JBL® Cinema SB 100
JBL Cinema SB 100
Plug-and-play 60-watt soundbar with HARMAN Display Surround
legendary sound since 1946
Raising the bar
for TV sound.
The JBL® Cinema SB 100 is a complete, integrated soundbar system that
dramatically improves the sound reproduction of televisions. The two-channel
soundbar is a plug-and-play solution incorporating two 77-millimeter (3") woofers,
two 38-millimeter (1-1/2") tweeters, electronics and amplifiers in a single, stylish
enclosure. Designed to complement flat-panel televisions up to 32 inches, the
Cinema SB 100 is ideal for people who want affordable, premium sound quality in
a nonintrusive, easy-to-install solution. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a
shelf, and includes an equalization switch that optimizes the tonal quality for either
placement. It features HARMAN Display Surround, a bass boost function, analog
and optical digital audio inputs – plus a subwoofer output for those who want to add
an external subwoofer.
Central, powered soundbar speaker
Dual-position equalization
Analog and optical digital audio inputs
Subwoofer output
Exclusive HARMAN Display Surround
TV-volume “learning” capability
Bass boost
JBL Cinema SB 100
Surround sound from a single soundbar? That’s not magic, that’s engineering.
Central, powered soundbar
The Cinema SB 100 incorporates left-and-right
woofers and tweeters, amplifiers and controls
into a single soundbar. Its built-in amplification
simplifies system connections and operation.
Bass boost
The JBL brand is known for exceptional bass
response, and the Cinema SB 100 lets you
increase low-frequency performance at the
touch of a button on the included remote.
The added bass impact is ideal for films.
TV-volume “learning” capability
The Cinema SB 100 comes with a credit-cardsized remote, but you might not need to use it
much. That’s because the SB 100 can “learn”
the volume control IR code of your existing TV
remote control, so you can control the soundbar and TV volume with the same remote.
Analog and optical digital
audio inputs
The Cinema SB 100 features enough inputs to
connect a TV and disc player, satellite tuner or
cable tuner to the system. It connects directly
to any television and increases convenience –
no plugging-in or unplugging required.
Dual-position equalization
The Cinema SB 100 can either be placed
on a shelf or tabletop, or wall-mounted with
included hardware. A dual-position equalization
feature optimizes the soundbar’s performance
for either placement, so you can position it
where you choose without compromising
sound quality.
Exclusive HARMAN Display
Drawing from HARMAN expertise in movie
theater audio, the Cinema SB 100 lets you
add cinema sound without adding multiple
speakers. Employing proprietary HARMAN
Display Surround technology, it creates a
virtual surround-sound experience for multiple
listeners from a single soundbar.
Subwoofer output
The Cinema SB 100 offers an impressive audio
upgrade for your TV – especially for the price.
But if you want even more authoritative bass
performance, it’s equipped with full-range
mono RCA output so you can easily add a
powered subwoofer.
JBL Cinema SB 100
Upgrade your TV sound with a single, stylish soundbar.
What’s included:
• 1 Cinema SB 100 System
• 1 Analog audio cable
• 1 IR remote control
• 1 Wall-mounting bracket
• 1 Power cable
• 1 Quick Start Guide
• 1 Optical audio cable
Cinema SB 100 System
Frequency response
• 80Hz – 18kHz (-6dB)
Low-frequency transducer
77mm (3") cone per channel
• One
High-frequency transducer
38mm (1-1/2") tweeter per channel
• One
Amplifier power
watts peak per channel
• 30
Enclosure type
• Ported
Power requirement
– 240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 30W
• 100V
Power consumption
(standby); 30W (maxiumum)
• <0.5W
Dimensions (H x W x D):
x 810mm x 92mm (4-1/4" x 31-7/8" x 3-5/8")
• 108mm
• 3.8kg
(8.4 lb)
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