Priport DX 4640PD
Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD
Digital Duplicator
High-volume duplex productivity
Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD
High-volume duplication with duplexing.
As the industry’s first duplexing digital duplicator, the RICOH®
Priport DX 4640PD is specifically engineered to deliver large
volumes of two-sided output with excellent image quality and
outstanding cost efficiency. This reliable, user-friendly system
sets a new standard for affordable, high-volume productivity.
It enables healthcare providers, print-for-pay facilities, central
reproduction departments (CRD) and others
to dramatically increase
output speed while
keeping cost-per-page
extremely low.
Fast, Flawless Performance
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD incorporates an
innovative design and specialized paper feeding
mechanism to deliver reliable duplex printing in a
single pass. It also handles a wide range of paper
sizes for one-sided documents, so users can expect
superior productivity for a variety of print jobs.
• Complete large jobs quickly with output speeds up to 120 two-sided
8.5" x 11" pages-per-minute (ppm), or 240 images-per-minute (ipm).
At this rate, users can produce over 14,000 impressions-per-hour.
• Improve productivity more than 40% by printing two-sided documents,
eliminating wait-time for drying ink, and the need to feed sheets into
the system twice.
• Optimize productivity for one-sided documents with output speeds up
to 135 ppm.
• Maximize efficiency with multifunctional capabilities. The Ricoh Priport
DX 4640PD serves as a high-volume network printer as well as a digital
copier. Users can duplicate documents from the platen or scan them
with the automatic reversing document feeder.
• Store frequently duplicated documents on the hard drive for instant reprints.
• Get started on important jobs immediately with a first-print time as
low as 12 seconds.
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD uses an innovative
drum design and duplex tray to duplicate two-sided
documents with speed and cost efficiency.
Consistent, Crisp Image Quality
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD delivers high-quality
output for every document it duplicates.
• Produce bold solids, halftones and photos—while eliminating printthrough—with well-defined masters and evenly percolated ink.
• Improve reliability with automatic print pressure control, which adjusts
system settings according to slight fluctuations in print speed, temperature
and humidity.
• Ensure registration from page-to-page, and fine-tune results with an
adjustable margin of 0.25 mm.
• Minimize off-set with a paper delivery tray that uses unique buffer fins
to align finished sheets with precision.
Measurable Cost Savings
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD with “direct-to-plate”
technology allows quick reproduction of duplex
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD is geared for costconscious users who need to increase output
volumes and keep operating costs as low as possible.
• Drop cost-per-page for large print and copy volumes to just fractions of
a cent—then cut that cost even further with duplex output.
• Reduce cost-per-page even more with a durable, long-lasting master that
can easily handle up to 4,000 one-sided images or 8,000 duplex images.
Easy, Intuitive Operation
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD delivers output speed
and image quality that rival the capabilities of a
small printing press, yet it is as easy to use as a
conventional copier.
• Speed through job setup quickly with the large, easy-to-navigate LCD
touch-screen panel.
Detailed fleet reports from the @Remote service make
it easy to track costs and measure performance.
• Eliminate errors in printing and master-making with a single button that
initiates both activities. Process status is clearly displayed.
• Prepare the Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD for operation in less than 15 seconds.
Getting the system ready is as easy as turning the system on, and finishing
is as simple as turning it off. No labor intensive clean up is required such as
with an offset press.
• Loading supplies is easy, even for new users. Disposing of used masters is
quick, clean and easy. The user never is required to touch the inked up
masters. Just push a lever to dispose of the old master in a secure receptacle.
Intelligent Remote Management
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD comes
equipped with several ways to
streamline administration.
• @Remote™ Intelligent Remote Management System is
a device management service for networked products
that automatically collects meter data from the Ricoh
Priport DX 4640PD which enables remote meter reading
and billing. In addition, the customer can have
access to detailed fleet utilization reporting that helps
IT departments keep track of output and total costs.
• Monitor system status or adjust setting remotely
over the network with SmartDeviceMonitor™, or
over the Web with Web Image Monitor™ software.
Solid Durability
The Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD delivers the
reliable performance necessary to ensure smooth,
uninterrupted production and strong, long-term
investment protection.
• Keep service calls to a minimum with a high duty cycle, up to 600,000
prints per month.
• Expect longer system life with a design that features minimal moving
parts and “cold process” print technology that does not require a fuser.
• Enjoy automatic detection and resolution of paper jams, misfeeds or
double-feeds with the Double Feed Detector and Paper Feed Retry features.
Quality Output for Multiple Markets
For many kinds of users, the Ricoh Priport
DX 4640PD offers a smart, affordable way to
complete high-volume print jobs quickly and
cost effectively.
• Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers can print two-sided
patient forms, including those that require NCR paper.
