TVIP S-Box v.422 and v.425

TVIP S-Box v.422 and v.425
User manual
For Mediacenters
v.410, v.412, v.415, v.610, v.612, v.615,
v.500 lite, v.500, v.500 dual, v.600, v.602, v.605,
v.422 and v.425
Mediacenters TVIP (STB) are designed to play IPTV (Digital television over IP) with standard difinition (SD)
and high difinition (HD) resolutions.
There is an USB port that allows connection of additional devices such as keyboard, mouse, external hard
drive, etc.
Slot for MicroSD card greatly extends the capabilities of theMediacenter.
Mediacenter allows to playback video from external hard drives, USB-flash drives, MicroSD memory cars,
as well as from shared network folders on a PC.
The recording function will keep your favorite TV translations for later viewing. Scheduled recording
function makes Mediacenter one of the most functional. Parental control can block certain channels
from unauthorized viewing with a password.
Mediacenter settings
The manufacturer recommends an end consumer to setup and connect the Mediacenter exclusively
with the help of technical specialists of the sellers’ company for optimal and safe use of all TVIP Mediacenter’s functions.
When unpacking the product, you must handle it with care, do not drop, shake and prevent from other
The product is designed to be placed on plane surface horizontally. Do not place the product on a slippery
surface, on the place where the product may vibrate, fall and be damaged the way that annuals
the warranty.
Do not place the product on the surface which may be heated, for example, on video player or amplifier,
and do not install anything on top surface of the product. Do not cover the product.
The product should be used with the power adapter supplied by the manufacturer only. The power supply
is equipped with a plug that is designed for power outlets in a country of Mediacenter use. If you need
to connect the product in another country or region, with other parameters of electric power, the power
supply, approved for use in other areas should be obtained from the media center’s manufacturer. During
operation the external power supply is heated. If the external power supply unit gets hot, immediately
unplug the product and contact your supplier for a replacement.
When using products for viewing plasma screens, do not put the picture on pause for more
than 5 minutes, it can lead to “burnout” of pixels on the screen. This is not a defect in the product, but
the design features of plasma screens. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage to TV due to such
Connecting to TV
Use HDMI cable to connect the Mediacenter to your TV for the best possible video and audio quality.
Connect IR-receiver to operate from the remote controller.
Also you can use MicroSD memory card and connect the external device through USB port.
WiFi is available not for all models, details on the website and in the catalog.
TVIP S-Box v.410, v.412, v.610, v.612 and v.615
TVIP S-Box v.500 lite, v.500, v.500 dual, v.600, v.602 and v.605
TVIP S-Box v.422 and v.425
Using remote control
1. Mediacenter power on/standby.
2. Programmable TV control (learning group)
З. Settings
4. Menu
5. Playback and pause control (TimeShift)
6. Block of function keys
7. Main menu (home page)
8. Return
9. Navigation keys
10. Context information key
11. Electronic program guide
12. Volume control
13. Virtual mouse/keyboard control
14. Mute on/off
15. Channel switching
16. Block of digital keys
17. Previous channel
18. Delete
Remote control programming
1. Press «SET» button on the Mediacenter’s remote control and hold it for 2 seconds until red LED
becomes bright. Now remote control is ready to be programmed.
2. Press any button from “Learning group” which you want to program, and red LED starts to blink.
3. Place two remote controllers facing each other at 1 cm distance, press and hold the button
for 2 seconds on the TV remote control, which you want to teach your media center.
4. After three quick flashes and when the red LED lights up constantly, programming of remote control’s
buttons on the Mediacenter is completed.
5. Repeat these actions of programming for all buttons that are necessary.
6. To complete the programming process and to save new settings of the remote control of the Mediacenter , press button «SET». The red LED should turn off. The remote control is ready to use.
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