Simple. Powerful. Affordable. - Honeywell

Simple. Powerful. Affordable. - Honeywell
Aquatrol AQ2000 Series
Electronic Controls for Residential Hydronic Heating
Simple. Powerful. Affordable.
Contractor Install Photos
“Other products out there that I have dealt with are very difficult to set
up, very frustrating by the time you are done and usually you have to
go back a couple times and re adjust them. The Honeywell AQ panel
is amazing, it’s very easy to install and to configure. You are going to
get out of it what they say you are going to get out of it.”
– Anonymous
Johnstone Supply
“The AQ2000 can do so much that homeowners are interested
in today, including energy savings and prolonging the life of
the equipment. It’s great for either new construction or retrofit
applications. It is also very user-friendly. What we do, is we build the
boiler board at the shop not out at the job site. We will build it and
program it in the shop and then we send it out into the field to save
time on the job. We spec it all the time. This is what we recommend,
we don’t recommend anything else.” – Brian Streich
Palo Heating, Cooling & Plumbing
Ditter Heating and Cooling, Minnesota
Tri-State Mechanical, New York
Downeast Energy, Maine
AQ2000 Series Controls Fall Right Into Place
Some hydronic system controls are basic and have limited features and functionality. Others are so complex
that they’re difficult to install and use or service.
Honeywell Aquatrol AQ2000 Series electronic
controls combine functionality with ease-of-use,
Zone Valves
making them the perfect choice for nearly every
application. For the AQ2000 Series, Honeywell
worked directly with contractors to make sure the
new controls worked as simple as possible while
Zone Valves
meeting contractor needs. Honeywell
also drew upon its control
technology knowledge
and experience gained
Mixing Valve
through years as a
leading hydronics
Zone Valves
supplier in both
Europe and North
Zone Valves
America. The result
was the AQ2000 Series,
with everything from a
Zone Valve
2-wire communications
protocol that greatly simplifies
thermostat with easy expansion.
We know most contractors
don’t program a hydronic control
everyday – with all the available
Priority Domestic
Hot Water
Pressure Valve
features and settings, it’s tough to
remember what they all mean, especially if
acronyms and icons are used. That’s why valuable
and easily accessed diagnostics, set-up tools,
troubleshooting, dot matrix LED, and menu items
FC200 Gravity
Check Valve
with full English words make AQ controls more
accessible to those who only occasionally set
up a hydronic system.
M6410 3-way
Mixing Valve
Simply put, Honeywell is one of the most
trusted names for hydronic components, and
the AQ2000 Series gives you reliable control to
Low temperature heat emitters
Air Eliminator
run the entire system. Simplicity and power —
that’s the AQ2000 Series.
Combination Boiler Fill Valve/
Back Flow Preventer
Expansion Tank
Not a typical system. Illustration for reference purposes only.
Easy To Install. Easy To Use.
Honeywell Aquatrol AQ2000 Series controls are designed to keep even the most complex systems simple.
Easy Selection
Selecting the proper components for each system has
Get up and running swiftly:
never been easier:
• Pre-programmed with most popular settings
• Selection tools are available both electronically and hardcopy
• Armchair programmable (can be programmed at your desk
• Answering just a few simple questions gets you exactly the
and taken to the jobsite ready to install)
right configuration of controls for the job — less than
• Auto test program sequentially activates and tests all
one minute from design to Bill of Materials
system inputs and outputs to ensure correct operation
• Convenient purge feature facilitates removal of air from the
Easy Installation
system at start-up with activation of single or multiple zones
Ready to use with minimal installer setup:
as selected, defined by the installer
• All panels come pre-assembled with: modules – transformer,
boiler controller, and – for most panels – a zoning module
Easy Troubleshooting
• Expansion panels allow for system design versatility
Multiple features simplify troubleshooting during setup or
• Expansion panels add-on simply and require only six field-
in the event of a malfunction:
installed wires to connect to the system
• Control panel enclosures designed with plenty of finger room for
wiring, and multiple ground terminals
• Integral low and line voltage wire conduit within panel enclosure
• Zone LEDs are illuminated on calls for heat
• A “quiet, yet audible” click occurs when relays are activated
• Diagnostic data (including zone ID number) is displayed on
the LCD with valuable descriptions of system activity (boiler
allows you to connect multiple panels together without the need
and DHW operation, active inputs, outputs and demands,
for running wire outside panels to connect them
communication status etc.) For AQ250, diagnostics data
are displayed by coded blinking of LEDs
Easy Choice
The list of reasons to choose Honeywell AQ2000 Series controls goes on and on:
• Zone synchronization — Extends boiler life and saves
energy by minimizing boiler cycling.
