The New Elinchrom ELC, “Now I`ve tried it I can`t

The New Elinchrom ELC, “Now I`ve tried it I can`t
Flash Centre
©Philippe Echaroux
Show Speakers Stand P60 / NEC Birmingham / Saturday 1st - Tuesday 4th March 2014
Frank Doorhof’s passion
is capturing a persons
‘style’, he believes it
is the most rewarding
thing a photographer
can do. Frank loves to
find the challenges in
really capturing the character instead of just
creating a ‘pretty’ image, this passion means
his photography is always evolving. Frank
is also a teacher, he leads photography and
lighting at workshops around the world and in
2010 he was the first European photographer
to join Kelbytraining. Frank also produces
books and DVDs which are sold worldwide.
New Show, same
great offers!
The show may have changed but TFC are still offering you the chance to buy fantastic kit at our very
best prices. As well as the deals at the show we will have all these offers PLUS more on our website.
The New Elinchrom ELC, “Now I’ve tried it
I can’t live without it.” Philippe Echaroux
A great start to 2014, Elinchrom is
already picking up awards!
Tigz Rice is a fashion
photographer who loves
because it, “Combines my
three passions – decadent
and the female form”.
To Tigz, becoming a photographer was less
of a conscious choice and more of a natural
calling. Taking inspiration from film noir,
fairy tales and paintings by the old masters,
her work is heavily influenced by a love
of storytelling with underlying narratives
running throughout all her work. This
combined with the world of contemporary
fashion gives Tigz her signature style.
Steve Howdle started his
photographic career in 2000
and within two years was
shooting hair and beauty
advertising for international
industry for innovative lighting techniques.
This experience enabled Steve to lead seminars
and workshops around the UK and Europe.
Steve is currently a director at Magnus
and Gillespie, a company that as well
as offering design and videography,
also specialises in the photography of
private fine art collections for publication.
Mark Cleghorn is a
images have won hundreds
of awards including the
Kodak Gold Award 17
times. He has influenced
photographers across the world with his
training courses and is dedicated to helping
all photographers reach their full potential.
Timetable at
Stand P60
Saturday / Sunday
Frank Doorhof
Tigz Rice
Mark Cleghorn
Steve Howdle
Mark Cleghorn
Frank Doorhof
Frank Doorhof
Mark Cleghorn
Tigz Rice
Mark Cleghorn
Steve Howdle
Frank Doorhof
Frank Doorhof
Mark Cleghorn
Tigz Rice
Mark Cleghorn
Richard Walton
Frank Doorhof
TPS Flyer 2014.indd 1
Elinchrom Inspires With Two New High End
Compact Flash Units The ELC Pro-HD Compacts 500 and
1000 are the worlds most complete, feature rich compact studio flash units.
The result of over 50 years experience at the forefront of studio lighting
technology. Designed and assembled at Elinchrom’s HQ in Switzerland the
ELC benefits from the highest Swiss specification.
Elinchrom President Chris Whittle says, ”We set out to make a unit that
would not only change the way a photographer works but also the way that
they think. We believe the ELC combines everything a photographer needs
with everything a photographer wants, plus the consistency and
reliability that you expect from Elinchrom.”
Recycling times are lightning fast (0.6s / 1.2s to full power, ELC 500w / ELC
1000w) while Swiss precision guarantees consistency of power output and
colour temperature, shot after shot. Furthermore the super fast flash
durations (up to 1/5000s / 1/5260s, t0.5, ELC 500 / ELC 1000) enable you to
freeze motion like never before.
The ELC is the first unit to incorporate an OLED screen that displays every
control for the most professional user experience.
New Shooting Modes - The ELC features three exciting new shooting
modes that will literally change the way you create.
Sequence Mode - Allows you to sequentially trigger up to 20 ELC’s, in bursts
or as a continuous cycle, to utilise the high frame rate of your camera.
Delayed Mode - Provides the option of first or second curtain sync and
everything in-between, plus predictive syncronisation within a short
Strobo Mode - Enables you to take a picture with stroboscopic effects within
a single frame.
“We are delighted with the ELC” says Chris Whittle “The specifications are
impressive, but let the photographers who have used them so far speak for
“ These are the lights you want for your studio, they offer all the good old
classic studio flash features plus some fresh new tricks. You will love learning
to use them.. it’s the new generation of Studio
equipment” Philippe Echaroux -
“The new ELCs make shooting motion like shooting with constant light but
now with the freezing power of strobes. It’s awesome to shoot at 5fps and still
run out of buffer in the camera before the strobes do. They rock.”
