OPPO BDP-105EU Direct Amplifier Connection

OPPO BDP-105EU Direct Amplifier Connection
Connecting OPPO BDP-105EU directly to a power amplifier or active speakers
BDP-105EU is well suited to being directly connected to a power amp or active speakers. The players level
(volume) control uses the dual Sabre32 DAC's which have patented 32 bit level control which is claimed to
perform as well as all but the most advanced analogue volume controls.
The Sabre32 DAC allows very fine level control. Quoted from the Sabre32 white paper:
The firmware presents a 0.5dB volume control register to the user allowing setting of volume to 0.5dB
accuracy. However, internally the volume control operates to less than 1/64 of a dB and smoothly moves
from one requested volume to the next. This results in a perfectly click-less volume step.
BDP-105EU also allows channel delay (speaker distance) to be adjusted in quarter millisecond (0.25' / 3”)
steps. Individual speaker levels can be adjusted in 0.5dB steps. Crossover points of 40Hz / 60Hz / 80Hz /
90Hz / 100Hz / 110Hz / 120Hz / 150Hz / 200Hz / 250Hz are available with 80Hz being the default setting.
Crossover is global, “per channel” crossover is not possible.
Important Note: After firmware update the player requires a factory reset to ensure correct operation. This
will reset volume level to “Fixed” and the actual volume to 100 (maximum). Please ensure you enter the setup menu and set volume to “Variable”, then lower the volume control to an initial setting of 45-50 before
powering on your amplifier or active speakers after factory reset. Volume setting is retained in memory
when the player is put in standby. So volume at power on remains the same as volume at power off.
Output impedance 7.1 board L/R front channels 100Ω
Output impedance dedicated stereo board L/R channels 100Ω
Output impedance 7.1 board all channels except L/R front 200Ω
Recommended amplifier input impedance is 47KΩ (Industry standard)
Peak output level: 2.1 Vrms (RCA / Phono)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >130dB (A-weighted, auto-mute), >115dB (A-weighted, no auto-mute)
Dynamic Range: >110dBV
Channel Separation: >110dB
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UK: 0845 060 9395 EU: +44 1603 402240 service@oppo-bluray.co.uk
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