• Schools, colleges, and university CRDs can produce enrollment
paperwork, permission documents and other two-sided forms without
expensive outsourcing.
• Large churches and other faith-based organizations can print twosided program inserts, bulletins, newsletters and fundraising materials.
• Print-for-pay facilities can create profitable new revenue streams for
customers that need large volumes of duplex documents.
• In-plant and CRD sites can cost efficiently produce business forms and
notices in-house reducing the need for outsourcing, allowing the proper
utilization of other production equipment such as large digital copiers.
Ricoh continues its long-standing
commitment to developing office
solutions with environmentally
friendly and superior energy- and
supply-saving features, without
compromising productivity, including:
• Quick Start-Up (QSU) Technology
• Power-Saving Sleep Mode
• Minimal Ozone Emissions
High-quality, Cost-saving Performance
ADRF (automatic
reversing document
Handles multi-page
originals with ease,
up to 11" x 17".
Control panel
Large, bright LCD panel
is designed for intuitive,
copier-like operation.
QWERTY soft keyboard
Allows users to key in job
programs and other
customized job applications.
Print speed selector
Controls print speed with
six settings from 60 to 135
Master-making unit
Strategically located for
easy installation of the
master roll.
Paper feed side plates
Locking plates guide paper
into the system and help
prevent misfeeds.
Paper feed tray
Accepts a wide range of
sizes and weights.
Paper delivery tray
Neatly stacks
completed output.
Drum unit
Master automatically wraps
around this unit.
Master eject unit handle
Allows users to pull out the master
eject unit quickly and easily.
Duplex tray
Enables fast, precise
duplication of two-sided
Print large jobs with virtually nonstop
productivity using the LS3000R Large Capacity
System, which holds up to 3,000 sheets.
Save time and cut costs on multicolor jobs
by printing two colors in a single pass
with the TC-IIR Digital Production Printer.
Ricoh Priport DX 4640PD
System Specifications
General Specifications
Digital/Printer controller built-in
Press Roller System
Sheets, Book
Maximum 11.8" x 17.0"
Scanning: 600 dpi X 400 dpi
Master-making: 400 dpi X 400 dpi
Image mode
– Letter mode
– Letter / Photo auto separation
Contrast: strong, standard, soft
– Photo mode
Dots pattern: standard, rough
(4 levels)
Contrast: high, standard, low
– Tint mode
– Pencil mode
Image density
4 levels: Lighter, Normal, Dark,
Very dark
Reproduction ratio
6 Reduction and 5 Enlargement:
50%, 65%, 74%, 77%, 85%, 93%
100%, 121%, 129%, 155%, 200%
50–200 % (in 1 % step)
Directional magnification 50–200 % (in 1 % step, in
1 mm step)
Auto magnification
Printing area
10.8" x 16.6"
(One-sided print)
Leading edge margin
Less than 6 mm
Print paper size
Maximum: 12.8" x 17.6"
(One-sided print)
Minimum: 2.8" x 5.8"
Print paper weight
13 lb. Bond – 110 lb. Index
(One-sided print)
Portrait: 12 sec.
First print time
(One-sided print)
Vertical: ± 0.39"
Image position
(One-sided print)
Horizontal: ± 0.39"
Minimum movable unit: 0.01"
Printing speed
60–135 sheets / minute for
(One-sided print)
8.5" x 11" and below (6 levels)
60–120 sheets / minute for
11" x 17" (5 levels)
Paper feed table capacity 1,000 sheets (20 lb. paper)
Paper delivery table capacity 1,000 sheets (20 lb. paper)
Master feed capacity
More than 200 masters / roll
Ejected master capacity
DLT: More than 100 masters
Color drum change
Conserving master
Auto color detection
Auto density control
Auto shut-off
Security mode
Available (Higher / Normal)
User code
Up to 200 codes
Program mode
Available (10 programs)
Skip feed (One-sided only) Available
User tool
Margin erase
Auto background
Image rotation
Original storage
Multiple copy mode
Combine printing: 2 in 1, 4 in 1
Repeat printing: 2 in 1, 4 in 1,
8 in 1, 16 in 1 and custom
Overlay (One-sided print) Available
Stamping (One-sided print) Available
Quality start
Master processing
Printing process
Original type
Original size
Pixel density
Power source
120V, 60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) with table
55.90" x 28.34" x 40.15"
Platen cover:
55.90" x 28.34" x 44.48"
Net Weight Without table
Machine with Platen cover: 261.24 lb.
Machine with ADF:
278.88 lb.
