PF215 FOlDINg MAcHINE - ams: address and mailing solutions

PF215 FOlDINg MAcHINE - ams: address and mailing solutions
AMS, 1 Optima Business Park, Pindar Road
Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0DQ
Tel: 01992 460 111
PF215 Folding machine
Improves the efficiency and presentation of your mailing processes
What Does It Do?
The AMS folding machine takes much of the manual labour
out of you mailing process, turning out material for a mass
mailing in minutes rather than hours - and prevent painful
paper cuts, too.
The AMS folding machine is the ultimate in simple push
button technology operation. But don’t be fooled by its
good looks and office type appearance. Underneath it is
one of the most reliable and well built systems on the
market and can happily sit in any type of commercial print
environment folding large volumes of work at around
9,000 sheets per hour. It can fold paper sizes from A6 to
A3 and can hold up to 500 sheets in the feed tray.
Easy To Use
Key Features:
• A3 Semi-automatic Folder
• 500 sheet feed tray (64gsm Bond)
• Rough paper, Bond, Duplicating
paper, Recycled paper, Drawing
• Paper weight from 46gsm up to
• Fold Types: single, letter, zig-zag,
double-parallel, fold-out, gate and
The compact machine is so simple to use, all you do is
load your paper then press the button to go, it even has a
test button to check the first 2 sheets are folded correctly.
It enables you to choose from 7 types of folds. There is
also a versatile counter with “Addition” “Subtraction” and
“Repeat” functions. All machines have removable rollers
so they are easy to replace when needed.
• Speeds of up to 10,000 per hour
Why Do I Need It?
• Digital counter with add, subtract
plus auto-repeat
The AMS folding machine suits the requirements of most
office based customers whether the need is to fold 500
invoices or statements a month to the larger user who has
a requirement for large volumes of letters or flyers to be
• Friction feed via 3 serrated drive
• Skew adjustment
• Extension type paper eject tray
• Removable rollers for easy
• Front cover safety cut-out
AMS - mailing made easy
AMS PF215 Automatic Paper Folding Machine Specifications
paper Sizes
B7 (single fold only) to A3
Paper Weight
46-105gsm (up to 160gsm for single fold)
Paper Quality
Rough paper, bond, duplicating paper, recycled
paper, drawing paper
Fold Types
Single, Letter, Zig-zag, Fold-out, Double-parallel,
Gate and others
Cross Fold
Paper Feeding System
Friction feed by 3 rubber rollers
Skew Adjustment
Feed Table Elevation
Feed Table Capacity
500 sheets (64gsm Bond)
3,240 to 9,000 sheets per hour (A4 single fold) (5 speeds)
4-digit add or subtract, auto repeat
Error Detection
Jam map display (showing location of error)
Fold Table 1 Jam Sensor Yes
Paper Empty Detection
Paper Eject Sensor
Safety Cover
Yes (immediate stop on opening)
Guides for Cross Fold
Standard accessory
Other Features
Removable folding rollers; Easy cleaning of photosensors
Paper Eject Tray Style
Extension type
Optional Equipment
AMS manufacture a range of
machine cabinets that will
easily support your mailing
equipment as well as provide
ample storage space. AMS
also manufacturer a range of
conveyor stackers and dryers
to complement your equipment
thereby making it easier and
more efficient to produce your
Mailing Supplies
AMS supply a wide range
of low-cost consumables to
suit our mailing equipment
including inkjet cartridges and
Machine Dimensions
In use: 870(W) x 530(D) x 520(H)mm
Boxed: 660(W) x 530(D) x 520(H)mm
Machine Weight
27 kg
230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Half Fold Gate Fold
Double Engineering Cross
Parallel Fold Fold
Why Choose An AMS Folding Machine?
AMS is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mailroom equipment. As
well as having a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts to offer
advice and bespoke solutions to suit your mailing needs, we have a
well-trained customer support team and highly skilled team of field
engineers to support you after your purchase.
This reliable and efficient after-care support service is provided
to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. We also offer a
comprehensive range of technical support and service packages that
cover both equipment and software. Our maintenance packages are
an economical way to maximise performance and the longevity of your
machine, overall resulting in peace of mind.
AMS, 1 Optima Business Park, Pindar Road
Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0DQ
Web: Tel: 01992 460 111
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