Pro90 User Guide - Armada Technologies

Pro90 User Guide - Armada Technologies
 Warning
 Safety
Power On / Off
Self-Testing Aid
 Read First
Fail of usage
 Safety Information
Clamp Multimeter
To ensure safe operation and service of
the Tester, follow these instructions.
Failure to observe warnings can result in
severe injury or death.
- Avoid working alone so assistance can
be rendered.
- Do not use test leads or the Tester if
they look damaged.
- Do not use the Tester if the Tester is
not operating properly or if it is wet.
- Use the Tester only as specified in the
Instruction card or the protection by
the Tester might be impaired.
- Use extreme caution when working
around bare conductors or bus bar.
Contact with the conductor could
result in electric shock.
- Do not use the Tester to measure voltages in circuits that could be damaged
by the Tester’s low input impedance
(approximate 4KΩ)
- Use caution with voltages above 30 V
ac rms, or 60 V dc. These voltages
pose a shock hazard.
Ready to use
 Caution
• The Meter displays Battery Capacity
when powering up. Please replace the
battery when 0% is shown.
 Caution
The Tester powers up in Ω / continuity
Auto Power Off Enable /
Symbols as marked on the Tester
and Instruction card
 Risk of electric shock
 See instruction card
 DC measurement
Equipment protected by double or
 reinforced insulation
< Battery
 AC measurement
 Conforms to EU directives
Application around and removal
E from hazardous live conductors is
Do not discard this product or
throw away
Do not measure while powering up, it
will cause Self-Testing failure.
Auto Hold Enable /
Do not use the Meter when “FAIL” is
shown. Undiscovered failure could exist
even No “FAIL” is shown.
 CAT.Ⅲ.600V
with respect to
earth for the jaw.
Barrier for
Hand Guard
 Do not hold
the meter above
the Barrier
Priority of function
 Caution
The LCD display shows
voltage mode when the
input Terminal is
satisfied by the following
ACV 1.3V ~ 999.9V
DCV 2.1V ~ 999.9V
-0.7V ~ -999.9V
When connecting the test leads to the
circuit or device, connect the black lead
before the red lead ; when removing the
test leads, remove the red lead before
the black lead.
The LCD display shows
Ω mode when the input
terminal is satisfied by
the following conditions:
0 ~ ∞Ω
ACV 0 ~ 0.9V
DCV -0.4 ~ -0.2V
DCV 1.0 ~ 2.0V
Data Hold Beep Guard
The internal sounder will beep continuously with LCD display flashing in two
situations in the Data Hold mode:
1. The Meter measures a signal different
from the LCD reading.
2. The measured signal is the same unit
as the LCD reading and is larger 50
counts than the LCD reading.
Auto Hold
( ACA only )
The LCD display shows
diode mode when the
Input Terminal is satisfied by the following
DCV 0.4 ~ 0.8V
Resistance / Diode
The LCD display shows
AC mode when the
Current Input Jaw is
satisfied by the following
conditions :
ACA 0.9A ~ 600.0A
Priority of function
Data Hold
• Input Impedance
≧4K for input voltage up to 30V.
Impedance increases with input voltage
to approximate 375KΩ at 750V.
Auto Power Off
 Warning
Do not apply more than 1000VDC / 750
VAC between Tester terminal and earth
Data Hold is not available when “OL KΩ“
is displayed with no input signals.
 Caution
If the meter is used in the vicinity of
equipment which generates electromagnetic interference, the display may
become unstable or the measurements
shown may be subject to large errors.
Do not attempt to repair this Tester.
It contains no user-serviceable parts.
Repair or serving should only be
performed by qualified personnel.
Periodically wipe the case with a dry
cloth and detergent do not use abrasives
or solvents.
Battery Replacement
 Caution
The calibration seal can only be
punctured by certified distributor for
annual calibration otherwise the meter’s
performance can not be warranted.
1-1 General Specifications
LCD display digits :
9999 digit large scale LCD readout.
Measuring rate : 5 times / sec.
Overrange display : “OL” is displayed
for “Ω” function, shows the real value for
“A” and “V” function.
Automatic power off time :
Approximately 20 minutes after power on
without operations.
Low battery indicator :
 is displayed. Replace the battery
when the indicator  appears in the
Power requirement : 9V battery.
Battery type and life :
ALKALINE PP3, 9V 250 hours.
1-2 Environmental Conditions
Indoor Use.
Calibration : One year calibration cycle.
Operating temperature :
0°C ~ 30°C (≦80% RH)
30°C ~ 40°C (≦75% RH)
40°C ~ 50°C (≦45%RH)
Storage temperature : -20 to +60°C,
0 to 80% RH (batteries not fitted).
Operating altitude : 2000m (6562 ft)
Overvoltage category :
IEC 61010-1 1000V CAT.Ⅱ,
600V CAT.Ⅲ
Application field
1-3 Electrical Specifications
Accuracy is ±(% reading + number
of digits) at 23°C ± 5°C < 80%RH.
Temperature coefficient :
0.2 x (Specified accuracy) / °C, < 18°C, >
1.3V ~ 750.0V
±(1.5%+ 3 dgt)
50Hz ~ 500Hz
2.1V ~ 1000V
±(1%+ 2 dgt)
-0.7V ~ 1000V
±(1%+ 4 dgt)
Overload protection :
1000 VDC / 750 VAC
Max Operation time : DT=30s for ≧30V
Input impedance : ≧4K for input voltage
up to 30V. Impedance increases with
input voltage to approximate 375KΩ at
Resistance & Continuity & Diode
0.0Ω ~ 9999Ω
±(2% + 2 dgt)
0.4V ~ 0.8V
±(1% + 3 dgt)
The circuits not connected to mains.
The circuits directly connected to
Low-voltage installation.
The building installation.
Overload protection :
1000 VDC / 750 VAC
Max. open circuit voltage : 2.0V
Continuity check : Internal sound
activates if the resistance of the circuit
under test is less than 25Ω.
It will then turn off if the resistance is
increased beyond 400Ω.
Specified from 0°C ~ 40°C.
The source of the Low-voltage
AC Current
Conductor Size : 27mm diameter.
Pollution degree : 2
EMC : EN 61326-1
Shock vibration :
Sinusoidal vibration per MIL-T-28800E
(5 ~ 55 Hz, 3g maximum).
Drop Protection : 4 feet drop to
hardwood on concrete floor.
0.9A ~ 600.0A ±(1.9% + 5 dgt)*
50Hz ~ 60Hz
Overload protection : 600.0A
0 ~ 500A : Continuous Operation.
* 501A ~ 600A : 10 minutes maximum
Followed by 10 minutes cooling period.
Limited Warranty
This Meter is warranted to the original
purchaser against defects in material
and workmanship for 1 year from the
date of purchase. During this warranty
period, manufacturer will, at its option,
replace or repair the defective unit,
subject to verification of the defect or
malfunction. This warranty does not
cover disposable batteries, or damage
from abuse, neglect, accident, unauthorized repair, alteration, contamination, or
abnormal conditions of operation or
Any implied warranties arising out of
the sale of this product, including but
not limited to implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose, are limited to the
above. The manufacturer shall not be
liable for loss of use of the instrument
or other incidental or consequential
damages, expenses, or economic loss,
or for any claim or claims for such
damage, expense or economic loss.
Some states or countries laws vary, so
the above limitations or exclusions may
not apply to you.
Armada Technologies
3596 76th St. SE
Caledonia, MI 49316
TEL: 1-616-803-1080
FAX : 1-616-803-1083
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