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Invisa Series
Invisa SP 652 StereoPoint One Piece Stereo In-Wall/In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
Owner’s Manual
Invisa SP 652 Owner’s Manual
Congratulations and thank you for purchasing GoldenEar Technology’s® Invisa® speakers! You are about to hear
the spectacular difference these very special In-Wall/In-Ceiling speakers will make in your home’s music system!
Our engineers’ many years of experience in developing loudspeakers has led to these extraordinary products.
In order to ensure that you experience maximum performance, please take a moment to fully read this owner’s
manual and familiarize yourself with the unique installation, assembly and set-up procedures for your
Invisa® speakers.
Please visit our website at www.GoldenEar.com for more information on the technology behind your new speaker
system. If you have additional questions, contact your Authorized GoldenEar Technology® Dealer or visit the
Q&A page in the Tech Support section of our website.
Your New GoldenEar Speakers
GoldenEar Invisa® SP 652 in-ceiling/in-wall speakers are designed to fit beautifully in a wide variety
of applications. Their low-profile grille and nearly invisible design allows for perfect integration in a wide variety
of locations within your home. To get the best performance possible and for a product that lasts a lifetime, we
strongly recommend that you follow the placement and setup guidelines provided in this manual.
Do not use a strong or abrasive cleaner on your new speakers’ grilles. Clean them only with a damp cloth, but do
not get them wet.
Preventing Speaker Damage
USE AN APPROPRIATE AMPLIFIER. At high volumes a very powerful amplifier can overdrive your
speakers and damage them. And if the amplifier is not powerful enough, it can produce distortion
that can easily damage your speaker. (Consult your dealer for assistance.)
DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE VOLUME CONTROL. It only adjusts how loud, it is not an
indication of power output. If your speakers begin to sound harsh or grating or if you hear other forms
of distortion, turn down the volume immediately!
Avoid use of tone controls and loudness controls as they will demand even more power from
an amplifier, lowering the volume at which damage could occur.
GoldenEar Technology Invisa® speakers are efficient and can be driven to loud listening levels with moderate
amplifier power. They are also able to handle the output of very powerful amplifiers. To prevent damage to your
speakers, please read all of the following guidelines before hooking them up.
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Amplifier Distortion — #1 Threat to your New Speakers!
Amplifier distortion is the principal cause of speaker damage. When listening at loud levels your amplifier may run
out of clean power. It will then begin to produce speaker-damaging distorted power. This will damage any brand of
speaker very quickly! More powerful amplifiers are actually safer — For example: A 40 Watt/channel amplifier
will have substantial distortion above 40 Watts. If driven to 50 Watts, this amplifier will deliver speaker-damaging
distorted power! But a 100 Watt/channel amplifier will have very low distortion below 100 Watts. Therefore, when the
speaker requires 50 Watts, this more powerful amplifier will deliver clean power and speaker damage is less likely to
occur. (See your GoldenEar Technology dealer for amplifier recommendations.)
Volume Setting
Do not be fooled by the Volume setting of your system. It only adjusts listening level — it is not a “power-output” dial.
The amount of amplifier power actually used at a given Volume setting depends solely on the nature of the source
material you are listening to (at a given Volume setting a quiet section of music will use less amplifier power than
a loud section). With typical material, the rated output power of many receivers/amplifiers is often reached when
the Volume is set to around -10dB, or between the “11” and “1 o’clock” settings with an analog control (with bass/
treble and loudness controls not used — otherwise rated power may be reached at even lower Volume settings).
Remember, all amplifiers produce distortion when operated beyond their rated output power. The resulting
distortion will damage all speakers! If you listen at loud levels, be careful to listen for the point of audible distortion —
if the speakers begin to sound distressed, turn the Volume down or your speakers and/or amplifier(s) will be
damaged! This type of damage constitutes abuse and is not covered by the warranty. If louder volumes are
desired, consider a more powerful amplifier.
There is Actually a Limit!