• Domestic hot water priority and priority override —
Ensures adequate DHW supply even on the coldest days
optional system priority to auxiliary loads (pool, spa, etc)
if desired.
• Boiler short-cycling protection — Used in combination with
(priority) while still supplying sufficient hot water to space
zone synchronization to keep boiler on for at least 2 minutes
heating zones during sustained DHW demand.
and prevent boiler from firing for at least 2 minutes after the
• Boiler post purge – saves energy by delivering retained
heat stored in the boiler to space heating or DHW zones
where it can be used
• Freeze protection – Increases equipment life by activating
last heating cycle.
• Auto test — Confirms equipment is in working order by
energizing and de-energizing all inputs and outputs at
time of commissioning. AQ250 tests all inputs/outputs in
all valves and pumps associated with any zones that
sequence. AQ25A, AQ251 and AQ252 offer increased
have either lost communication with the control or if
flexibility, allowing for testing of only the inputs, outputs,
boiler water temperature gets close to freezing
• Pump/valve exercise — Extends equipment life by
• Heat demand priority (override) protection – Provides
demands and other functions as needed.
• Auto purge — Sequenced purging of all zones, to quickly
periodically activating all valves and pumps to prevent
remove air before system start-up. Not available on
seasonal start-up problems.
the AQ250.
Control Panels – Multi-Zone Systems
AQ250 Relay Control Panels
Zoning Control For Up To 4 Zones:
• Line or low-voltage output
• 1-stage zoning
• Controls pumps or zone valves
• Expandable to 16 zones; plus up to 64 zones by using AQ254 panels
Loaded With Standard Features:
• Use with AQ1000 2-wire “polarity insensitive” communicating thermostats
• Zone synchronization
• Boiler post purge and boiler short cycling protection
• Freeze protection
• Pump/valve exercise
• Domestic hot water priority (override) protection
• Heat demand priority and priority override
• Automated test feature for quick start-up and simple troubleshooting
Model Number
For pumps or zone valves w/o end switches
For valves with end switches
AQ25A Relay “Plus” Control Panels
All The Great Features Of AQ250 Controls, Plus:
• 1 zone of A/C when used with a AQ1000TP2 thermostat
• Customizable control settings and schedules allow for greater level of
control and comfort
• Armchair programmable (can be programmed at your desk and taken to
the jobsite ready to install)
• Allows outdoor temperature to be displayed on all thermostats
• Central set-back schedules (wake, leave, return and sleep) available
• Automated purge feature for quick system commissioning
• Lots of valuable diagnostic information to help with troubleshooting
• Data logging of relay activity – ideal for logging run time of all zones and
boilers in a system c
Model Number
For pumps or zone valves w/o end switches
For zone valves with end switches
AQ251 Reset Control Panels
All the Great Features of the AQ25A, Plus:
• Outdoor temperature compensation boiler reset
• Load adaptive boiler reset
Model Number
For pumps or zone valves w/o end switches
For zone valves with end switches
Control Panels – Multi-Zone Systems (continued)
AQ252 Reset Control Panel For
Multiple Temperatures
All the Great Features of the AQ251 Outdoor Reset Controller Plus:
• The ability to control 2 water temperatures (boiler loop and mixed
temperature loop) with injection pump or motorized mixing valves
• Expandable up to 64 zones and 5 reset water temperatures by using
AQ254 panels
Model Number
For use with pumps or zone valves without
end switches
For zone valves with end switches
AQ254 Add-A-Temperature Injection/
Mixing Expansion Panels
Works with any AQ2000 Control Panel each AQ254:
• Adds the capacity for an extra “reset water temp” to any AQ2000 network
• Expands the network capacity by an additional 16 zones
