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Time Code solution
Following the success of version 1 Time Code GPS Satellite
ADREM presents a new state of the art concept in timecode with limitless flexibility and reliability using a wireless and GPS satellite system.
Ability to control multiple, diverse show locations worldwide, shows synchronised, triggered and controlled using
the satellite timecode generator.
Complete flexibility in timecode offsets and frame rates means total control over both inputting and ouputting timecode.
Any 24/25/30/29.97DF/29.97NDF input can be changed to any desired 24/25/30/29.97DF/29.97NDF frame output.
A totally jam safe system when run in GPS mode. Bluetooth connection by phone
Stability and reliability can be assured with a cleaned signal for clear, stable output and a freewheel possibility.
Atomic clock precision worldwide in both SMPTE FSK and MIDI time code formats
No synchronisation distance limite in GPS mode
Technical Specs
180mm X 55mm X 80mm Weight 0.8Kg
Powered by USB battery inside 3 hours
Continuous linked multi-machine time code generator.
Player MTC LTC 24 25 30 29.97DF 29.97NDF
RCA inputs and outputs, unbalanced signal.
or XLR 3pts inputs and outputs, balanced signal
FSK RCA outputs, unbalanced signal
MTC MMC inputs outputs, DIN 5 points
Supports MTC full message and ¼ frames.
MMC: play, stop, locate,standard MIDI protocol
Blueooth connection by phone for distance parameters,
play stop offset battery status
Relay output:
Dry relay: on connector 8A 240VAC max
Programmable start time and duration features
Mechanical external override start time code switch possible by sub-d
connector on rear of unit
USB no driver needeed XP W7 32&64 MAC OS
Can be controled by sofware or stand alone
Time code generator from satellite time:
SMA connector input for the GPS antenna (provided with 5 meters cable)
Atomic clock precision worldwide in SMPTE and MIDI TC
Automatic satellite time synch with GMT (Greenwich Meridian time)
Option to add offset and change time code format 24/25/30/DF (Gear Box)
Units Functions
Timecode reader, generator and converter :
Read TC from USB convert to LTC and MTC
Read TC from LTC convert to USB and MTC
Read TC from MTC convert to USB and LTC
Powered from USB
Read Generate 24 25 30 DF
Can be powered fron USB Power supply (not included 5V 400mA)
Stand alone Time Code (LTC MTC) Reader
Stand alone Time Code (LTC MTC) generator
MTC to LTC and MTC to LTC converter
MCM (MIDI Command machines) standard output LTC and MTC
Time code wireless transmitter / receiver:
Bandwidth 433 /868MHz 500mW power
Omni-directional antenna provided with kit
BNC 50 ohms connector input
Range of 800 meters dependant on site conditions
Possibility to extend range by adding a precise directional antenna such as a Yagi,
or an amplifier dependant on local regulations
Time code signal transmitted using an algorithmic digital coding signal
to reduce jamming
Automatic timecode freewheel feature for low or broken time code
reception situations
Unit can be set as a transmitter or reciever
Four different bandwidth settings
- Europe scans automatically on the 8 Europe bandwidth authorized frequencies
- USA scans automatically on the 8 USA bandwidth authorized frequencies
- Manually adjustable frequency with 99 channel range
Time code Gear BOX converter:
Ability to convert any 24/25/30/29.97DF/29.97NDF input
to any desired 24/25/30/29.97DF/29.97NDF fps output
Unit Applications
Show synchronisation over long distances (country or continent size synchronisation)
Show synchronisation in extreme conditions where other forms of communication
would not be possible
Jam free - complete jamming prevention when system is in GPS mode
Multi-media show start synchronisation (fireworks, lighting, sound, video, lasers etc)
Studio converter offset regenerator
Lighting desk time code converter and master show time code
Video camera synchronisation and reporting
LONDON EYE 2008 -2009-2010-20112012 -Synchronised pyrotechnic New Years Eve Show
DUBAI NEW YEARS EVE - Synchronised fireworks lighting and sound 2008,
controlling 7 seven firing positions over a 4 km distance and 3 barges.
GENEVA LIVE OUTDOOR CONCERT 2008 Video camera synchronisation for backup re-editing
DUBAI NEW YEARS EVE BURJ TOWER - Synchronised fireworks 2010-2011-2012
compatible with Old Version 433MHz
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