Even with these safer, more powerful amplifiers, there is a point at which you could have more power than the
speaker can handle. At that point you will overpower the speaker and damage it. At loud levels do not increase
bass/treble controls from zero and ensure that all loudness/contour/bass EQ buttons are off (otherwise rated
output power will be reached at even lower volume control settings).
The Right Amount of Power
A power-range rating is given in the specifications as a guide to indicate the approximate minimum and
maximum power input of your GoldenEar Invisa® speakers. Amplifiers that meet or even exceed the speaker’s
power-range rating are recommended as their greater power reserves provide better sound. But always use the
speakers within their power-range rating to prevent damage — that is, keep listening levels below the point of
obvious audible distortion.
Setting Bass and Treble Controls on Receiver or Amplifier
Normally we recommend that you set the “Bass” and “Treble” controls on flat (or off, or 0 dB). Same applies for a
graphic equalizer; we recommend that you leave it flat (or off). This will give you the most accurate and natural
sound. If you want more bass, raise your subwoofer’s “Level” control (or raise the subwoofer level on you’re a/v
receiver), keeping in mind that even a little turn of the knob can make a big difference in the sound. The reason
for this recommendation is that we have discovered what is often thought to be improper sounding speakers
is, in fact, a problem caused by the use of tone controls. When in doubt, leave them out (flat); this almost always
results in the best possible and most natural sounding system performance.
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Invisa SP 652 Owner’s Manual
Speaker Placement
GoldenEar Technology Invisa® speakers are designed to allow flexible placement while providing a very large
window of sound throughout your listening room. Please remember that although the following recommendations
are usually valid, all rooms and listening sets-ups are somewhat unique, so do not be afraid to experiment with the
speakers. Remember, whatever sounds best to you is correct.
Room Acoustics
GoldenEar Technology Invisa® speakers are designed to provide exceptional sound in a wide variety of
domestic settings. It is important to note however that listening room construction, dimensions and furnishings
all play a part in the quality of sound you will ultimately achieve from your new speakers. The listening room will
impose its own character on the performance capabilities of the speaker system. Regarding the room, please
note that:
Mid and high frequencies are affected by the amount of soft furnishings in your room — curtains, carpets,
sofas, wall coverings, etc. An excess of such items can result in a somewhat dull sound. The same room
without any soft furnishings can produce an overall bright sound. The typical quantity of soft furnishings
found in most living environments provides the right acoustic characteristics to allow the speakers to
sound balanced;
Concrete floors and walls tend to aggravate low-frequency standing wave problems and are
less preferred;
Rooms where height, width and length are similar should be avoided as they can exhibit significant
low-frequency standing wave problems. This may result in reduced clarity. In such rooms avoid corner
placement to minimize acoustic problems.
The extra care you take in correctly positioning the speakers will result in greater listening enjoyment. So, keep
the following guidelines in mind when deciding on the best speaker placement.
To ensure the best performance possible, observe the following placement guidelines:
LOCATION: When preparing to install your speakers pick a location that has the required clearance between
wall studs or ceiling joists. Make sure to check for wiring, conduit, water pipes, HVAC ducts and other obstructions
before cutting the installation hole.
ACCURATE TIMBRE: For the most accurate and natural timbre, in-wall speakers’ high-frequency drivers should be
at approximately ear level. Select locations that allow the sound to reach the listening area unobstructed
by furnishings.
BALANCED BASS: Placing speakers in corners will over-emphasize bass and reduce overall clarity. If possible,
position speakers away from side walls. This will ensure better bass performance and optimal midrange clarity.
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
SINGLE SPEAKER LEFT + RIGHT STEREO SOUND: The Invisa SP 652 is ideal for smaller areas not suited to a stereo pair
of speakers, or where a single speaker is the preferred choice. Position the speakers to achieve the best sound
coverage for the room. See figure below)
The Invisa SP 652 can also be used in large areas for distributed audio where any “pair” of speakers would not be
heard as a stereo pair (see figure below).
