HUAWEI TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint

HUAWEI TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint
the Box
You can use the included cables only with this TX50.
The following images are for your reference only.
Actual components may differ in appearance.
If any component is damaged, missing, or wet upon opening the box,
contact local suppliers.
the TX50
The voltage inside the TX50 is high. To reduce the risk of electric
shock, do not attempt to remove the cover on your own.
Only do so under the guidance of a professional engineer.
You can install the TX50 on a flat tabletop (recommended) or
inside a cabinet.
Installed on a Flat Tabletop
Place the TX50 on a flat tabletop and connect the cables.
Power cable
The cable connection method depends on the distance between the
TX50 and the camera (VPC620/VPC600) to be connected.
· Distance ≤ 5 m: Connect cables as illustrated in the following figure.
· Distance > 5 m: Scan the QR code on the lower right part of this page.
You can connect either the DP port or the DVI/VGA/YPbPr port to a presentation source at a time.
A presentation source indicates the content (such as tables, figures, and PPT files) on the computer
desktop that the local site shares with remote sites.
Only one DVI to VGA cable comes with the TX50.
DVI to VGA cable
DVI to VGA cable
Installed inside a Cabinet
The cabinet that can hold a TX50 must be a 19-inch cabinet compliant with IEC 60297,
for example, the HUAWEI N68E-22 cabinet.
Reserve at least 2 U (2 U = 88.9 mm/3.5 in.) space above the TX50 for heat dissipation.
Remote control and 4 x AAA batteries
HD-VI to DVI/serial cable
Used to connect the TX50 to a camera
that is farther than 5 m away.
Mounting ears: Used to secure the TX50 to a cabinet.
Screws: Used to attach the mounting ears to the TX50.
Network cable
Step 1:
Using a Phillips screwdriver, attach the mounting ears to the sides of the TX50.
DVI to VGA cable
Provides two male connectors, one connecting to a
presentation source (such as a computer) and the
other to the presentation source input port on the TX50.
S-Video/RCA cable
S-VIDEO cable: Yellow connectors
are used for video input and output.
RCA cable: Red and white connectors
are used for audio input and output.
To cascade several microphones of the same model,
see the quick start guide of the microphone model.
To learn more, visit
Step 2:
Slide the TX50 into the cabinet and insert screws through the mounting ears to hold the
TX50 in place.
The slides and screws do not come with the TX50. Please prepare them separately.
HD-AI cable
Comes with the microphone.
HD-VI cable
HDMI cable
HD-VI cable
Video input cable that connects to the HD-VI
port on a VPC600, VPC620, or VPC800
HDMI cable
Provides two male connectors.
One connects to the TX50's HDMI video output port.
The other connects to a display device's HDMI port.
TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint
Quick Installation Guide
Port Description
Product Certificate, Safety Precautions,
and Warranty Card
Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2016. All rights reserved.
Quick Installation Guide
Video Cable and Control Cable Extension Methods
When the TX50-to-VPC620/VPC600
Distance Exceeds 5 m
On the
the TX50
TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint
Quick Installation Guide
Connect the TX50 to a power supply and turn the power switch to ON.
After powering on the endpoint for the first time, set the language using your remote control.
The following figure shows the two indicators on the TX50.
If the status indicator is abnormal, contact your supplier.
The Indicator Is...
The TX50 Is...
Disconnected from the power supply.
Blinking blue twice per second Powering on.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang,
Shenzhen 518129, People's Republic of China
Version: V600R006C00
Date: 2016-11-11
Part number: 31507743
Zip code: 518129
Issue: 01
Steady blue
Working properly.
Blinking blue once
Responding to a press on a remote control button.
After setting the language, configure the TX50 by following the
instructions under Endpoint Settings > Setting Parameters
on the Remote Control UI > Setting Parameters Using the
Wizard in the TE30&TX50&TE50&TE60&TX50 V600R006C00
Configuration Guide. To obtain the guide, use your
smartphone to scan the QR code on the left.
Blinking green
(on for 1s, off for 2s)
Blinking blue four times
per second
Steady purple
Powered off. (Press
Blinking red twice per second
Blinking red four times
per second
Encountering a temperature fault. For example, the temperature
sensor inside the endpoint cannot sense the operating temperature,
causing fast fan rotation speed and loud fan noise.
Steady red
· If the TX50 UI does not appear on the display, press and hold the menu button (
until the UI appears.
· On the TX50, the HDMI 1 port (
) is the default video output port. Video input and
output settings must be defined based on the actually connected video ports.
on the remote control to power off the TX50.)
Log in to the web interface, click
HELP,and click
to open
the online help, in which you can view the details of OPEN
For other relevant guides, visit and search TX50 V600R006C00.
For any unresolved issues, contact Huawei technical support engineers.
Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2016. All rights reserved.
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