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casio - Digital Watch Library
Module No.210
CASIO User's Guide/Warranty Certificate
Dear Customer,
Congratulations on your purchase of this Casio
Digital Quartz Watch.
Although highly sophisticated, this watch is
delightfully simple to use, and by referring to
this guide you will enjoy all the features of this
reliable ultra-precise timepiece.
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Reading the display
[Time display] [Calendar display] [Seconds display]
® Press (A). 5 =
CEL arf ê = CI ress 4). NT Mm
| J oer + IU
O (Auto-return)
Hour À Minute Month Date Seconds
Press ®.
(Auto-return function) The calendar display will automatically return to the time
display in three seconds.
Readjusting errors up to + 30 seconds
1. Press 6. Second digits start flashing.
2. Press ® on a time signal.
3. Press ® for 2 seconds to complete.
Setting time and calendar
1. Press ® twice to set minute digits. One minute advances with every push of ®.
. Press ® to set hour digits. One hour advances with every push of ®. Check
whether AM (A) or PM (P) is lit.
3. Press ® to set date digits. One date advances with every push of O.
4. Press ® to set month digits. One month advances with every push of O.
5. Press ® to complete.
Note: As the calendar system is set at 28 days for February, reset March 1 to
February 29 each leap year.
(2-step digit advance) When the ® button is pressed for more than 2 seconds, the
display advances in 2-digit steps. When released, the digit advance will stop.
(Independent correction) Correction of any digit, if not required, can be skipped
by pressing the ® button repeatedly.
(Reversion to time display) The watch reverts to the time display, if the ® button is
pressed for more than 2 seconds, regardless of the digit setting mode.
e Avoid exposing the watch to strong chemicals such as gasoline, cleaning solvent,
aerosol spray, adhesive agent, paints, etc. whose chemical action will destroy the
seals, case and finish.
Accuracy at normal temperature: +15 seconds a month
Display capacity:
* Hours and minutes display
* Month and date display
* Seconds display
Calendar system: Auto-calendar set at 28 days for February
Battery: One silver oxide battery (type: No. 379)
Approx. 12 months operation on type No. 379
Warranty Certificate
Should this watch malfunction under normal use, it will be repaired without
charge for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If the watch requires
service within the warranty period, request repair or adjustment at the store where
purchased or the authorized Casio watch distributor, presenting the watch
together with this warranty certificate. The customer shall not have any claim
under this warranty for repair or adjustment expenses if:
(1) The trouble is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment.
(2) The trouble is caused by a fire or other natural calamity.
(3) The trouble is caused by improper repair or adjustment made by anyone other
than the authorized Casio watch distributor or its retailers.
(4) The case, band, glass or battery is damaged or worn.
(5) This warranty certificate is not presented when requesting service.
(6) The name and address of the authorized distributor or the retailer are not
stamped in the warranty certificate.
(7) The date of purchase, model name and manufacturing number are not entered
in the warranty certificate.
* The above warranty applies to regions other than the United States of America.
e United Kingdom — This undertaking is in addition to consumers statutory rights
and does not affect those rights in any way.
Care of your watch
* Battery Life: 12-month battery life starts when battery is factory installed.
At first sign of power fade (dim display), renew battery at sales store or Casio
* As this watch contains precise electronic components, it is suggested that the
back cover be removed by authorized personnel.
* Your watch is ranked A through E according to the water resistance chart below:
Check the ranking of your watch to determine proper use.
Rank Case Designation Splashes, Swimming, car-| Snorkeling, Scuba
rain, etc.| washing, etc. | diving, etc.| diving
A* — No No No No
D*** | 100M WATER RESISTANT Yes Yes Yes No
E**** | 200M WATER RESISTANT Yes Yes Yes Yes
*The watch is sweat-resistant but not water-resistant. So be careful not to get it
wet. The pendant type does not meet sweat-resistant levels.
**50M WATER RESISTANT casing model does not permit underwater button
***100M WATER RESISTANT casing model permits underwater button operations
(except where buttons are countersunk).
Should the watch be exposed to sea water, wash it well with fresh water and
wipe dry.
****200М WATER RESISTANT casing model withstands scuba diving use (except
diving using helium-oxygen gas).
® А waterproof rubber seal is used to exclude water and dust. As rubber
deteriorates after long usage, the seal should be replaced periodically (every 2—3
* Should water or condensation appear in the watch, immediately have it
overhauled because water can corrode electronic parts inside the case.
* Avoid exposing it to extremely high and low temperatures.
* Although the watch is designed to withstand shocks under normal use, it is
inadvisable to subject it to hard knocks — rough usage or drops onto hard
surfaces —.
* Avoid fastening the band too tightly. You should be able to insert your finger
inside the band.
* Clean the watch and bracelet with a soft cloth, dry or moistened with mild soap.
To avoid surface damage, never use volatile chemicals (such as benzine,
thinners, spray cleaners, etc.).
* Gold plated surfaces can be kept in good condition by regular wiping with a soft
damp cloth. Discoloration can be removed with detergent.
Always keep unused watches in a dry place.
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