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Invisa SP 652 Owner’s Manual
Speaker Break-in
Your new Invisa® loudspeaker system should sound good as soon as you turn them on; however, an extended
break-in period of 40-60 hours or more of normal playing time is required to reach full performance
capability. Break-in allows the driver suspensions to work-in and crossover components to “heal,” resulting in
fuller and tighter bass, a more open “blossoming” midrange and smoother high frequency reproduction.
Color-Match Painting (optional)
Your new Invisa in-wall/in-ceiling speakers include a paintable “edgeless” grille that completely covers the
installed speaker. The grille comes in a neutral white to blend with most areas, however, for the ultimate in “stealth”
installation, they may be painted to match any decor. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow the instructions below may
result in a serious degradation of sound quality!
Please Note:
• Do not paint the grille with a brush or roller — this will clog the grille’s acoustic perforations and muffle
the sound.
• It is not necessary to remove the backing cloth, or scrim, from the grille before painting.
• Do not heat cure the finish.
• Do not paint the grilles while attached to the speaker.
To paint, follow these steps:
Remove the grille from the speaker and place it on a drop cloth
Spray paint the grille using:
i. A spray paint that closely matches the color and shine desired
ii. A custom-made spray can, color matched to your paint finish
iii. The indoor latex paint used to paint the ceiling or wall, but diluted to the paint manufacturer’s/
spray gun manufacturer’s recommendations
In a well ventilated area, apply several light coats of paint, sprayed at about a 60 degree angle
from the grille’s surface, letting the grille dry completely between coats. Follow the paint
manufacturer’s directions.
To insure the paint is evenly applied, each coat should be applied from multiple directions (at least four).
Once the painted grille has dried completely, if necessary you can use a brush or small roller to
touch-up the grille’s outer edge — just be careful not to get any additional paint on the grille’s
perforated surface.
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Installation Instructions
Installation of your new Invisa® speakers requires use of tools such as a drill, screwdriver, saws and possibly other
power tools. The installer should have knowledge of all applicable building and/or fire codes. Care must be taken
to ensure the area behind the wall or ceiling where you plan to install the speakers is clear of obstructions. When
cutting the hole in and running wires through walls and/or ceilings proper care must be taken to avoid electrical,
water, gas and/or HVAC pipes and the corresponding risks to your safety and risk of damage to property.
If you are not comfortable with the above and/or performing the following installation procedures we strongly
suggest having a professional contractor install your speakers (see your GoldenEar Technology Dealer).
Tools Required:
Drywall saw, Keyhole saw, utility knife or other material-appropriate cutting tool for wall material
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Power drill with appropriate bit (optional, for starting wall cut)
Installation Into Existing Walls or Ceilings
For new construction (pre-drywall), use our custom rough-in
brackets, sold separately.
NOTE: You must first install appropriate gauge and type speaker
wires. For best sound quality, the use of high quality speaker cable
is essential.
Make sure the wall material can support the weight of
the speakers you plan to install (see specifications
page for weights).
Make sure the location selected is free of studs, electrical
wiring, water or gas pipes, etc. Prior to installing, hold the
speaker in your selected location to make sure it is clear
of any obstacles. PLEASE NOTE: Your cutout must be at
least 2" (50mm) from adjoining walls/ceiling, internal
studs, and any pipes.
Place the included mounting template onto the wall or
ceiling in your preferred location. Use the pencil
to trace around the template (Figure 1).
Carefully cut a hole with the appropriate cutting tool
along the pencil trace as follows: Start the hole by
drilling a hole inside of the pencil line (place drill bit just
inside the line). Use this hole to insert the cutting tool
and begin cutting — be careful not to cut outside the
template line! (Figure 2).
Figure 1
Figure 2
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Invisa SP 652 Owner’s Manual
5. For In-Wall Mounting:
For optimum performance, loosely place two pieces of standard fiberglass insulation in the wall,
one just above the hole and one just below. An 8" x 10" piece should work well, R-12 for a 2x4 wall,
R-20 for a 2x6 wall.
Also place a half-thick piece of fiberglass insulation cut to the height of the speaker in the wall right
behind the mounting hole.