Frank Doorhof -
“Using the ELC’s I’m thinking creative, running free from all previous
technical boundaries. The new ELC is a step forward on so many levels, it’s
difficult to say which feature I liked best. I want them! I need them!”
Kieron Nevison -
“As soon as I tested the heads in the real world I can easily say, test it and
you will adopt it! Intuitive to use, very fast, robust.”
Anoush Abrar -
At TFC we already know how great
Elinchrom kit is but it makes a real
difference when other people
recognise it too. Thank you for
all the lovely awards (to add to
the many Elinchrom has
already won), you’ve made a
grey January seem a lot
Take advantage of even more special offers
via the TFC website. All our show offers
PLUS special web only ones will be
available for the duration of the show, use
the QR code to get full details!
EL D-lite RX 2/2 Kit - £544 Saves £182
EL BRX 250/500 Kit - £849 Saves £128
EL Quadra Hybrid Lead Gel Battery 2 head ‘S’ Kit - £1349 Saves £371
EL Quadra Snappy - £18 Saves £2
EL Quadra 3.5m / 10m Extension Cable - £69 / £94 Saves £10 / £16
EL RX 600/600 Cased Kit - £1149 Saves £191
EL Background Reflector - £42 Saves £7
EL 70cm Beauty Dish (Silver or White) - £164 Saves £26
EL 70cm Beauty Dish Grid - £129 Saves £21
EL 40cm Maxi Spot - £74 Saves £10
EL 40cm Maxi Lite - £74 Saves £10
EL 26cm High Performance Reflector - £52 Saves £7
EL Polystand - £154 Saves £111
EL 175cm Octa Rotalux - £285 Saves £39
EL Rotagrid for 60x80 cm - £95 Saves £35
EL Rotagrid for 90x110 cm - £125 Saves £54
EL Rotagrid for 70cm Square - £95 Saves £40
EL Bowens fit Spreedring for Rotalux - £30 Saves £6
EL Varistar 85cm set - £34 Saves £30
TFC Background Support Kit - £134 Saves £21
Phottix Mitros Plus Flashgun & Odin Transmitter - £449 Saves £149
Westcott 43” Silver/Black Collapsible Umbrella - £17 Saves £8
Rosco Lite Pad Loop Pro Kit - £557 Saves £389
Rosco Digital Shooter Lite Pad Kit Daylight - £2127 Saves £523
10% Off all Swedish Chameleon SC4 Rigs!
Please be aware that all our special
offers are available at the show,
From 10.30am, everything is up for grabs, just
make sure you are the first to get your name on on-line via the website and in our
that special something... Items may be reserved stores. Take advantage of them from
the show opening until Friday 7th
and paid for from 10:30am on Tuesday only
March inclusive (Subject to availability).
and MUST be collected between 4.00pm and
Tuesday is Demo Sale Day!
4.30pm in person. Thank you!
10/02/2014 11:49
D-Lite ONE
D-Lite ONE Umbrella kit
includes 2x D-Lite ONE Heads
1x Translucent Brolly
1x Black/white Brolly
2x ClipLock Stands
2x 16cm Reflectors
1x Skyport Transmitter
2x Protection Caps
Carry Cases and Cables
D-Lite ONE Umbrella Kit £319 Saves £141
D-Lite ONE Softbox Kit includes 2x D-Lite ONE Heads
2x 66cm PortaliteSoftboxes
2x ClipLock Stands
1x Skyport Transmitter
2x Protection Caps
Carry Cases and Cables
The Photography Show 2014 is the best place to take advantage of our special offers, although they are also available in our
stores and on-line for the duration of the show. As always we are offering you our best deals of the year, our philosophy is
simple; the more successful we can help you to be, the easier it is for you to continue to be our customer! We hope to see you
at The Photography Show! The TFC Team. All prices include Vat.
