Blended Ice Machine Operator Tips

Blended Ice Machine Operator Tips
Blended Ice Machine Operator Tips
Here are a couple of helpful tips for those who already have a Model C029 installed in your
Product LOW/OUT Identification
The icons on the screen will be outlined with different colors. When
dispensing a product, if sufficient product is available, there will be a green
outline around the icons. When the product is low (about 5-10 drinks
remaining) the outline will be yellow and remain yellow until product is
replenished or until the product supply is completely exhausted. When a
“product out” condition is detected, the outline will change to red and the
machine will not dispense product until the bag is replaced.
Ice Hopper
When performing the pitcher cleaning every four hours, also shave ice into
the pitcher blender. (This practice of periodically shaving ice will help prevent
ice „bridging‟ in the hopper. This is especially important if a drink hasn‟t been
dispensed in more than an hour.) To do this, press MENU and then ICE.
Discard any shaved ice in the back sink.
Pitcher Drain
When performing the daily cleaning procedures, please pour HOT water down the pitcher drain to
properly clean any product build-up from the system. To prevent contaminants from developing in
the system, it is important to use HOT water to clean the drain.
Product Bags
The Smoothie and Frappe product bags are very sensitive. It is important that you make sure the
bag is properly connected. Make sure the product tube is fully secured in the product bag fitting.
Manager’s Menu
The Manager‟s Menu can be accessed by pressing MENU, then NEXT, then entering _____. The
following explains the function of each key:
 Set Clock – Set the clock after cleaning.
 Reset to Defaults – This will reset all settings to the factory default.
 Version – View what version software is installed.
 Dispense – Add or remove product icons from Beverage Selection Screen.
 Scale – Change temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
 Rinse – Change rinser run time.
 Manual Defrost – Start a manual defrost cycle if the evaporator ices up.
 Drain pause – If the drain is slow, adjust the pause time during the weekly cleaning cycle.
 Software Update – Update software via the SD Card.
Call Taylor Freezer for your Menu Manager's code.
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