Converting a Flash File to a .WMV File

Converting a Flash File to a .WMV File
Converting a Flash File to a .WMV File
In order to embed a flash video into Power Point, you will need to convert the file
from a flash file (.flv) to a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file. There are many
ways to do this, I think this is one of the easiest.
You will need to download and install a program called VideoLAN, it’s a great
open source program (Read “Free’) you can use for viewing all types of video
files, but also use to convert files. You can download it at:
Once that is downloaded and installed, follow these steps to convert the file:
1. Open the .flv file with the VideoLAN program. When it starts playing, click
the stop button.
2. Click the file menu at the top and choose “Wizard”.
3. Click the “Transcode/Save to File” radio button, click next.
4. Click “Existing Playlist Item”, the video you want to convert will show in the
box below, click next.
5. Click the “Transcode Video” box and select WMV 3 from the drop down
menu. Click the “Transcode Audio” box and select mp3 from the drop
down menu, click next.
6. Click the ASF radio button and click next.
7. Finally, give the video a name and end it with the .wmv file extension.
(i.e. test.wmv)
8. Click finish, the program will run and convert the video file. It will show up
on your desktop.
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