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Intelight MaxView®
Traffic Management Software
MaxView’s Thin Client Architecture means :
Quicker installs with less configuration
Users Simply connect to the network and direct their browsers to the
System server. No Software to Install on Client User PCS
Lower cost & More Scalable
Thin Client PC’s are generally less expensive. MaxView’s flexible
server configuration allow greater scalability.
Less maintenance
The constant maintenance of distributed PC operating systems is
eliminated with Thin Clients.
Improved At-A-Glance Management
Manage your entire Traffic network from MapView viewing all MaxView
Servers and all Communications Servers and Controllers in one tree.
See which devices are online and follow graphically the network path
from the devices back to all the servers.
Configure and maintain each User Client individually, or put the clients
into groups, and grant individual access rights.
Remote Administration
View multiple servers, devices, and users from a Map single screen.
This allows management of the System from a single machine
regardless of how many clients or servers make up the system.
Simultaneously connect two or more system servers and run the
applications you need. Switch between your sessions using a mouse
click or keystroke.
Automatic Failover
In the event of a Terminal failure, the client will fail over to a backup
server and continue working.
Instant Graphs & Reports
Maxview now includes online real-time data graphs and usage charts,
and has the ability to do trend analysis.
Event Logging
MaxView retains and displays a history of system events that can be
used to monitor operations and/or troubleshoot.
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