AMBE Codec addon board for the DV-RPTR

AMBE Codec addon board for the DV-RPTR
AMBE Codec addon board for the DV-RPTR
(DJ0ABR, DG1HT, DH2YBE, DG8FAC Rev. 05.12)
Microphone / Speaker:
There is a connector for the microphone and one for the speaker. Speaker/Mics from Kenwood fit
into these connectors.
We use the Kenwood Team JD-3602 which is sold for about 20 Eur. There are a couple of
Speaker/Mics in ebay which are compatible with Kenwood and very cheap.
It is also possible to connect other mics and speakers using adapter cables. It is important that the
PTT line is separate from the mic line. This is the case with Kenwood Speaker/Mics.
Settings in the Control Center for TRX mode:
In the first Tab choose: DV-TRX with external FM Transciver.
As with any other DV transceiver you need to enter the callsigns: urcall, rpt1, rpt2 and mycall. This
is done in the Tab DV-TRX.
Urcall: CQCQCQ (6 characters)
Rpt1: DB0ABC C (8 characters)
Rpt2: DB0ABC G (8 characters)
mycall: DL0XYZ
Suffix: ABCD
these settings are exactly the same as in any other DV transceiver and therefore need no explanation
Set the sliders for speaker and mic volume to the middle and fine adjust it later during a QSO.
You may enter two TX messages. At the end of the line you can select which one is sent. Each
message may be maximum 20 characters.
Operation WITHOUT a PC:
First of all make the settings as described here and test it during a QSO, still using a PC and the
Control Center.
If all works well, press the red button in the DV-TRX tab. This stores the settings into the EEPROM
of the DV-RPTR.
Disconnect the power supply and the USB cable.
Reconnect the power supply (no USB cable) and the board works without a PC now.
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