered for
a 9mm width to make them stand
out more than ever. The whimsical
Play stitch designs look even more
fun at this width. The machine also
includes twenty presser feet to
accommodate this width.
Decorative Stitch
Use the handy stylus
if you prefer.
The Horizon Memory Craft 12000
Will Change How You Sew
Built-in Embroidery Is Better Than Ever
Enhanced Embroidery Settings
Speed through your embroidery at speeds up to
1,000 stitches per minute. Determine the height
between your fabric and the embroidery foot.
Enhanced settings like the bobbin sensor system
keep you from running out of thread mid-design.
Thread selection hosts many flexible options, like
the amazing color sort function. Group all your
design elements by color to lessen the number
of thread changes.
300 embroidery designs come programmed in the
machine, all made to work with the four new hoop sizes.
From fancy alphabets, to flowers, to kitchen motifs,
this machine has it all, even a brand new set of Border
designs to decorate the edges of your projects!
For perfect placement, some designs use
tiny blasting stitches known as Template
Alignment Guides.
Quilting, sewing, embroidering, and any combination of the three become even more fun
when you can complete your projects quickly. With a machine so powerful and easy, days will
fly by as you stitch and create projects you fall in love with. This machine will really expand
your sewing horizons.
Enjoy Buttonholes With
More Options
The brand new
buttonhole foot
gives you
even more
options to
enjoy. The
foot is
equipped with a
stabilizer and showcases
a screw adjustment for
fine-tuning the size of
your buttonhole. You can
even determine the width of your
buttonhole opening, making these
buttonholes the easiest, most accurate
ones you ever seen.
Jump Thread Trimming Options
The new jump thread cutting options are
more automatic than ever. Not only can you
cut the thread after a finished color change,
you now can determine the length of the
cut and choose the Cutting Command.
After it trims the thread, the machine will
tug the tail to the back of the embroidery to
give you project a polished look.
The Horizon Memory Craft
12000 does everything
from playful to elegant.
Despite the fancy embroidery features
and high-end qualities, the Memroy Craft
12000, at its heart, is an amazing sewing
machine. With power, precision, and stitch
selection options, your sewing projects become
easier than you ever could’ve dreamed. Take
comfort in Janome’s famed reliability and quality
to foster your creativity.
SewingGood baby quilt
embroidery detail
The “Janome Gals” from
The MC12000 has also done work for the Janome Gals
from SewingGood.com, a special charity project for a
family who deserved it. Janome extends its thanks to Free
Spirit Fabrics for their donations of all the Anna Maria
Horner Loulouthi Fabric and MinkyDelight.com for their
contribution of
the soft blanket fabric.
Standard Accessories
in a Premium Set
A lot of workspace from a
small machine,
full of everything you need.
A customized expansion table
with more feet and even more tools.
The MC12000 boasts the biggest workspace
of any Janome machine, but it’s still only 23”
wide, even with the embroidery unit attached.
Memory Craft 12000
Heavy acrylic
surface is snag
❉ Size w/out embroidery unit:
W 22.6" x H 12.4" x D 9"
(W 575 x H 316 x D 230 mm)
❉ Work Space: L 11" x H 4.7"
(L 280 x H 120 mm)
❉ Lighting System: 10 white
LED lamps in 5 locations
❉ PC Connection: Horizon Link™
❉ Maximum Embroidery Size:
9.1" x 11.8" (230 x 300 mm)
❉ Weight w/out embroidery
unit: 30.2 lbs (13.7 kg)
❉ 338 Built-in Embroidery
❉ Free Arm Length: 5.9"
(150 mm)
❉ 3 Monogram fonts, with
European letters, plus border
❉ Knee Lifter: Electronic +
Variable Zigzag
❉ Embroidery Editing: Resize
Combine, Duplicate, Flip, Arc,
Group, Drag & Drop, Zoom,
Trace, User Color Choice
❉ Maximum Zigzag Width: 9mm
❉ Built-In Needle Threader
❉ Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm
(forward and reverse)
❉ Automatic Thread Cutter
❉ Stitch Composer™
❉ Built-in Memory Banks: up
to 4MB
❉ 10 Embroidery Fonts
❉ Full Color LCD Backlit
Touchscreen: W 2.7" x H 4.5"
(W 86.4 x H 115.2 mm)
❉ Jump Thread Trimming
❉ 425 Built-In Stitches, including
13 One-Step Buttonholes
❉ Sewing Speed: 60 - 1,000 spm
Custom extension table is standard.
❉ Auto Return After Thread
❉ Weight w/ embroidery unit:
37.9 lbs (17.2 kg)
❉ Standard Hoop Sizes: GR:
9.1" x 11.8" (230 x 300 mm),
SQ23: 9.1" x 9.1"
(230 x 230 mm),
SQ14: 5.5" x 5.5"
(140 x 140 mm),
Free Arm FA10: 3.9" x 1.6"
(100 x 40 mm)
❉ Free Arm/Flat Bed Convertible
Light enough to lift with a
flip-up handle.
❉ AcuGuide™ Cloth Guide
❉ Size w/embroidery unit:
W 22.6" x H 12.4" x D 13.6"
(W 575 x H 316 x D 346 mm)
Janome Flyer a division of Toews Sewing
2518A Clearbrook Rd. Abbotsford, BC V2T 2Y2
1-800-661-1801 www.janomeflyer.com
❉ 11 On-Screen Languages
❉ Auto Declutch Type Bobbin
❉ Horizontal Full Rotary Hook
❉ 7-Piece Feed Dog With Auto
Plenty of storage in lid and
base plus eye level stitch chart.
❉ Speed Control Slider
❉ Needle Up/Down
❉ Extra-High Presser Foot Lift
❉ Snap-On Feet
❉ Electronic Foot Controller
❉ Semi-Hard Cover
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