Scan Station 100 -

Scan Station 100
Take control of your
information management
with NSi AutoStore
Capture documents, send them
anywhere, and leverage the infor
they contain for new efficiency.
The Kodak Scan Station 100 enables
anyone in an office to easily send
documents to e-mail addresses, network
or FTP folders and printers, separately or
simultaneously. With this complete, flexible
document-sending solution, you can:
• Enjoy ease-of-use via an intuitive
touch screen
• Handle a wide variety of documents at
speeds of up to 25 ppm
• Scan one or both sides of documents in
a single pass, color or black-and-white
• Output documents in multiple formats
including PDFs and searchable PDFs
• Get exceptional image quality with
Perfect Page Image Processing—which
helps ensure that documents will be
clear, sharp and easy to read
User authentication ensures security.
Customized screens improve
indexing capabilities.
Preview screen enables verification and
document integrity prior to sending.
AutoStore is a trademark of Notable Solutions, Inc.
To learn more about the Kodak Scan
Station 100 with AutoStore—just
• Lower paper storage and
retrieval expenses
• Easy data capture at multiple locations
• Automated data capture to reduce
manual data-entry error cost
• Immediate access to stored information
• The ability to work with data regardless
of its source or format
Choose the AutoStore
functionality that meets
your needs
AutoStore is a suite of server-based
products that interface with the
embedded AutoStore client on the Kodak
Scan Station 100. It enables you to:
• Authenticate users and control access
to all applications for enhanced security
entrally manage multiple Kodak Scan
Stations—and even customize them by
department or business function
• Gain connectivity to a wide variety of
document management systems
• Preview scanned images for
quality control
• Add watermarking or encryption to
scanned documents
• Collect index data at the touch-screen
using menus
nable compliance to applicable laws
and regulations
The Kodak Scan Station 100 is
available with your choice of three
versions of AutoStore:
• AutoStore Express­—Provides optical
character recognition (OCR) and
barcode recognition (optional) for
indexing; converts documents to
text-searchable formats (PDF, Word,
etc.) plus the ability to send to fax and
secure FTP sites in addition to business
applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Domino.
• AutoStore Workflow—Adds the ability
to capture information from any paper
or electronic source, including MFPs,
copiers, desktop applications, e-mails,
faxes and more. It also provides
advanced document processing
options; the ability to save to more
than a dozen document management
systems (DMS); and customization.
•AutoStore SMARTickets—Provides all
the capabilities of AutoStore Workflow,
plus intelligent routing using
SMARTickets—which contains all the
workflow information. Simply scan
documents using the SMARTicket—
its instructions determine how the
document is handled.
Productivity for a wide
range of businesses
Relax with Kodak
Service & Support
The Kodak Scan Station 100 with
AutoStore offers a smart automation
solution that provides:
• Efficiency and employee productivity
• Auditing and tracking to simplify
You’re covered, when you put our
certified service and support professionals
on the job. You’ll have peace of mind that
frees you to do what you do best—run
your business.
Gain new capability
with AutoStore
• e-mails
• faxes
• to archive/
• to desktop
• to printer
• to workflow
E-mail Server
Mobile Devices
Documents are sent to one
of the AutoStore server
products for processing.
Searchable PDF
Cost Tracking
Forms Processing
The AutoStore process starts
with one or more Kodak Scan
Stations, with Perfect Page,
sending a high quality image.
Lotus® Notes/Domino
...and others
Fax Server
Share Drives—
Documents are then
routed based on preconfigured business rules
defined in AutoStore.
Scan Station 100 with NSi AutoStore
Hardware Requirements for AutoStore Server
indows 2000, XP, 2003 Server; CPU 1 GHz (2 GHz or more recommended); RAM 512 MB
(1 GB recommended); 5 GB free hard disk space for processing; TCP/IP network connection
10/100 Base T, no host PC required
Output MethodsScan to network share, scan to print, scan to e-mail, scan to portable USB drive, scan to FTP (anonymous, authenticated, with proxy support) , fax, database, and various document management systems (DMS)
including Documentum, FileNet, SharePoint, Lotus Domino, IBM CM, and LaserFiche
Network Protocols
TCP/IP, SMB, authenticated SMTP (login, plain text, CRAM, NTLM), DHCP (or static),
NT domain authentication
Workflow FeatureLDAP, Novell, Windows NT integrations for user authentication at the panel; scan to e-mail with integrated
Outlook Sent Folder; automatic e-mail notification upon completion of workflow; best-of-breed barcode
recognition and optical character recognition (OCR), including zonal OCR
File Format Outputs Single and multipage TIFF, JPEG, PDF and searchable PDF
Control Panel
Touch screen at 93 mm x 133 mm (3.9 in. x 5.3 in.), 18-bit color, 640 x 480 resolution
With AutoStore, you can customize the menus and screens that appear on the control panel;
locking features let users change settings (if unlocked) or not (if locked); fully customize menus with desired
icons, backgrounds, and colors; optional locking feature for scan settings
On-Board Processor, Memory, Hard Drive
Celeron D 2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB hard drive
Scanning Technology Dual CCD, 600 dpi optical resolution; Capture bit depth is 48 bits (16 x 3)
Color output bit depth is 24 bits (8 x 3); Grayscale output bit depth is 256 levels (8-bit)
Security FeaturesMeets DOD Data Cleansing guidelines as all images are removed after scanning completion; user
authentication at the device panel (optional); scan to secure FTP sites; encryption/decryption of data
Output Resolution 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
Imaging Features
Perfect Page Scanning, deskew, autocrop, image preview, manipulation, image touch roaming on control panel
Throughput Speeds
(portrait, letter size)
Bitonal/grayscale: up to 25 ppm/50 ipm at 200 dpi
Color: up to 25 ppm/40 ipm at 200 dpi
FeederUp to 50 sheets of 75 g/m2 (20 lb.) paper
Special document feeder included for front-feed, front-return single document feeding
Maximum Document Size 215 mm x 863 mm (8.5 in. x 34 in.) — may be restricted at certain resolutions
Minimum Document SizeSingle-sheet feeding (with the included special document feeder): 50 mm x 87.5 mm (2 in. x 3.5 in.)
Multiple-sheet feeding: 75 mm x 125 mm (3 in. x 5 in.)
Paper Thickness and Weight 52–105 g/m2 (14–28 lb.) paper
Recommended Daily Volume
Up to 1,000 pages per day
Weight: 18.1 kg (40 lbs.); Depth: 33.8 cm (13.3 in.); Width: 59.7 cm (23.5 in.); Height: 28.7 cm (11.3 in.)
What’s in the BoxKodak Scan Station 100 with NSi AutoStore, seven power cords for international applications, User’s Guide,
Setup & Documentation CD-ROMs, Quick Install Guide, three portable USB drives, special document feeder,
configuration organizer software
Accessories Available
Portable USB drives Consumables Available
Feed modules, roller cleaning pads, Staticide Wipes
Warranty (U.S. and Canada)
One-year warranty
Recommended portable USB drive specs
USB 2.0, minimum size for configuration: 32 MB, minimum size for storing images/files: 128 MB
Minimum PC configuration for bundled
Scan Station 100 configuration organizer software
Pentium 3 Processor, 1 GHz or higher, 512 MB RAM, USB 1.1 or 2.0 running Windows XP or Windows 2000
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