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The joy of flight
reaches a new standard.
The Beechcraft Baron. Fast and powerful. Responsive and refined. To pilots the
world over, this remarkable aircraft represents the ultimate expression of just how
great flight can get. And with today’s Baron G58, it gets even better. Harnessing the
latest technology in integrated avionics, aerodynamics and engines, this legendary
performer puts 21st-century fun, adventure and serious business applications right
where they belong. In your hands.
Sometimes, everything just comes together perfectly.
Faultless performance, excellent response, and a go-anywhere aptitude make
accomplished light-twin aircraft. The G58 sets new standards for passenger
the Baron the perfect aircraft for both business and pleasure. Now Beechcraft
comfort as well. Featuring an elegant, ergonomically designed cabin with
presents the best Baron ever: The Baron G58. With powerful, twin Continental
fully automatic climate control system. Inside and out, LED lights provide both
engines to cruise faster and farther than any other aircraft in its class. In the
brightness and efficiency. Step up and into the Beechcraft Baron G58. And
advanced glass cockpit, intuitive avionics combine with impeccable handling
experience the exhilaration that comes from flying aviation’s best.
to make the Baron the ultimate step up from light singles into the world’s most
A Dream-Come-True to Fly
Light Twin, Heavy on Muscle
Sophisticated, Intuitive Cockpit
Cabin Comfort Abounds
The Beechcraft Baron is a joy to fly.
Fast and responsive, the Baron is
the standard against which all other
light-twin aircraft are compared.
The powerful twin Continental engines allow
you to take off in only 2,300 feet (701 m),
climb at 1,700 feet per minute (518 m) and
cruise at more than 200 knots.
Garmin G1000 avionics include WAAS and
Synthetic Vision Technology. Flat-screen
displays present comprehensive flight data
for increased situational awareness.
Passengers relax without having to
squeeze in. The reconfigurable cabin
offers seating for six with two cargo
areas capable of carrying more than
400 pounds (181 kg) of baggage.
Go higher. Go farther. Go faster. Just go.
Go where you want to go. Fly in a day where others only dream of flying. If only there were more hours in your day, you could take even greater advantage
From island hopping to big city airports. With a 1,287 pound (584 kg) maximum payload, the Baron G58 can carry just
of the true, multi-mission capability the Baron G58 has to offer. Imagine the clients you could visit or the natural wonders you could see with a maximum
the right combination of passengers and cargo to suit all sorts of missions. All you have to do is decide where to go.
range of more than 1,700 statute miles (1,480 nm). And the Baron G58 can fly when and where other light aircraft often can’t—with a service ceiling of
20,688 feet (6,306 m), it can lift you high above adverse weather. Thousands of small airstrips around the world are ready to welcome you and your Baron.
A 232 MPH cruise gives life a permanent tailwind.
San Francisco
São Paulo
4 passengers
85 percent probability winds
VFR reserves
ISA conditions
Some call it the pinnacle of light-twin flying. Or maybe they just mean “flying.” No experience in aviation compares with pushing forward
232 mph (202 knots) maximum cruise speed
the throttles of the Baron G58. The special-edition, six-cylinder Continental engines rev to full power, lifting you to 10,000 feet (3,050 m) in
Twin Continental IO-550-C engines (combined 600 hp)
just 10 minutes and a maximum cruise speed of 232 mph (202 knots). The engines’ reliability maximizes uptime, while their low fuel-burn
Maximum range of 1,700 statute miles (1,480 nm)
rate assures economical operation. Engineering details like dynamically balanced Hartzell™ propellers optimize “blended airfoil” technology
Maximum service ceiling of 20,688 feet (6,306 m)
to ensure smoother running and less vibration, for a flying experience that leaves other light-twin aircraft behind your Baron.
Takeoff distance (MTOW) of 2,345 feet (715 m)
Landing distance (MLW) of 2,500 feet (762 m)
Designed around safety. Wrapped around you.