• Can add up to 3 AQ254 panels to an existing AQ2000 boiler control panel
Model Number
Expands an existing AQ2000 installation
by up to 16 zones and adds an additional
controlled (reset) loop temperature
All AQ2000 Control Panels provide sophisticated management
of Domestic Hot Water Tanks (DHW) including:
• DHW priority and DHW priority override
• Internal Set-point - No need to set boiler target temperature
when there is a DHW call
• Optional Auxiliary Out (low voltage) closure on DHW call Simplified wiring when used with a modulating/condensing
• DHW Vacancy Setpoint - For vacation homes, DHW and
space heating zones can be set to energy saving setpoint with
• Optional Auxiliary Pump (line voltage) closure on DHW call More convenient when using a valve on a DHW loop
one switch (Aux-In)
• Option to use the Return sensor as DHW sensor - Can be
used to control DHW setpoint
4 ZONES + 1
The AQ2000 allows you to use all of your space heating zones for just that!
No need to use one of those zones to run your DHW.
Control Panels – Single-Zone Systems For Retrofit Applications
AQ2511BO Boiler Reset
Control Panel
Many of the great features of either the AQ251 or AQ252, but without
multiple zone control:
• Simple energy savings (from boiler reset) for homes with only one
zone of heating
Model Number
1 Zone Reset
The AQ2511B0 can be used with any non-communicating
thermostat such as Honeywell’s VisionPRO IAQ,
VisionPRO , FocusPRO , and PRO Series.
How Does It Work?
The AQ2511B0 Panel saves energy by automatically adjusting
the boiler’s water temperature based on outdoor temperature.
This allows the boiler to exactly match the heat it provides with
the heat lost by the house. It’s like temperature cruise control for
your customers house!
The greatest energy savings is in the colder seasons where lower
boiler temperature produces longer boiler run times, less cycling,
more even heating of the house and less standby losses of heat
going up the exhaust vent or into the boiler room where it’s not
Expansion Zoning Panels
Temp ional
Model Number
Extends the capacity of an AQ2000 network by
up to 16 additional zones AND one extra loop
4 zones of zone valves without end switches
4 zones of zone valves with end switches
4 zones of pumps
8 zones of pumps
AQ255 and AQ257 Expansion Panels
Zoning Expansion Panel Features:
• Controls up to either 4 or 8 zones depending on the model
• Zone synchronization
• Auto test function to check out zones at system start-up
• R-C transformer and B-B data bus terminal connections and
network communication for easy expansion
• Status LEDs for easy diagnostics
• Use with 2-wire “polarity insensitive” communicating thermostats
• Expansion panels add-on simply and require only six field-installed
wires to connect to the system
• Integral low and line voltage wire conduit within panel enclosure
allows you to connect multiple panels together without the need
for running wire outside panels to connect them
AQ254 Add-A-Temperature Injection/
Mixing Expansion Panels
Even with 64 zones, all zones can still be diagnosed, checked out,
and settings adjusted from the main panel without ever having to
be in front of the thermostat itself!
The convenient channel connectors allow you to easily add a zone
without running wires outside of the panels. This eliminates the risk
of having wires exposed to the homeowner outside of the panel,
and makes for a clean and organized installation.
To connect the panels, remove the wire channel plugs, reverse
them and re-insert them.
Communicating Thermostats – Non-Programmable and Programmable
AQ thermostats were designed exclusively for use with the AQ2000 Controls. They are the only thermostats you
need for enhanced communication capabilities with multiple zones.
Note: Non-communicating thermostats can be used for single-zone systems when using an AQ2511B0 Control Panel. Communicating AQ1000
thermostats are required for multi-zone systems.
