DPSM v2.0 FAQs

DPSM v2.0 FAQs
DPSM v2.0 FAQs
1. What is Canon Direct Print and Scan for Mobile (DPSM)?
o DPSM is a mobile print and scan app that supports iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ tablets and
phones, and Blackberry® smartphones and the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform
and certain imageRUNNER multifunction products (MFPs).
2. What is required to utilize DPSM?
A. The Canon Direct Print and Scan for Mobile MEAP application1
B. A Canon MEAP enabled imageRUNNER or imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFP with a
Direct Print Kit or Post Script (PS) Printer Kit installed2
C. A direct network connection between the Canon MFP and mobile device, either via
VPN or WiFi
D. The Canon DPSM mobile client application installed and running on the users’
mobile device
3. Where can I download the DPSM application?
o iPhone and iPad users can download the application from the App Store℠
o BlackBerry smartphone users can download the application from BlackBerry App World™
Direct Print and Scan for Mobile MEAP application is available for purchase through Authorized Canon Dealers in the United States and
Canada ONLY.
The Direct Print Print Kit and the PS Printer require the purchase of Additional Memory Type B (512MB) or D (512MB):
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5000/C7000/C9000 devices will require Additional Memory Type B (512MB)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200/C7200/C9200 devices will require Additional Memory Type D (512MB)
Direct Print and Scan for Mobile v2.0 FAQs – May 2013
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DPSM v2.0 FAQs
o Android tablet and phone users can download the application from Google Play™ or the
Amazon Appstore
Google Play link:
Amazon Appstore link
4. Can I select printing finishing features using DPSM?
Yes, you can select the following finishing features if the Canon MFP has the finishing features
o Duplex printing
 “Left Edge” formatting (booklet style)
 “Top Edge” formatting (calendar style)
o Color vs. B/W printing
o Select number of prints (select 1 – 99)
o Collate / Group
o Staple (different positions are available)
o Hole-punch
Direct Print and Scan for Mobile v2.0 FAQs – May 2013
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DPSM v2.0 FAQs
5. Can I select options for my scan jobs?
Yes, you can select the following options:
o Color Mode
 Auto
 Black & White
 Color
o Resolution
 200 DPI
 300 DPI
o Page Size3
 Auto
 Ledger
 Legal
 Letter
 Letter-R
o Document/File Type
o Page Layout
 1-sided
 2-sided
6. Can I set usage limitations across a user-base?
No, currently, there is no integration with the Canon Access Management System (AMS)
7. Can I specify the paper size for my print jobs?
No, the Canon imageRUNNER or imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFP will utilize Auto Paper Size for all
print jobs
o Note: TXT and TIFF files will use the default paper size set on the Canon MFP
Only the paper sizes that the MFP supports are displayed and can be selected.
Direct Print and Scan for Mobile v2.0 FAQs – May 2013
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DPSM v2.0 FAQs
8. Can the scanning functionality be disabled?
Yes, an IT/Application Administrator can disable the scanning functionality via the Configuration
9. Can I print an email body using DPSM?
Android - No
BlackBerry - Yes
iPhone and iPad - No
10. Can I print a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document attached in an email or stored on the
mobile device?
No, only PDF, TXT, TIFF, JPG, and Photo files can be printed
11. Can I print from my mobile device web browser?
No. However, DPSM v2.0 has a built-in web browser that allows users to access and print web
12. Can I store the Canon MFP device in my mobile device queue?
Yes. Once a user has registered the QR Code for a particular Canon MFP device, it is stored on
his/her mobile device, until it is deleted
o Note: When a user stores the Canon MFP on his/her mobile device, he/she will not be
required to rescan the QR Code each time he or she wants to print and/or scan
13. Can I delete a Canon MFP that has been added to my list of Canon MFP’s in my device queue?
Yes. When a Canon MFP is deleted, the user is prompted to confirm the deletion. If the mobile
device is currently connected to the Canon MFP, another prompt will ask the user if he or she
wishes to disconnect
o Note: Even if a Canon MFP is deleted from the users’ device queue, that same Canon
MFP may still be re-added using the QR Code Reader
14. Is there a difference between iPhone and iPad printing and scanning?
Direct Print and Scan for Mobile v2.0 FAQs – May 2013
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DPSM v2.0 FAQs
15. What is the maximum file size I can print?
DPSM does not impose a maximum file size restriction
16. What is the proximity range for communication between my mobile device and the Canon MFP?
As long as your mobile device can connect to the same network to which the Canon MFP is
connected, either via VPN connection over a cellular connection or Wi-Fi, there is no range
17. Which mobile devices does DPSM support?
iPhone and iPad running iOS v5.0 – 6.1.3
BlackBerry smartphones running OS5 and OS6
Android tablets and phones running OS 2.2-4.2
18. Which Canon MFP devices support DPSM?
Monochrome 4,5
iR 3245/3245i
iR 3235/3235i
iR 3230
iR 3225
Monochrome ⁴, ⁵
iR ADV 4051/4045/4035/4025
iR ADV 6075/6065/6055
iR ADV 6275/6265/6255
iR ADV 8105/8095/8085
iR ADV 8205/8295/8285
iR ADV 500iF/400iF
Color ⁴, ⁵
iR ADV C2030/C2020
iR ADV C2235/C2225
iR ADV C5051/C5045/C5035/C5030
iR ADV C5255/C5250/C5240/C5235
iR ADV C7065/C7055
iR ADV C7270/C7260
iR ADV C9075 PRO/C9065 PRO
iR ADV C9280 PRO/C9270 PRO
Of the Canon imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFPs listed above, iOS 5.x will not make a secure connection with the Canon
MFP when using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as some Canon devices only support Transport Security Layer (TLS) v1.0 and iOS 5.x only
supports TLS v1.2. Therefore, it is recommended that SSL communications be disabled on the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFP
If you are using a BlackBerry OS 5 or OS 6 smartphone, SSL is supported
Direct Print and Scan for Mobile v2.0 FAQs – May 2013
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DPSM v2.0 FAQs
19. What file types are supported for printing?
20. What files types are supported for scanning?
21. What languages are supported with DPSM v2.0?
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Direct Print and Scan for Mobile v2.0 FAQs – May 2013
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