For In-Ceiling Mounting:
For optimum performance, loosely place one piece of standard fiberglass insulation, cut to fit the
joist size, above the speaker and extending about 15" or more beyond the speaker;
For taller joists, also place fiberglass insulation against the joists on either side of the mounting hole.
Pull the speaker wire out of the hole and connect the speaker as follows:
Your Invisa® speakers are equipped with a set of four high-quality push spring connectors that can be
used with bare wire. Make sure all wires are firmly fastened. Always use high quality speaker wire
of the correct rating (see above) and sufficient gauge for the distances you are running (see your
dealer for assistance).
Strip 1/2" (12 mm) of insulation from each of the two conductors to expose the metal, twist the
strands of each into two single un-frayed strands. Repeat for the other channel’s two conductors..
Hold the speaker up to the cutout and connect the speaker cables. Proper polarity (or phase)
is critical for proper stereo imaging and bass performance. Connect the left channel’s red(+) terminal
of your receiver or amplifier to one of the red(+) terminals of the Invisa loudspeaker and the left black(-)
terminal of your receiver or amplifier to the adjacent black(-) terminal of the Invisa loudspeaker.
Repeat for the right channel and the other set of convectors on the Invisa speaker. (See Figure 3).
Most speaker cables are either color coded or have some indicator (ribbing or writing) on one of
the conductors to help maintain this consistent polarity. It is essential that the speaker be connected
in the same way (in phase) to its own channel of the amplifier.
Push down on the top of the speaker’s push terminal to reveal the wire hole in the post. Insert the wire
into the hole and release your pressure on the terminal. Repeat for all four connections.
Figure 3
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Loosen the four rotating lock arms on the speaker by turning the arm screws on the front of the speaker
counterclockwise 1/2 to 1 turn, just enough to allow the lock arm to move freely (Figure 4).
Make sure the rotating lock arms are positioned inwards (Figure 5) so that your speaker fits into
your cutout hole.
Figure 4
Figure 5
Holding the speaker’s front lip with your thumbs and index fingers, carefully slip the speaker into
the cutout and hold firmly in place. (Figure 6).
Figure 6
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Invisa SP 652 Owner’s Manual
10. While holding in place, tighten the four lock arm screws with a screwdriver (Figure 7). This will rotate the
lock arms and secure the speaker to the wall/ceiling. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the lock arm screws as this
could damage the drywall. If you are using a power screwdriver or drill, set the torque to a value of no
more than 7 in.-lb (8dN-m).
Figure 7
11. Install the grille by placing it over the installed speaker and aligning the powerful miniature magnets.
Setting the Invisa Speaker’s High Frequency EQ Control (HF EQ Switch)
We suggest starting with the HF EQ control (Figure 8) in the “+” position, in typical rooms with a balance of reflecting
and absorbing surfaces. If, however, your listening room is overly “bright” due to many reflective, hard surfaces,
select the center position to effectively compensate for this type of room acoustics issue. If the sound in the
listening position is still too bright, select the “-” position to compensate further.
Figure 8
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Adjusting the Rotating Tweeter
The Invisa® SP 652 speaker incorporates a rotating tweeter assembly to allow for easy orientation of the tweeter
assembly after installation. To rotate the assembly for best results: With the speaker installed and the grille off, rotate
the tweeter assembly so that the bars/slots are horizontal when viewed from the listening position (See Figure 9).
Figure 9
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Invisa SP 652 Owner’s Manual
If you experience any difficulties with your Invisa® speakers, try the suggestions described below. If you are still
having problems, please consult your GoldenEar Technology Authorized Dealer for assistance.
Make sure all your system interconnects, speaker cables and power cords are solidly in place.
Check that no foreign objects or liquid has entered the speaker.
If no sound comes out or the sound is distorted in some way and you are sure the system is set up
properly, please bring the speaker to your GoldenEar Technology Authorized Dealer for assistance.
But make sure you Call First.
Service and warranty work on your GoldenEar loudspeakers will normally be performed by your local GoldenEar
Technology dealer. If, however, you wish to return the speaker to us, please contact us first, describing the
problem and requesting authorization as well as the location of the nearest factory service center.