AQ1000TN2 – Non-Programmable Thermostat
• 2 unique programs per day – Setpoint (WAKE and RETURN) and setback
• Real Time Indoor and Outdoor temperatures are shown on display (with
programmable panels model only)
• Easy 2-wire “polarity insensitive” installation for quick and easy wiring for both
retrofit and new construction jobs
• Setpoint and setback for all zones can be programmed at either the thermostat
or the main AQ2000 control panel to save time
• Can program thermostats with min/max setpoints AND lock out zone
thermostats from the central control panel
• Can connect a floor sensor to any AQ1000 thermostat and control room and
floor temperature
• Can display temperature as Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Easy-to-read backlit display
• Settings memory retained in the event of power loss
• Separate installer setup and homeowner menus
AQ1000TP2 – Programmable Thermostat
All The Great Features Of The AQ1000TN2 Thermostat, Plus:
• Programmable with 4 unique programs per day that can be set for all
programmable TP2 thermostats from one TP2 thermostat, if desired.
• Can be used for heating and cooling
• Controls 1 zone of cooling (64 zones of heating can be used on the same
network when using AQ1000TN2 thermostats)
• Date and time displayed on thermostat and can be set at either the thermostat
or the control panel.
• Automatic DST switch over of entire system – controlled by AQTP2 thermostat
Backwards Compatible
New AQ1000TP2 cover plate fits existing AQ1000TN2
back-plate, so upgrades* are easy!
Note: AQ1000TP2 has 4 programs/day capability with previous AQ Panels, but certain features require panels with V2 software and beyond.
These features include A/C compatibility, communication of Day/Time of Day, an Auto-Daylight savings time reset.
Sensors and Replacement Modules/Enclosures
AQ12C11 Supply/Return Sensor
• Two units Included with AQ250, AQ25A; 3 included with AQ252
• One unit included with each AQ254
• 10 ft length
• Can be mounted on pipe or inserted in immersion well
• Includes the tie wrap
AQ12C10 Outdoor Sensor
• Included with AQ25A, AQ251 and AQ252
• 10 ft length
• Includes the mounting bracket
AQ12C20 Slab/Floor Sensor
• For use with any AQ Control Panel
• Especially suitable for use with in-floor radiant installations to protect floors from
overheating and to ensure minimum comfortable floor temperature is maintained
• 15 ft length
• Sold separately
Replacement Modules/Enclosures
Although AQ controls are very robust and designed to Honeywell’s demanding standards of quality,
we know that sometimes things go wrong on the job site and a component gets damaged. That’s
the beauty of the AQ2000 panel design – All modules pop off their Din rail, low voltage terminal
strips can be separated from the module without rewiring, and a replacement module can be in
place in just a couple of minutes!
Transformer Module
• Adds increment of 38 VA power per transformer to drive high VA devices
• Provides professional looking installation when used with AQ11D enclosures
• AQ10X38
Boiler Control Modules
• Provides easy replacement or upgrade from basic boiler control to reset
or reset/mixing control
• AQ1500B0 – Replacement for AQ250 Boiler Control Module
• AQ15A0B0 – Replacement for AQ25A Boiler Control Module
• AQ1510B0 – Replacement for AQ25A and AQ251 Boiler Control Module
• AQ1520B0 – Replacement for AQ252 Boiler Control Module
• AQ1540E0 – Replacement for AQ2541E0 Boiler Control Module
Zoning Modules
• AQ1554P2 Zoning – Replacement for Pumps / 2-Wire Valves Zoning Module
• AQ1574V4 Zoning – Replacement for 4-Wire Valves Zoning Module
Enclosures (Case/Covers)
• Suitable for adding extra AQ10X38 transformers to system or hiding system wiring for
a tidy professional looking installation
• AQ11D10 - Small (10 DIN width) panel enclosure (with integral DIN mounting rail)
• AQ11D15 - Medium (15 DIN width) panel enclosure (with integral DIN mounting rail)
• AQ11D20 - Large (20 DIN width) panel enclosure (with integral DIN mounting rail)
Boiler Compatibility
Today, there are so many boilers with
different types of controls built into
them, it can be confusing figuring out
which AQ controls to use with which
boiler. In general, you should select an
AQ2000 control panel to compliment
your boiler’s capability. Use the
Even the “smartest” boilers need zoning
For example, if your boiler already has outdoor resent on board, there’s no need for an
AQ panel with reset capability. Instead, use an AQ250 control panel to provide smart
zoning to the system, such as Zone synch, freeze protection, DHW priority, pump/valve
exercise, etc...