Printing area (Duplex)
10.8" x 8"
Print paper size (Duplex) Only 8.5" x 11"
Print paper weight (Duplex) 17 lb. to 28 lb. Bond
First print time (Duplex)
8.5" x 11" portrait duplex print:
46 seconds (One-sided original)
8.5" x 11" portrait duplex print:
50 seconds (Duplex original)
Image position (Duplex) Vertical: ±0.1"
Horizontal: ± 0.39"
Minimum movable unit: 0.01"
Printing speed (Duplex)
120–240 images / minute (5 levels)
(60–120 sheets / minute (5 levels))
General Features of Printer Controller
128 MB (Resident 64 MB + 64 MB
additional memory)
Note: Additional 64 MB Memory is pre-installed.
Hard Disk Drive
Print Resolution
Host Interface
Adobe®PostScript®3™ (Option)
400 dpi x 400 dpi
RPCS: Arial
PS3: 136 Adobe®PostScript®fonts
Ethernet (Ethernet
USB 2.0
IEEE802.11b (Wireless LAN)
Interface (Option)
Parallel Port IEEE1284 (Option)
Transmission mode
IEEE 1284 Parallel Board
Type 1
Original table capacity
Power source
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Net Weight
TC-IIR (Twin color printing system)
Product name
Master processing
Printing process
Printing area
Print paper size
Print paper weight
Image position
1st drum
2nd drum
Minimum movable unit
(2nd drum)
Printing speed
Vertical; ±15 mm
Horizontal; ± 10 mm
Vertical; ± 5 mm
Horizontal; ± 10 mm
0.125 mm
LCS (Large capacity system)
Auto select from below speed
1Mbps, 2Mbps, 5.5Mbps, 11Mbps
2412–2462 MHz (1–11 channels)
1Mbps 400 m
2Mbps 270 m
5.5Mbps 200 m
11Mbps 140 m
802.11 ad-hoc, ad-hoc, and
infrastructure mode
Standard IEEE 1284 compliant
Micro Centronics 36 pin cable
Product name
Available Ink Colors
Standard color inks
Ricoh Americas Corporation, Five Dedrick Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006
Ricoh® and the Ricoh Logo are registered trademarks of Ricoh Company, Ltd. Windows® and Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/Server2003 are registered trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation. Macintosh®, Mac® OS and AppleTalk® are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Adobe® and PostScript® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc.
RPCS™ is a trademark of Ricoh Company, Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Print speed may be affected by network, application or PC
performance. Specifications and external appearances are subject to change without notice. Products are shown with optional features.
Consists of two parts:
Large Capacity Input Tray (LCIT)
Large Capacity Output Tray (LCOT)
LCIT can be used independently
3,000 sheets (20 lb.)
Paper feed tray stack
Paper delivery tray stack 3,000 sheets (20 lb.)
Delivery paper size
Max: 11.69" x 17"
Min: 5" x 7.16"
Delivery paper weight
12.5 lb. Bond – 110 lb. Index
CM (Custom) color inks
Printed in U.S.A. on recycled paper because Ricoh cares.
Floor Standing (with optional cabinet)
No master making unit
Twin color press roller printing
11.4" x 16.0"
Maximum 12.8" x 17.3"
Minimum 2.8" x 9.8"
12.5 lb. Bond – 110 lb. Index
Module type ROM DIMM
Controller Options
Frequency range
Transmittable distance
Original weight
ARDF Type 4640
Standard sized papers:
Non-standard sized papers:
Vertical: 4.2" – 11.7"
Horizontal: 5.1" – 34"
14 to 28 lb.
Standard sized papers: 14 to 34 lb.
Non-standard sized papers:
14 to 28 lb.
14 to 28 lb.
50 sheets (20 lb. paper)
From mainframe
W 21.65" x D 18.50" x H 5.11"
22.04 lb.
40 GB (6 GB for document storage)
Mac OS 8.6 – 9.X, Mac OS X
(10.1 – 10.4)
Note: Mac OS only works for PS3
Extension HDD Type 1
Memory Unit Type C
(128 MB/256 MB)
PostScript 3 Board Type 2
IEEE 802.11b I/F Unit Type 1
Data transfer speed
Product name
90–120 sheets / minute
(90,105,120 cpm)
Skip feed
Friction control
Paper type selection
Auto switch off
Paper feed table capacity 1,000 sheets (20 lb. paper)
Paper delivery table capacity 1,000 sheets (20 lb. paper)
Paper counter
Color drum change
Power source
110 – 120V, 60Hz
Power consumption
120cpm printing: 550W
Dimensions (W x D x H) W: 61.22" x D: 24.80" x
H: 21.85"
194 lb.
With 2 drums 227.07 lb.
Note: Only one of above option can be installed.
Network Protocol
MIB support
Auto Document Feeder
Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Orange,
Maroon, Yellow, Teal, Brown,
Navy, Purple, Burgundy, Hunter
green, Violet, Gold, Reflex blue
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