Choose your Elinchrom Head,
Then Accessorize
D-Lite ONE RX Head - £129 Saves £21
D-Lite 4 RX Head - £229 Saves £35
BRX 500 Head - £349 Saves £60
Recommended Elinchrom Essentials
NEW ProTec Bag
Saves £10
Buy Two
and Get a
D-Lite RX
Nano Stand - £35 Saves £5
Cliplock Stand - £42 Saves £7
Creative Options
Snoot and
Grid Set £43
Saves £6
Umbrella Set
£25 Saves £4
D-Lite RX 2/4 Umbrella Kit - £499
Saves £161
21cm Gel
Set (10pc)
£25 Saves £4
18cm Reflector
and Grid Set
Saves £6
D-Lite RX 2/4 Umbrella Kit includes -1x D-Lite 2 Head, 1x D-Lite 4
Head, 1x Translucent Brolly, 1x Silver Brolly, 2x ClipLock Stands, 2x
16cm Reflectors,1x Skyport Transmitter, 2x Protection Caps, Carry Cases
and Cables
D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox Kit £599 Saves £204
Godox LP-800X for whenever you need to
use your kit on location..
The Godox Lithium Ion Inverter
works with multiple
flash units and is capable of more
than 12000 300w/s flashes at full
power, with normal modeling
lamp and recycle time.
Quadra Hybrid Lithium 1x ‘S’
Head Kit - £1119 Saves £237
Quadra Hybrid Lead 1x ‘S’
Head Kit - £949 Saves £251
1x Hybrid Pack
2x Lithium-ion Batts
1x Lithium Charger
1x Skyport Transmitter
2x Diffuser Caps
2x A Heads
1x Strap
1x Case
Phottix Ares Kit - £45 Saves £15
Ares Receiver - £25 Saves £10
NEW Phottix Strato TTL Kit - £99 Saves £31
NEW Strato TTL Receiver - £49 Saves £28
Phottix Odin TTL Kit - £249 Saves £101
Odin TTL Kit 2x Receiver - £299 Saves £186
Odin TTL Receiver - £99 Saves £36
PocketWizard Plus X Kit - £109 Saves £61
PocketWizard Plus III - £109 Saves £20
Plus III Kit with FREE CASE! - £209 Saves £49
PocketWizard Flex TT1 - £134 Saves £36
PocketWizard Flex TT5 - £144 Saves £50
AC3 Zone Controller - £45 Saves £15
PocketWizard Flex Super Kit (Includes 1xTT1, 2xTT5,
PLUS 1x FREE AC3) - £429 Saves £189
Sekonic 308s Meter (bought with
a kit) - £129 Saves £56
(bought individually) £137
Polaris Meter (bought with a kit)
- £99 Saves £100
(bought individually) - £109
The only meter with BUILT IN
Elinchrom Skyport!
The beautifully designed Digisky has a
built in Skyport Transmitter so you can
meter your lights and trigger them all from
one handy device! - £299 Saves £60
BRX 500/500
ColourChecker Passport
XRIT250 £65 Saves £18
Quadra Hybrid Lithium 2x ‘A’ Head Kit £1699 Saves £351
Rosco Litepad Loop Ring
light Kit - £353 Saves £246
NEW Tripod Air HD - £74 Saves £9
16cm Reflector not included
BRX 500/500 Kit £899 Saves £140
BRX 500/500 Kit includes -2x BRX 500 Heads, 2x 66cm Portalite
Softboxes, 2x ClipLock Stands, 1x Skyport Transmitter, 2x Protection
Caps, Carry Cases and Cables
Tec Tools
Skyport Wifi £99
Saves £75
600/600 RX
The USB Transceiver RX modules
fit any MAC™ or PC computer.
By installing the free EL-Skyport
Software 3.0 (which can be downloaded
from the EL website) all Elinchrom RX
units can be controlled - RX ONE/2/4,
BRX 250/500, RX 300/600/1200.