convenient selection chart below to
select a panel that best suits your job!
An AQ25A Panel has advanced set-up
features that decrease installation time.
Consider using an AQ25A panel with a programmable LCD
screen to speed up your installation and provide your customer
with the added value of having the outdoor temperature
displayed on each AQ1000 thermostat!
AQ2000 Control
Panel Selection Chart
How many reset water temperatures
does the installation have?
On/Off Boiler
AQ250 or
AQ252 +
Boiler With Zone Control
AQ250 or
AQ252 +
AQ252 +
Boiler Without Zone Control
AQ2000 Series - Hydronic Controls Product Selector
When using AQ2000 controls, selecting components could not be easier. All it takes are four easy steps.
1.Boiler Supply Water Temperature – will the AQ2000 control panel provide boiler reset control?
2.Zoning equipment – pumps, valves, 2-wire or 4-wire/end switch
3.Number of space heating zones – do not include DHW in total number of zones
4.For Systems With More Than 2 Controlled Water Temperatures – each additional mixed temperature
will require an AQ2541E0 expansion control panel plus sufficient zoning modules to manage the zones
associated with the additional water temperature
No Reset
Zone Valves Without
End Switches
One System Temperature
Zone Valves With
End Switches
Zone Valves Without
End Switches
2 – 4 Zones
AQ2504B2 + AQ2554P2X
AQ25A4B2 + AQ2554P2X
+ AQ2554P2X
AQ2504B2 + AQ2554P2X
AQ25A4B2 + AQ2554P2X
5 – 8 Zones
Control Panel Selection
Zone Valves With
End Switches
1 Zone
+ AQ2554V2
AQ2504B4 + AQ2554P2X
AQ25A4B4 + AQ2554P2X
AQ2504B2 + AQ2558P2X
AQ25A4B2 + AQ2558P2X
+ AQ2574V4
+ AQ2558P2X
AQ2504B2 + AQ2554V2 (2)
AQ25A4B2 + AQ2554V2 (2)
9 – 12 Zones
+ AQ2554V2 (2)
AQ2504B4 + AQ2554V4 (2)
AQ25A4B4 + AQ2554V4 (2)
AQ2504B2 + AQ2558P2X
+ AQ2554P2X
AQ25A4B2 + AQ2558P2X
+ AQ2554P2X
13 – 16 Zones
* Panels come with 4 zones pre-wired from factory.
+ AQ2574V4 (2)
+ AQ2558P2X
AQ2504B2 + AQ2554V2 (3)
AQ25A4B2 + AQ2554V2 (3)
+ AQ2554V2 (3)
AQ2504B4 + AQ2554V4 (3)
AQ25A4B4 + AQ2554V4 (3)
+ AQ2574V4 (3)
When using AQ2000 controls for more than two water temperatures:
1.Select the control panel for first two temperatures using the
Two System Temperature
Zone Valves Without
End Switches
Zone Valves With
End Switches
chart on the previous page
2. Select the expansion control panel for the third or additional 16
temperature zones using the chart on this page
3.Select the expansion control panel for the fourth or additional
16 temperature zones ALSO using the chart on this page
4. Save the results (drawing) for each selection in a separate file.
Print out the drawing, OR - if using Visio or AutoCAD, combine
them all into one system drawing
One System Temperature
+ AQ2554P2X
Zone Valves
Without End
Zone Valves
With End
+ AQ2554P2X
+ AQ2554V2
+ AQ2554V2
1 – 4 Zones
+ AQ2574V4
+ AQ2574V4
+ AQ2558P2X
+ AQ2554V2 (2)
+ AQ2574V4 (2)
+ AQ2558P2X
Control Panel Selection
+ AQ2558P2X
+ AQ2554V2 (2)
5 – 8 Zones
+ AQ2574V4 (2)
+ AQ2558P2X
+ AQ2554P2X
+ AQ2554V2 (3)
9 – 12 Zones
+ AQ2574V4 (3)
+ AQ2554V2 (3)
+ AQ2574V4 (3)
+ AQ2558P2X (2)
13 – 16 Zones
+ AQ2554V2 (4)
+ AQ2574V4 (4)
Installing And Connecting Components Is
Easy With Honeywell’s AQ2000 Controls
Simplified Wiring
• Logical interface — The modules in all AQ2000 control panels are laid
out in the same way, so there is no big learning curve
• Six pairs of 24 Vac terminals on the secondary of the AQ10X38
transformer for neat, organized wiring
• Connecting panels for multi-zone systems is easy thanks to integral
wiring channels that serve as snap fit connectors between components
for easy installation and alignment of panels
• Multiple ground screw connections and conduit knockouts for neat,
organized wiring
• Straightforward terminal strip design offers plenty of room for wiring;
plus, terminals are located in the front
• All relay and reset control panels* are factory pre-wired and come
complete with transformer, controller and zoning modules for up to 4
zones, minimizing installation time; All control panels are expandable up
to 16 zones, (and up to 64 zones, using AQ254 “Add-A-Temperature”
Expansion Control Panels) communicating on the same network
• The AQ2511B0 and AQ2521M0 reset control panels can provide
outdoor temperature compensation for systems that are configured as
one large zone; Ideal for retrofitting outdoor temperature compensation
to an existing installation without zoning changes
Additional Easy Connections
• Switching from pumps to valves is easier than ever because the
AQ2504B2, AQ25A4B2, AQ2514B2 and AQ2524M2 control
panels have built-in zoning modules that can be used by either
pumps or 2-wire zone valves (without end switches)
• Only two wires are required to connect thermostats, plus
polarity doesn’t matter; that’s especially valuable for retrofit jobs
where the thermostat wires are already in the wall
*AQ25511B0 reset panel does not include a zoning module
24 V~ Output
120 Vac Input
Power In
Power Out — System
Transformer Module
Control Module
Zoning Module
• Powerful 38 VA capacity
• Factory pre-wired to the control and
zoning modules
• Powerful enough to drive internal electronics,
up to 16 thermostats and 4 zone valves**
without needing to add external transformers
• Self-resetting electronic fuse protects
transformers from excessive load equipment
from zoning
• Large dot matrix display with easily
understandable menus (full words, no
acronyms or icons)
• Displays valuable system information
and diagnostics on system status page
for quick troubleshooting
• Easy-to-read backlit screen
• Simple and logically laid-out
menu selection
• Clearly labeled input and
output connections
• Integrated control of Domestic Hot
Water ­— priority and priority override
• LED lights for valuable diagnostics
• Auto test function allows for sequenced testing of
zones; includes pause/restart capability
• Easily switch from zone valves to pumps with
same zoning module – just flip one DIP switch
• Allows zoning with either “Normally Open” or
“Normally Closed” zone valves
• Zones can be set to operate group pump
• Expansion zoning panels connect quickly and
easily and can be connected directly to main AQ
panel or in another part of the house – up to 500
feet away!
• Adjacent zoning panels can operate different
zone equipment — one panel may control 4
pumps and another may control 4 zone valves
** Applies to most electric and thermally actuated zone valves,
like Honeywell V8043E1012 or MT-4. High power-consuming
zone valves (such as Taco heat motor valves) will require
additional (up to four times more) transformer capacity (VA).
Zone 1
Power In
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Power Out — Zones
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