Radio Frequency Control
For those situations where IR or
Contact Closure control are not
suitable Screen Technics offer a
range of RTS control products, RTS
is a preferred method of remote
control over larger distances in
commercial environments where
IR signals are often too weak. It
also has product grouping and
intermediate setting facilities.
Available in the following
3500902 – RTS RF Transmitter / Hand
held Type
3500807 – RTS Integrated RF Control
with Hand held remote
3500808 – RTS Integrated RF Control
with Wireless Wall Switch
3500804 – RTS Indoor Receiver
Connect IR Transmitter
Spare hand held transmitter
suitable for the Connect Control
Module - 2 channels. Must be used
in conjunction with Connect IR
Sensor item no. 6500102.
Note: Supplied with every
Electricinema and Interfit AV lifting
2 button impulse wall switch
Suitable for use with any connect
controlled product including the
ElectriCinema and the Interfit
Lifter range, this wall switch runs
off the impulse contact closure and
allows simple up and down control.
Connect Daisy Chain Link Cables
RJ12 / 6 Core Flat
These cables come in 10 metre
lengths and allow you to daisy
chain link two or more Connect
Modules and allow them to
communicate for multiple switching
options, the operation is left hand
port in and right hand port out to
the next module, in a line of up to
9 Connect Modules.
Connect IR Sensor
6500102 300 - 2000mm
This IR sensor plugs straight into
Connect Control Module and should
be used in conjunction with the
Connect IR Transmitter item no.
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