£10 when bought with any Elinchrom kit Saves
£79 or £25 individually
RX 600/600 Upgrade Kit - £999 Saves £151
ELC Kits include 2x ELC Heads
1x Skyport Transmitter
2x 16cm Reflectors
2x Protection Caps
Pro Tec Carry Case and Cables
Launch Offer
ELC 500 Head - £699
ELC 1000 Head - £899
ELC 500/500 Kit - £1499
ELC 1000/1000 Kit - £1899
Add an Air Cushioned Stand Set for £75
TPS Flyer 2014.indd 2
With built in zone controller
Gossen Digisky
D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox Kit includes -2x D-Lite 4 Heads, 2x 66cm Portalite
Softboxes, 2x ClipLock Stands, 1x Skyport Transmitter, 1x 16cm Reflector,
2x Protection Caps, Carry Cases and Cables
Pro Tec Bag for 44cm Beauty Dish - £66 Saves £8
44ch Beauty Dish Set (Silver or White) - £209 Saves £30
(1xdish, 1xgrid, 1xPro Tec bag)
44cm Square Set - £124 Saves £14 (1xdish, 1xgrid)
Why not get a 53cm Portalite Softbox to go with your
umbrella kit? - £49 Saves £50 HALF PRICE! 21cm Honeycomb Grid set - £99 Saves £11
(1x21cm Reflector, 1x 20 & 1x 30 degree grids)
21cm Barndoor set - £84 Saves £11
(21cm accessory holder, 4x barndoor leaves)
Tilt Head + Hotshoe Adapter - £10
PC1 Cable - £5 Saves £4
Rosco Gel Set - £6 Saves £2
See stand offers in recommended
Godox LP-800X - £599 Saves £70
Add an extra battery for - £269 Saves £26
Quadra Hybrid
D-Lite ONE Softbox Kit £359 Saves £166
Skyport Universal Set - £79 Saves £16
Skyport Universal Set Plus extra Skyport
Receiver - £134 Saves £30
Skyport Receiver Only - £59 Saves £10
Skyport Transmitter Only - £39 Saves £5
Need to use your Elinchrom
studio kit on location? No
Customise Your Lighting Essentials
Elinchrom Rotalux Softboxes with
Shoulder Bag & Deflector!
The fastest to assemble and the most even softbox ever!
But much more than that - a complete system.
Square, Octagonal, Rectangular and
Strips with two diffusers and optional
recessed fronts and grids.
Add the deflector set and you have a
beauty dish and the ability to create
many other effects.
70cm Deep Octa
Saves £25
135cm Octa £209
Saves £31
130cm x 50cm Strip
£179 Saves £25
Don’t forget your Deflector set!
£15 with any Rotalux! Saves
£14 or £25 individualy
New Quadra Hybrid Lithium Twin ‘A’ Kit
- £2349 Saves over £346
2x Quadra Hybrid Packs, 3x Lithium-ion Batteries,
2x ‘A’ Heads with Reflectors, 2x Diffuser Caps, 2x
Chargers, 1x Skyport Transmitter, 1x NEW Elinchrom
Pro Tec Bag and Cables
Creates two complete Quadra sets!
Quadra Kit Accessories
Quadra Lithium-ion Battery - £205 Saves £29
Or Battery with charger £259 Saves £41
Lastolite Urban Backgrounds
These reversible backgrounds from Lastolite are
perfect at bringing the outside inside! Now
available with the NEW “magnetic” bracket, this
makes using them easier than ever before!
Kit £199 Saves £74 (1xbackground, 1x magnetic bracket, 1x
Urban Background individually - £149 Saves £16
Magnetic Bracket individually - £54 Saves £6
The fold up Beauty Dish! 56cm
Octa Portalite Softbox to fit your
Quadra Head - £104 Saves £15
Quadra ‘A’ Head
£269 Saves £46
Quadra ‘S’ Head
£245 Saves £40
RQ Ringflash Eco with
White Diffuser Cap and 2m
detachable Flash Cable - £309
Saves £50
Quadra Lead Gel Battery - £79
Saves £36 or Battery with Charger £99
Saves £90
Quadra Accessory Adaptor - £69 Saves £11
18cm Quadra Reflector (gain a stop!) - £21
Saves £3
Grid for 18cm Quadra Reflector - £19 Saves £15
Quadra 5m Extension Cable - £79 Saves £10
Boom Arm - £30 Saves £4
Frank Doorhof Tour
After last years very successful tour, Frank is back
in the UK from the 9th - 14th June. He will tour
the UK, stopping at 4 different cities with full day
workshops and seminars at each. During the tour
he will be accompanied by Nadine Stephan who
co-teaches with Frank. She will tell you everything
about styling, coaching the model and much more.
For more information about the venues and
workshop content, please visit our website!
Tickets - £175 (Places are limited so book early to
avoid disappointment.)
Deals Available from 01/03/14 - 07/03/14. Goods not taken
at the show may by prior arrangement be shipped (delivery
charges will apply). All savings are calculated from RRP’s.
10/02/2014 11:49
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