Pro-Ject Tube Box

Pro-Ject Tube Box
Dear music lover,
thank you for purchasing a PRO-JECT AUDIO Tube Box phono amplifier.
In order to achieve maximum performance and reliability you should study these instructions for use carefully.
Warning of a hazard for the user, the unit or possible misuse.
Important notice.
Setting the cartridge mode
The Tube Box must be used in either MM (moving magnet) or MC (moving coil) mode according to the
construction principle of the pickup cartridge to be used. Since most cartridges use the MM (moving magnet)
principle the Tube Box is factory set to operate in this mode. To find out which type your cartridge is please
consult the literature accompanying your cartridge. The literature for MC cartridges should also specify the
correct impedance into which the cartridge is designed to work. If in doubt please consult your dealer.
The following settings are available:
MM / 47kOhm
MC/100 Ohm
MC/ 100 Ohm
MC/ 220 Ohm
MC/220 Ohm
Use the switches located on the underside of the
Tube Box as shown to set the appropriate mode.
Before resetting switches the unit must be disconnected from the power supply and amplifier!
Connecting the record player
Connect the tonearm signal lead to the IN of the Tube Box. Take care to connect the left and right channels
correctly. The right channel is usually marked red, the left channel black or white. The earthing wire of the
tonearm lead should be connected to the earth terminal.
AC 16V
Tube Box
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Connection to the amplifier
Connect the OUT of the Tune Box to a line input (such as AUX, CD, Tuner, Tape or Video) on your amplifier.
Take care to connect the left and right channels correctly. The right channel is usually marked red, the left
channel black or white.
Make all connections whilst the Tube Box is disconnected from the power supply.
Do not connect the Tube Box output to a phono input (sometimes labelled gram, disc or RIAA) on the
Mains power connection
The Tune Box is supplied with a power supply suitable for your country's mains supply. Check the label before
connecting to ensure compliance with the mains rating in your house. Connect the low voltage plug from the
power supply to the POWER AC 16V socket of the Tune Box before connecting the power supply to the
mains. The blue LED on the unit's front will light up once the Tube Box is properly connected to the power supply.
Technical specifications Pro-Ject Tube Box
Input impedance, MM
Input impedances, MC
Subsonic filter
Type of tubes
Output voltage typically
Outboard power supply
Power consumption
RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Weight without power supply
Gain, MM
Gain, MC
100ohms/100pF or
Noise floor, MM
Noise floor, MC
at 18Hz with 18dB/octave
2 x ECC83 (12AX 7A)
300mV at 1kHz for 3mV (MM Input) / 0,3mV (MC input)
16V/1.000mA AC, suitable for your country's mains supply
16V/850mA AC
> 0,25dB/20Hz - 20kHz
80 x 160 x 130mm
Potential incorrect use and fault conditions
No signal on one or both channels:
No connection between player and phono amplifier ore amplifier. This could be due to a faulty plug,
broken wire or solder joint or simply loose plug/socket connection.
Strong hum:
No earth connection from cartridge or arm or arm cable to phono amplifier, or earth loop.
Output too quiet or too loud, or distorted:
MM / MC Mode incorrectly set - input overloading or insufficiently amplified.
Should you encounter a problem which you are not able to alleviate or identify despite the above information,
please contact your dealer for further advice. Only when the problem cannot be resolved there should the
unit be sent to the responsible distributor in your country.
The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by not adhering to these instructions
for use. Modification or change to any part of the product by unauthorized persons release the
manufacturer from any liability over and above the lawful rights of the customer.
PRO-JECT is a Registered Trademark of H. Lichtenegger.
This guide was produced by: ATR-Audio Trade GmbH
Copyright © 2002
Audio Tuning. All rights reserved.
The information was correct at the time of going to
press. The manufacturer reserves the right to make
changes to the technical specification without prior
notice as deemed necessary to uphold the ongoing
process of technical development.
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