24 hour, Single Channel Mechanical Wireless Programmer and

24 hour, Single Channel Mechanical Wireless Programmer and
24 hour, Single Channel Mechanical Wireless Programmer and Room
Thermostat – Part No. CT100002
The mechanical wireless programmer and room thermostat is a 24 hour radio frequency (RF) wireless
thermostat / timer, which communicates with a receiver designed to fit in the clock aperture of the
boiler control panel. The unit can be pre-programmed to provide maximum and minimum room
temperature control. The 24-hour clock can be set in 15 minute increments to provide central heating
as required. The programme can be overridden with a manual control which is built-in to the
transmitter clock, and the two temperature levels can be adjusted using the temperature setting dials.
The batteries should operate the unit for approximately 18 months to 2 years depending on the
number of switching operations etc. Only good quality alkaline batteries should be used.
Low battery warning is indicated when the transmitter NEON flashes yellow. (Change the batteries as
soon as possible). A red flashing NEON on the transmitter indicates the batteries are too low for the
unit to correctly function.
Note: If the batteries are not replaced and no valid signal is received from the Transmitter, the
Receiver’s neon light will flash every 0.5 seconds. After 1 hr the boiler will operate in ‘Emergency
mode’ (heating on for 4 min. and off for 9 min.) until the batteries are replaced.
Note; always press the reset button after removing or replacing the batteries.
This timer is suitable for installation as a time controller for:
ATAG iC 24 Combi
ATAG iC 28 Combi
ATAG iC 36 Combi
ATAG iC 40 Combi
ATAG Economiser 27
ATAG Economiser 35
ATAG Economiser 39
WARNING. This unit must be installed by a skilled electrician
in accordance with the current I.E.E. Wiring Regulations.
ALWAYS switch off and disconnect the electricity supply to the appliance before installing the
programmer. Merely switching the boiler ON/OFF switch to 'OFF' will still leave a live feed to
the boiler.
Rev: 09/15/004
To install the receiver
Turn the power off to the boiler
Remove the boiler front panel and swing the control panel into the service position. Refer to
boiler Installation & Servicing Manual.
With a sharp knife, cut out the small plastic cutaway (fig 1) to allow the wires to go through
and the wires grommet to secure into position.
Remove the blank clock control panel and feed the wires through to the back (fig 2). Fit the
new receiver front panel into the facia of the boiler.
Check the wires grommet is in the correct position (fig 3).
Fit the black connector with two black wires onto the volt free connection next to the black
label with a house symbol and on / off below (fig 4).
Remove the small electrical blanking cover and fit the White connector with brown and blue
wires to the 230v ac connection terminals (fig 4).
Secure the wires in to wire clips as shown in fig 5.
Swing the control panel back up into operating position.
Power up the boiler and check for correct operation.
Rev: 09/15/004
Rev: 09/15/004
Installation of Transmitter
Locate and fit the Transmitter to the wall 1.5m from the floor, taking into consideration where not to
position the transmitter as shown in the next diagram.
The following can reduce, deflect or block radio frequency signals between the Transmitter and
a. Steel reinforced walls.
b. Large metallic objects e.g. kitchen appliances, filing cabinets, mirrors etc.
c. Maximum distance between Receiver and Transmitter is:i. In open air 50m.
ii. In building 20m to 30m depending on radar obstruction.
Rev: 09/15/004
3. Commissioning
The Mechanical Thermostat and Receiver are pre commissioned (paired) at the factory.
However, if the Receiver or Transmitter has been changed then full commissioning will be required as
follows:a) Turn on electrical supply to boiler and press heating selector + button until
symbol is
b) Press and hold black button on Receiver until the neon light has flashed twice.
c) Release the button and the neon light will remain illuminated.
d) Insert the batteries into the transmitter - the transmitter will immediately send signals.
e) When a signal is received from the transmitter, the receiver neon will go out. The radio link
between the Transmitter and Receiver is now established.
Note: When in operation and an ‘ON’ signal is received the Receiver neon will illuminate
continuously. When an ‘OFF’ signal is received the neon will remain off, but will flash intermittently.
Setting instructions
Note: Panel (A) slides back to reveal a quick reference user instructions (B).
The Programmable Room Thermostat Transmitter (C) has two temperature operating levels,
‘Maximum’ and ‘Minimum’.
‘Maximum’ Mode: This is set using the ‘Maximum’ dial (5°C to 30°C) and will set the temperature to
the level desired when the property is occupied (e.g. 21°C).
‘Minimum’ Mode: This is set using the ‘Minimum’ dial (5°C to 15°C) and will set the temperature to
the level desired when the property is unoccupied or at night (e.g. 10°C).
To Set The Time: Slide the cover (D) off the unit. Rotate the timer clock clockwise until the time is
correct as indicated by the timer pointer.
To Set The ‘Maximum’ & ‘Minimum’ Central Heating Times: Move the tappets outwards for
‘Maximum’ times and inwards for ‘minimum’ times. Each tappet = 15 minutes.
Summer: During the summer it is recommended that ‘Minimum’ is selected using the 3 position
Holiday Periods: When going on holiday set both dials to 5°C to provide frost protection of the
Manual Switch: The clock has a manual heating ON/OFF switch which operates as follows:
TIMED position - Heating On/Off as set by tappets.
MAX position - Heating On continuously.
MIN position - Heating Off, but a minimum set room temperature is maintained.
Rev: 09/15/004
This control is guaranteed against manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months from the date of
This Guarantee does not cover replacement of batteries or cosmetic damage to the controller.
ErP Regulation
Regulation EU 811/2013, supplementing
Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30 EU:
This thermostatic control device is rated Class I
Correction factor (contribution to system energy efficiency) 1%
Rev: 09/15/004
Rev: 09/15/004
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Tel: 0800 254 5061
Rev: 09/15/004
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