Please note that the address given in this booklet is the address of our office P.O. Box only. Under no
circumstances should products or parts be shipped to our offices or returned without contacting us first and
obtaining return authorization.
GoldenEar Technology Offices
P.O. Box 141
Stevenson, Maryland 21153
Phone: 410-998-9134
Technical assistance
It is our pleasure to offer assistance if you have any questions regarding your Invisa® speakers or their set-up.
Please contact your nearest GoldenEar Technology dealer or contact us directly at 410-998-9134 or email
us at: support@goldenear.com
Recycling and Reuse Guidelines for Europe
In accordance with the European Union WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
directive effective August 13, 2005, we would like to notify you that this product may contain
regulated materials which, upon disposal, according to the WEEE directive, require special reuse and recycling
processing. For this reason GoldenEar Technology (manufacturers of GoldenEar
Technology speakers) has arranged with our distributors in European Union member nations to
collect and recycle this product at no cost to you. To find your local distributor please contact
the dealer from whom you purchased this product or go to our website at www.goldenear.com.
Please note that the product only falls under the WEEE directive. When disposing of packaging and other
shipping material we encourage you to recycle through the normal channels.
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Invisa® SP 652
8-5/8" (21.9 cm) Diameter x 3-7/16" (8.6 cm) Deep
7-1/8" (18.1 cm) Diameter
4.25 lbs. (1.93 kg)
Frequency Response:
25 Hz – 35 kHz
85 dB
Nominal Impedance:
Compatible with 8 ohms/channel
Driver Complement:
One 6.5" high-definition cast-basket mid/bass driver
Two HVFR™ High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeters
Rec. Amplication:
10 – 125 Watt/channel
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
GoldenEar Technology8Invisa SP 652 Manual
Limited Warranty
GoldenEar Technology warrants to the original retail purchaser only that this GoldenEar Technology Loudspeaker Product
(the “Product”) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years covering the drivers and
cabinets, and three (3) years for the electronic components from the date of the original purchase from a GoldenEar Technology
Authorized Dealer. However, this warranty will automatically terminate prior to the expiration of five (5) years for the drivers and
cabinets and three (3) years for the electronic components if the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the Product
to any other party. The original retail purchaser shall hereinafter be referred to as “you.” Defective Products must be shipped,
together with proof of date of purchase, prepaid insured to the Authorized Dealer from whom you purchased the Product, or to
the nearest factory service center. Product(s) must be shipped in the original shipping container or its equivalent; in any case the
risk of loss or damage in transit is to be borne by you. If, upon examination at the Factory or a GoldenEar Technology Authorized
Dealer, it is determined that the unit was defective in materials or workmanship at any time during this Warranty period,
GoldenEar Technology or the GoldenEar Technology Authorized Dealer will, at its option, repair or replace this Product at no
additional charge, except as set forth below. All replaced parts and Product(s) become the property of GoldenEar Technology.
Product(s) replaced or repaired under this Warranty will be returned to you, within a reasonable time, freight collect.
This Warranty does not include service or parts to repair damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, inadequate
packing or shipping procedures, commercial use, voltage in excess of the rated maximum of the unit, cosmetic appearance
of cabinetry not directly attributable to defects in materials or workmanship, or service, or repair or modification of the Product
which has not been authorized by GoldenEar Technology. GoldenEar Technology makes no Warranty with respect to its
Products purchased from dealers or outlets other than GoldenEar Technology Authorized Dealers. This Warranty is in lieu of all other
expressed Warranties. If this Product is defective in material or workmanship as warranted above, your sole remedy shall
be repair or replacement as provided above. In no event will GoldenEar Technology be liable to you for any incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Product, even if GoldenEar Technology or a GoldenEar
Technology Authorized Dealer has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
All implied warranties on the Product are limited to the duration of this expressed Warranty. Some states do not allow limitation on
how long an implied Warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights,
and you also may have other rights which vary from state to state.
This product complies with the essential requirements of the EMC directive 89/336/EEC
Visit us at www.goldenear.com
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