Garmin G1000 ® Avionics With Synthetic Vision
Garmin GFC™ 700 Three-Axis Autopilot
Flight Control System
Garmin GTS™ 820 Traffic Advisory System
Digital AHRS and Air Data
Garmin GWX ™ 68 Digital Color Weather Radar
Certified for Flight into Known Icing Conditions
Dual GPS WAAS with LPV Approach
Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS-B)
Sirius-XM™ Weather and Satellite Radio
Garmin® 5-Year Flitelevel™ Warranty
Advanced flight deck inside. Enhanced visibility outside. The Baron G58 is more advanced than ever, yet simpler to fly. Sophisticated
Garmin G1000 synthetic vision avionics offer greater situational awareness and safety. Dual LCDs display everything a pilot needs,
including instrumentation and moving maps. The advanced glass cockpit groups and color-codes controls for easier operation.
Long-lasting LED exterior lights shine far brighter yet reduce drain on the aircraft’s electrical system. The Baron’s solid wraparound
windshield, which curves high into the overhead fuselage, enhances visibility for a safer and more enjoyable time in the pilot’s seat.
Space travel for six.
137 cubic feet (3.9 cu m) of cabin space
10 cubic feet (0.28 cu m) of stowage
space behind the seats
Additional nose baggage compartment
Configurable cabin with removable passenger
seats for extra cargo capacity
1,287 pounds (584 kg) of
maximum payload
Wide, easy-to-use 45 x 35-inch
(114 x 90 cm) cabin door
Club seating with folding table
Standard air conditioning
The Baron G58 is unsurpassed for cabin comfort. The Baron G58 balances performance with passenger comfort.
Redesigned sidewalls offer more room. Thicker windows assure quiet. Integrated design elements flow. Sharp angles, gaps
and visible fasteners are eliminated. Ergonomic seats provide scientifically sophisticated support for both passengers and
pilots. Adjustable LED lighting lets you set the mood in your cabin. A most-welcome new feature, the Baron’s air conditioner
automatically maintains a comfortable cabin temperature so passengers arrive fresh and ready to work or play.
Seating Configuration
(Crew + Standard Pax/Max. Pax)
Aircraft that set us apart. Support that goes even further.
Power Rating
Tip-to-Tail Warranty
Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer
Support, LLC: General aviation’s largest
technical and field support network
Available with SupportPlus ™
Track 9 ft 7 in (2.92 m)
Wingspan 37 ft 10 in (11.53 m)
300 shp
224 kW
37 ft 10 in
11.53 m
Max. Airplane Length
29 ft 10 in
9.09 m
9 ft 9 in
2.97 m
12 ft 7 in
3.84 m
Max. Tail Height
3 ft 6 in
1.07 m
4 ft 2 in
1.27 m
Baggage Capacity
28 cu ft
0.8 cu m
420 lb
191 kg
Max. Ramp Weight
5,524 lb
2,506 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight
5,500 lb
2,495 kg
Max. Landing Weight
5,400 lb
2,449 kg
Max. Baggage Weight
Overall length
29 ft 10 in (9.09 m)
Usable Fuel Capacity
1,164 lb
528 kg
Basic Empty Weight
4,030 lb
1,828 kg
Max. Payload
1,287 lb
584 kg
Useful Load
1,494 lb
678 kg
Max. Cruise Speed
202 kt
374 km/h
Range: Max. Payload
98 nm
181 km
1,478 nm
2,737 km
15 ft 11 in (4.85 m)
Owning the world’s most popular aircraft has its privileges. Among them, a global service and support
organization that is second to none. Our continuing investment in Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer
Support—the largest and most accessible network of its kind—is our investment in the success of your business
and your satisfaction as a Beechcraft owner. With the industry’s most respected experts, state-of-the-art
facilities and providing mobile response teams to remote destinations, we deliver daily on our promise.
Inquire about the Beechcraft Baron:
U.S. and the Americas +1.316.676.0800
Asia-Pacific +65.6423.0321
EMEA +44(0) 1244.523.803
Range: Full Fuel/Available Payload
Range: 4 Occupants
970 nm
1,796 km
Range: Ferry
1,480 nm
2,741 km
Max. Service Ceiling
20,688 ft
6,306 m
Takeoff Distance (MTOW)
2,345 ft
715 m
Landing Distance (MLW)
2,500 ft
762 m
Overall height
9 ft 9 in (2.97 m)
8 ft 11 in (2.72 m)
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